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Alexander Hamilton
2017 Tour Cast

alexander hamilton - hamilton, 3/14/2017, first national tour, san francisco.

joshua henry as aaron burr, michael luwoye as alexander hamilton, ruben j. carbajal as john laurens/philip hamilton, jordan donica as marquis de lafayette/thomas jefferson, mathenee treco as hercules mulligan/james madison, solea pfeiffer as eliza hamilton, isaiah johnson as george washington, emmy raver-lampman as angelica schuyler, amber iman as peggy schuyler/maria reynolds

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karlidinardo: Today was hard. We said happy trails to four beautiful, talented, inspiring, wonderful people. The tears won’t stop. Saying goodbye - even though in most cases it’s a “see you soon” - it never gets easier. Nothing but love to you all. Thank you for being your gorgeous selves ❤️ #hamfam #happytrails #onelasttime #happyeaster

Julia K. Harriman

06/23/2017 - San Francisco, CA - ja-gaciak’s master - Michael Luwoye (Alexander Hamilton), Julia K. Harriman (s/b Eliza Hamilton), Joshua Henry (Aaron Burr), Raven Thomas (u/s Angelica Schuyler), Isaiah Johnson (George Washington) Jordan Donica (Lafayette/Jefferson), Mathenee Treco (Mulligan/Madison), Josh Andrés Rivera (u/s Laurens/Philip), Amber Iman (Peggy/Maria), Rory O'Malley (King George), Ryan Vasquez (Philip Schuyler/James Reynolds/Doctor), Andrew Wojtal (Samuel Seabury), Jacob Guzman (u/s Charles Lee), Raymond Baynard (George Eacker), Dan Belnavis, Amanda Braun (swing), Jeffery Duffy, Jennifer Geller (Bullet), Afra Hines, Sabrina Imamura, Lauren Kias. Notes: Around 47:41 into Act Two (the very end of Burn) someone in the audience faints, other audience members call attention to it and try to help. Burn finished like normal, Blow Us All Away begins and then stops when the audiences yells for lights and for them to stop. The whole situation is cleared up by around the 49:40 minute mark and the show goes on. [Limited Trades]

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The Diviners Guide to Troubled Birds












Sister Walker:


The King of Crows:

Blind Bill Johnson:

It's Quiet Uptown
Angelica Company - Ryan Vasquez, Julia K. Harriman, Solea Pfeiffer
It's Quiet Uptown

10/13/2017 - Los Angeles, CA - tokengoat’s master - Ryan Vasquez (u/s Alexander Hamilton), Solea Pfeiffer (Eliza Hamilton), Joshua Henry (Aaron Burr), Julia K. Harriman (s/b Angelica Schuyler), Isaiah Johnson (George Washington), Jordan Donica (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson), Mathenee Treco (Hercules Mulligan/James Madison), Ruben J. Carbajal (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton), Amber Iman (Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds), Rory O'Malley (King George), Desmond Nunn (Philip Schuyler/James Reynolds), Andrew Wojtal (Samuel Seabury), Daniel Ching (Charles Lee), Raymond Baynard (George Eacker), Jacob Guzman (Ensemble).

Reason to listen to the Hamilton Workshop:

-Brian D’Arcy James’ versions of the King George songs

-Daveed laughs so much

-Listening to everyone’s voices then and now as their characters is just mmmmmmm

-More about Theodosia(s)

-More about Angelica

-Oak Oak Oak Oak

-More about Alexander and Burr’s complicated friendship

-Exasperated/tired Burr in Election of 1800

-Daveed laughing for like, a minute after that song ends

-Oak’s flustered “I’ll be damned” in that

-Congratulations, Extended Adams Administration, Dear Theodosia Reprise

-Lin’s voice is just deeper somehow?

-Daveed attempting Guns and Ships while an annoyed Isaiah Johnson is annoyed because ugh fine get Hamilton back

-One Last Ride (aka pay ya fuckin taxes & BWUHBWUHBWUHBWUHBWUH)


L.A. Theater Review: ‘Hamilton’ at Hollywood Pantages (Variety) [x x x]:

[…] At the risk of revealing too much about myself, it was the ten-dollar bill that piqued my interest in Alexander Hamilton. Back in the year 1999, the U.S. Treasury — an organization which, it should be said, Hamilton helped to establish, serving as its first secretary under George Washington — redesigned the look of American money. The heads got bigger, and Hamilton got hot.

Thanks to a new artist’s liberal reinterpretation of a painting that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery (the original of which features Hamilton with a sharp, severe nose and a faraway expression), one of those old white guys gracing the face of U.S. currency suddenly ceased to look like a windbag in a powdered wig, and instead came off as a dashing young man with a fire in his eyes. Weirdly enough, I suddenly found myