I cannot say enough about this artist. She was a pleasure to work with. She responded so wonderfully to ideas and suggestions and everything came out so incredibly. Honestly, this exceeded my expectations in every way. You should all go commission @orsane right now! Do it! Throw your wallets at her, she’s more than worth it!

I am so in love with Isala and Cullen in this I can’t even put it into coherent sentences. Eeeeee! The lighting, the textures, the expressions….SWOON!

The Way They Say “I love You”

Bullala fluff. At the request of @faslaidir

Since they finding out she was serious about Bull, Isala’s closest friends noticed a few things.

After a battle he was there, by her side. A hand resting lightly on her hip, a joke or whole hearted praise followed by his booming laugh. There was a smile on her lips as she dismissed him, a blush that tinged her cheeks and ears when he buries his face into her hair and inhales deeply. His shoulders lifting as he pulled her close. He’d pull back slightly and fire off another joke, another line of praise. This time she wouldn’t brush him off, this time she’d squeeze his hand before moving away from him.

She fussed. There was no other word for what she was doing. She had shooed away healers, her hands glowing brightly as she poked, prodded, stitched and lectured her qunari patient. He would let her, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he watched her. There was the occasional joke, the gentle teasing. But he never tried to brush her off, dismissed her concerns like he would anyone else.

At every tavern, ever stall, every cafe or dining hall he would steal a bite of everything before it touched her lips. A roguish smile and bolstering words to hide what he was really doing. But she knew, they both knew. Poison. It was in the slight frown between her brow, the way her smile wavered until he leaned in and kissed her hand. Then she would pick at her meal, watching him, waiting it out just enough for both their comforts. In return she kept his tankard full, paid his tab or brought him dessert. If they were in Skyhold or pre-arranged lodgings the meal was always to his taste in some way. A side dish, the drinks, or the desserts.

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In Uthenera (Leliana's Song)
Inon Zur
In Uthenera (Leliana's Song)

DA:O Codex #9 - In Uthenera

Hahren na melana sahlin
emma ir abelas
souver'inan isala hamin
vhenan him dor'felas
in uthenera na revas

vir sulahn'nehn
vir dirthera
vir samahl la numin
vir lath sa'vunin

Translated from the elven tongue:

Elder your time is come
now I am filled with sorrow
weary eyes need resting
heart has become grey and slow
in waking sleep is freedom

we sing, rejoice
we tell the tales
we laugh and cry
we love one more day

— From “In Uthenera,” traditional elven song of unknown origin.
[ read the related Codex entry >> DA:O Codex #8 Uthenera (On the lost immortality of the elves) ]

Don't mind me just posting some elvish in case anyone's curious.

Andaran atish’an:
Formal Greeting

Aneth ara:
Informal Greeting

The major city of Elvhenan, original homeland of the elves. Literally maybe “the place of our home”

The Woman of Many Years. How the Dalish refer to Flemeth

Dareth shiral:
Used as a “farewell” it Literally means, “safe journey”

Ma nuvenin:
As you wish

Ma serannas:
Thank You

Sorrow, also used as an apology



Earth / Dirt

Place / Location


Personal Pronoun; I / Me

Long Journey


Meeting of the Dalish clans, every ten years



Peace / Peaceful


To throw / project / loose


Small, diminutive prefix

To be

Little child

Be safe

Not, or isn’t; also used to indicate someone who has died: someone who is not

Tell / Speak



Children of the stone. The original Elvish term for the dwarves



Longer, more effort

“Our People”. Elven name for their own race

Place of our people. The name of the elven civilization before the arrival of humans in Thedas. Also could be translated as: “Our hearts”

My / I am

Suffix indicating plural

Appear / Emerge


Gift / Blessing

Story / Tale / Dream




The end / Finished

Elder. Used as a term of respect by the Dalish, but more specifically for the leader of an alienage by the City Elves

The end of the journey. Also the name of the capital of the second elven homeland in the Dales

Rest / Relax

Dreaded / Frightening / Causing fear


With / Inside / Dwell


Very / More

In need of



Lethallin / Lethallan:
Casual reference used for someone with whom one is familiar. Lethallin is used for males, while lethallan is used for females. Akin to “cousin” or “clansman” since “lin” is the word for blood





Distant past; long amount of time


Time, past tense



Revenge / Vengeance


Cry / Tears

Want / Need




Now / In this moment

Laugh / Laughter

A single day

Grateful / Appreciative

Thin / Tenuous

Land of waking dreams. A place where the Veil is thin. Literally: “Tenuous waking dream place”

Quick / Fast

Literally “quick children”. The original name of the elves for the human race. It continues to see use as a slang term amongst the City Elves (“Shems”) even though its meaning has largely been lost.


Weary / Tired






Awake / Alert

To make / To cause


Long / Forever / Never ending / Eternal

Waking sleep. Uthenera was the name of the ancient practice of immortal elves who would “sleep” once they tired of life. Literally: “Eternal waking dream”


Blood writing. The art of tattooing adopted by some elves to more prominently (and some might say belligerently) display their worship of the traditional elven pantheon

To go

“People of” or “belonging to the elves, the clans, elven society”

The tree of the people

The land itself, as in “the ground”. Literally: “our earth”


Way or path. Because of the eulogy poem, it is tempting to define it as “we”, however, we must also take into account the credo of the Dalish, seen on the Dalish page: Vir Assan, Vir Bor'Assan, Vir Adahlen - “Way of the Arrow”, “Way of the Bow”, and “Way of the Forest”, respectively. So, in the eulogy, the translation is loose; what they are actually saying is “The way of singing, rejoicing”, etc.


Had a lot of fun pulling this off the Internet. Enjoy :)



“…we wait, we keep to the wild border lands, we raise halla and build aravels and present a moving target to the humans around us. We try to keep hold of the old ways, to relearn what was forgotten.”

skarpetkamroku  asked:

“You can borrow mine.” thaaat can get reaally interesting, really soon :)

This got away from me. NSFW under the cut!

Kaffas,” he says, throwing his sopping wet bedroll to the floor. “I hate this place.” The Fallow Mire is a place of unending wet, a mist that hangs in the air, soaks into the ground. They’ve found an abandoned cottage but there is no salvaging their rain soaked things. Lavellan sits on the table, his feet on the chair, his elbow on his knee and his face resting on his hand. He chuckles and smiles at Dorian’s frown, that angry line between his brows, hands on his hips.

“You can borrow mine,” Lavellan tells him. Dorian raises his eyebrows, and closes the distance between them. Sitting up straight, they look at each other eye to eye. Lavellan leans into his touch as he traces curling lines of vallaslin, closing his eyes as Dorian follows the shell of his ear. A hand at his neck and he pulls Lavellan’s face closer to his. A smile quirks at the edge of Dorian’s lips as Lavellan presses his forehead against his.

“Oh yes, I can hear it now. The latest gossip at Skyhold. The evil Tevinter Magister making the great and mighty Inquisitor go without a bed.” Lavellan laughs, wraps his arms around Dorian’s neck.

“I was rather hoping we’d share,” he says. Not that there would be any rumors. Cole and Iron Bull were sharing the cabin next to theirs, safely walls away. Dorian’s nose moves softly against Lavellan’s, and he watches as that familiar and satisfying red creeps into his cheeks, underneath tattooed lines.

“Even more scandalous,” he murmurs against his mouth. Lavellan downright giggles before he pulls him down into a kiss. There’s always laughter in his mouth, a smile on his tongue as his hands move to cup Dorian’s face, thumbs brushing over cheekbones, holding him gently. A muffled moan of pleasure as tongue meets seeking tongue, Lavellan’s back arching into him, no space left between them. When Dorian pulls away, Lavellan’s face follows, unwilling to relinquish him. His eyes are slow to open, his lips red, raw, plump with attention. It’s as though each kiss ruins him, only to be put back together by the next.

Dorian’s hands move underneath Lavellan’s thighs, one on either side of him, pull him closer to the edge of the table as his mouth goes to his neck. Lavellan tilts his head back, revealing more of his throat, hair falling back with him. He has one arm resting on Dorian’s shoulder, fingers playing with the curling strands of hair at his nape. “Sathan ma’lath,” Lavellan says as Dorian grinds subtly against him, “please.” Dorian kisses the red marks he has made, smirks as Lavellan plants his hands against the table, leaning back and licking his lips. He goes to work at his armor, pulling off belt after belt, shedding layer after layer.

“Why must Dalish armor be so complicated?” He grumbles, pulling hard at a strap.

“You’re one to talk,” he laughs. Impatience fuels quicker movements, and Lavellan lifts his hips as Dorian tugs off his pants. Dorian runs his hand over his chest, following line after line, the swirling branches that wrap around his body. Lavellan breathes quicker under his attentions, those teasing touches, one hand leaving the table to wind into Dorian’s hair, tug him down for a hard kiss. All tongue and teeth, pulling at his bottom lip, leaving them both gasping.

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(Imagine person A of your OTP getting extremely angry at someone, and then threatening or hurting them to the point where person B is afraid. Person A notices this and lets them go, feeling guilty for frightening person B.

Isala Lavellan x Solas - spoilers of his personal quest, just warning)

“You tortured and killed my friend!”

Solas was different, so very different from the man she knew. He was angry, almost shouting at the other mages, he looked like a beast right now, a wolf about to end their victim. 

And it was so… Not him? Solas could get angry but he never was that aggressive.

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I have this headcanon where Solas keeps a journal full of random field notes, daily thoughts, etc., but everything is written in Ancient Elvish. My Lavellan, who drank from the Well of Sorrows, finds it amongst Solas’ things in the sanctuary. She turns it to a random page: (x) (x)

I should not have. By everything these hands have destroyed, I know I should not have. But I kissed her anyway. She kissed me, soft and sweet, her lips like a gentle breeze on a warm, spring day in Arlathan. Her eyes call to me, as clear as the crystal spires that decorated the trees. She turned away; she was going to leave, but I pulled her back. Ir isala ma, I thought. I need you.

anonymous asked:

i know this may be a strange request, but im looking to have my character say "i want to make love with you" (or to at least get that point across) in elven. but i'm having a hard time translating. can you help?

There are no strange requests, just requests that require me to think slightly longer than others. 

This is another situation where translating directly from English is a bit wonky. Translated literally, “I want to make love to you” (with is grammatically incorrect, you naughty little devil, you) would be Nuvenan tua lath su na but this would be a phrase that most elves would find, well, odd. “To make love,” is an idiom almost exclusive to English, and for a very long time had to do with paying loving attention to someone, not sex (the sex connotation only came about in the 1950s). Idioms rarely traverse languages, although today the idea of ‘making love,’ has become wide spread because of Hollywood, but even then, most languages prefer their own idioms. 

Nuvenan tua lath su na is something that an Elf would understand, but is more than likely something that someone would say if Elvish was their second language, not their first, and they were thinking about Elvish through the lens of their first language. It wouldn’t be a proper phrase, but rather a direct translation of an idiom born from another language. For example, if a human said this to her elf boyfriend, he might find it cute. If an elf said this to his elf girlfriend, on the other hand, she might find it just plain embarrassing.

An elf would more likely rather you just come out and say Isalan pala na (I want to mate you / I want to fuck you / I want to have sex with you), than translating your own language’s idioms into Elvish. 

Instead, an elf is more likely to say something along the lines of: 

Isalan hima sa i’na (I lust to become one with you)
Isalan hima na (I lust to become you)
Isalan gara suin na / Isalan ma gara suin em (I lust to come into you / I lust for you to come into me)
Lasa ar’an alas’nira aron fen’en (let us dance as the wolves do)
Isalan alas’nira aron fen’en (I lust to dance as the wolves do)
Vera em su tarasyl (Take me to the sky)
Juveran na su tarasyl (I will take you to the sky)
Isalan dara su tarasyl i’na (I lust to go to the sky with you)
Isalan dera na aron tuelan (I lust to touch you like a creator / essentially, I will touch you like a god/goddess)

Note how the verb isala (to need, to lust) is used instead of the verb nuvena (to want, to wish, to desire) in order to convey the meaning of the sentence. For example, nuvenan alas’nir aron fen’en (I wish to dance as the wolves do) would be considered a silly way of saying, “I want to be a wolf.” Replacing nuvena with lasa, however, changes the meaning to sexual. Regardless, none of these sayings are something you just say in polite company. You don’t just tell your beautiful elven lover, Lasa ar’an alas’nira aron fen’en in front of her parents. 

All of these various sayings would be considered at varying degrees of vulgarity depending on the Elvish city or Dalish clan in question. For example, some clans might consider Isalan gara suin na to be a bit on the vulgar side, whereas others might view it as innocent as “i wish to make love.” 

A Dalish clan that spends more time in wolf-infested woods might consider Lasa ar’an alas’nira aron fen’en to be perfectly fine. A Dalish clan that spent more time near cities or human-inhabited areas, on the other hand, might considered it lewd and vulgar. 

Long story short: The idiom, “make love,” doesn’t exist in Elvish, and so translating the concept will result in amusement at best. If you’re not an elf, and you’re lucky, the elf of your desires might find it cute instead of awkward. Use one of the aforementioned sayings instead.


Atheva Lavellan x Cullen Rutherford | 2004 words | Fluff, Wedding | AO3 | art from celebrantsrapacity

She was nervous.

Well, that was an understatement. Atheva felt like running away from everything the longer she sat on her old bedroll. But… if she felt like this, how did he feel? Alone in a strange place with strangers surrounding him and threatening him if he even stepped the wrong way. It had all been a mistake. She had made a horrible mistake.

A soft “hello” caught her attention and made her turn to look to the entryway of her tent. “Tryla,” she sighed with a relieved smile. “Please tell me you’re here to tell me it’s okay if I run screaming.”

“Afraid not, Atheva. The ceremony’s starting,” the older elf said, thrusting her thumb outside. “Your shem is already waiting for you.” Atheva’s dread must have begun to show. “Don’t worry, da’assan, everything will be fine. You’ve got your mae with you, don’t you? And your father?”

She looked down at her dress and bit her lip. “I suppose,” she breathed, taking the white fabric between her fingers and giving it a slight rub. “Has anyone been hard on him? Because they should know that if they are I’ll-“

“He’s fine, da’len. He’s been respectful to everyone he’s met and has gained respect in return. Don’t doubt him. You’ve found yourself a fine man,” Tryla said with a smile as she helped Atheva to stand. “Now hurry, before he fears you did actually run.”

“He probably already does,” she said with a nervous smile as she lifted the skirt of her dress so she could walk out of the tent. Her hands were quickly smacked away and she looked at the other elf in confusion.

“It looks bad. Makes it obvious someone’s been wearing breeches.”

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beyondpines  asked:

Hello, I was just reading your tags about fadeonline fan ficition and it sounds really interesting, i already found it on ao3, i was just wondering, do you have any published list of your favorite fan fictions? :)

I really hope you like FADEOnline! I think Mechawaka did such an amazing job with that story. It’s a really well thought-out gaming AU, and I love their writing style. 

I’ve also never made a list! I hope you don’t mind if I post your ask publicly so that I can do that now!

First and foremost, I’m a huge fan of @geeky-jez ‘s work. I read anything she posts, drabble or long-fic, even when I should be busy working or doing something else. She has written a bunch of stories with her Inquisitor, Isii, but her main long-fics include Bread Wolf (which is a modern AU), Isala Arla and Tranquility. All of them are extremely well written and she continues to blow me away with her writing style. I also highly recommend her completed story Var Hellathen. It’s about Fen’Harel’s life right before Elvhenan’s downfall, and what led him into sealing away the other gods. She wrote it before Trespasser, and yet everything that happens in the story is extremely spot on with what Trespasser revealed.

Message Sent is another fic that I highly recommend. It has the most kudos on AO3, and for good reason. @aicosu has done a super amazing job with her modern AU story, and I’m addicted to reading it!

@pridetothefall also has a ton of really good stories. I’ve been hooked on reading her long-fic Envy Me. It can get really graphically intense (I elaborate what that means here), but if you don’t mind that then I really recommend it! I’d also easily recommend all of her stories that she writes. Her writing style is captivating.

@ithesalesman has an extremely well made modern AU story called Doughnut Rebels. I just started reading it recently, and I’m already so in love with it! It’s got Solas, Solavellan fluff and donuts. You really can’t ask for more than that!

@andauril has written a ton of really, really good drabbles that I highly recommend checking out. She’s also written brilliant longer stories like Fen’Harel’s Journey and stories with her inquisitor, Siryn. She writes Solas so well, that I practically hear his voice when I read her stories.

@cyran9 has been writing her own take on the events in Inquisition through her story The Fox and the Wolf, and it is brilliant!  I love her take on Solas and his relationship with her Inquisitor! It’s so captivating and intriguing that once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it back down.

Flower/Ink hasn’t been updated in a few months, but I’ve really enjoyed what’s been written so far. It’s another modern AU - this time where Solas is a florist and Lavellan is a tattoo artist - and it’s one of the fluffiest stories I’ve ever read.

@sariplushies has been uploading drabbles and one-shot stories recently, and I love them so much. I really recommend reading everything she’s written, and will continue to write. Her writing is brilliant.

@feynites has written some amazing stories! I just started reading their multi-chapter story, The Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. They just uploaded the latest chapter to the modern AU as recently as Saturday, and I’m already sitting here on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting for more! In fact, all of their fics are golden. They’re super good. I still need to read through all of them, and I’m so excited to buckle down and do so as soon as possible. Seriously, everyone, check them out.

@just-dread-wolfing also has some of my favorite fan-fics, and I recommend with all of my heart and soul to read her work. She timelines her Inquisitor’s relationship with Solas, and her writing is so spot on and extremely well done. She writes the kind of stories that you end up going back and re-reading over and over!

I was also recommended to read the story Pride’s Price by Exia! I’ve only just began to read it, but I can already highly recommend it. If you want a happy ending with Solavellan, this genius piece of work looks like a place to find just that!

Those are all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Although I’m certain that I’m forgetting more stories that I really enjoy. I like to reblog stories I see here on Tumblr, and highly recommend those when you see them on your dash. I also like to bookmark stories that I read on Ao3, and there are many fantastic ones that I’ve bookmarked that aren’t mentioned here, if you’re interested.

Isala Arla - Chapter 15

This is part of a long form multi-chapter Solas x Isii fic. Read the first chapter here.

A warning ahead of time - this is a very emotionally heavy chapter. It deals with trauma and death and personal loss. Canon levels of violence. Some strong language.

If you ever wanted to know what the worst night of Isii’s life was… here you go.

“What did he mean by Fen’Harel’s Teeth?”

Isii kept her head down, staring into their campfire. They hadn’t said a word to each other since leaving the charred remains of Clan Alasan’s camp. Solas allowed her her silence. He could see her tension, the way it burned beneath her skin, the way her hands tightened into fists to keep from shaking. As much as he wanted to comfort her, he could see she was in no condition to talk. But the question plagued him. Virassan had threatened to show those shemlen Fen’Harel’s Teeth - a threat that had garnered approval from his fellows, their agreements cast within an undeniably cruel tone. Isii had looked horrified by the suggestion.

He debated whether or not he should ask. In the end, he had to know.

Isii sat with her knees bent, her fingers picking anxiously at her leather shin guards. “It’s a form of punishment,” she said quietly, her voice weighed by defeat. “When shemlen are captured… sometimes they’ll be stripped down. Their hands are bound and…” She paused, ashamed as her brow tensed. “They’re forced into a pair of leggings. Small nails are embedded in the leather…like teeth that tear into them whenever they move.” Her lips drew into a thin line. “They’re given one hundred counts. Then the hunt begins.”

Solas stared at her in disgust. “That’s barbaric,” he snapped, his brow furrowing. To have someone tortured in his name, to have such cruelty celebrated by her people - the thought was beyond repulsive. “Have you-” He stopped himself from asking, not knowing how he could keep himself from being enraged if the truth turned out to be as he feared. But she’d been a hunter. A good one. “Have you ever taken part in one?”

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Isala ArlaWhen a conflict arises between a Dalish clan and one of the Inquisition’s allies, Isii is tasked with acting as their negotiator. With Solas at her side, she takes it as an opportunity to get away from Skyhold and reconnect with her heritage. She expects it to be a relatively simple, non-violent mission. She should know by now that life rarely goes according to plan.


This is a masterpost for the Solavellan fic Isala Arla. You can also choose to follow this fic on AO3.

Links to this masterpost can be found on my Solasmance Masterpost as well as on my blog’s main menu.

CHAPTER 8 NSFW (explicit)
CHAPTER 9 NSFW (explicit)

… and more

kantama  asked:

I came across this thought and can't shake it - what would happen if your Isii were to somehow meet Solas before he was ever Solas? Back when he was only the Dread Wolf. I believe there's some banter to the effect of him having been cocky and always looking for a fight back then. Also, depending on when it happened, he'd be meeting her when she still wore slave markings. That'd certainly lead to some interesting misunderstandings and there'd even be the possibility of other gods getting involved

I adore this idea. I’ve seen a few fics where Fen’harel and Lavellan meet through some wibbly wobbly time travel accident (though, won’t lie, they all ended in smut), so I might as well throw in my one-shot of Isii encountering Fen’harel as he once was.

This is my take on Fen’harel before he begins his rebellion. He holds some of the values that will later fuel his insubordination, but he is far too frivolous to act on it yet. 

Minor detail edits made on 4/25.


Facing the Wolf

The portal spat her out, closing behind her with a crackling snap. Isii barely caught herself as she fell, her body slamming into the floor. Her hands and knees ached from the impact, but at least she saved her face from the blow. She froze for a moment, getting her bearings as she slowly lifted her head, taking in her surroundings. The room was large – unlike any she had seen before. Moonlight danced on every surface, prisms of color on every curved line of the iridescent glass walls that enclosed the room. Beyond them she could see the expanse of a dense forest, trees stretching out for miles in each direction. She could see lights in the distance - golden spires and arched domes peeking out from behind a massive wall. A city - a glimmering gem chasing back the inky shadows of night. 

She rose, stepping closer to the wall in order to peer out, her lips parting in awe. It was completely foreign. The silhouette of the architecture was unlike anything she’d seen, buildings seemingly lifting up towards the heavens, barely tethered to the ground below. Her eyes worked over the unfamiliar shape of the city quickly, trying to take it in, to understand where the portal had sent her. This couldn’t be anywhere in the Southlands. The construction was distinctly unlike any she had seen in Ferelden, Orlais, or the Free Marches. She spotted faint hints of light shifting through the surrounding forest, vaporous glowing forms obscured by the trees and yet unmistakable for what they were - spirits, drifting freely through the waking world. 

Where am I?

She startled when she heard the familiar voice behind her but quickly settled as she turned, eased by the realization that Solas was there. At least she wasn’t alone. Perhaps he had been thrown into the portal with her?

That notion quickly left when her eyes found him.

It was Solas – but it wasn’t. Not as she had known him. The face was the same, though the scar upon his brow was missing. He had hair – lots of hair – a long and matted mane of dark strands falling from the crest of his skull, tied back loosely with black cording. The sides were shaved short, leaving nothing but a hint of dark stubble. His clothing was far from the simple rustic garb that Dorian mocked him for. A long and elegant robe hung loosely at his shoulders, unfastened and open as if caught dressing quickly. He wore little else, bare-chested with a pair of slim breeches.

He was approaching her, his irritation increasing the longer she stayed silent. He repeated himself and she realized the words were unfamiliar. Something in Elvish. She knew that much.


He peered at her, halfway between a scowl and confusion before speaking again. He was demanding something of her, she could tell by his tone, but she had no concept of what it could be.

“Solas, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

He paused his approach, tilting his head slightly as his eyes narrowed. He looked her over slowly, evaluating her before stepping closer. His gait was familiar – the way his hips shifted, the way he placed his feet, subtly crossing each step before the other. But the way he moved had a languid quality to it now and the way he looked at her made her suddenly feel apprehensive. Exposed. Something she’d never felt around Solas before.

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Elvish Verb Structure and Tense


Similar to many agglutinate languages, Elvish does not have many irregular verbs. What is the difference between irregular and regular verbs, you ask? Well, you see, it’s simple: Irregular verbs are verbs that diverge from the regular pronoun and/or tense conjugation of other verbs in the language. Regular verbs, comparatively, usually change their form very little in their conjugations. This isn’t always the case in all languages, but it is the norm.

In English, this is seen in the conjugation of the present tense, past tense, and past participle.

For example, in English we have a lot of irregular verbs. For example, the standard conjugation of verbs in English for tenses (in the case of the verb to hang) is hang, hanged, hanged. Hang the man by the neck until dead. He was hanged by the neck until dead. You will be hanged by the neck until dead.

Contrast that with the verb to hang (ISN’T ENGLISH FUN?!). Which is a completely different word. And means something else. But it’s the same word. But it means… God, English is so confusing when you really sit down and think about it.

In this example, we talk about ‘to hang,’ in terms of hanging something inanimate. I.e. “hang that picture on the wall.” In this example, hang is an irregular verb, because the conjugation is: Hang, hung, hung. Please hang that picture on the wall. I hung the picture on the wall. The picture will be hung on the wall later.

With that out of the way, onto the basics of Elvish Verb Structure and Tense.

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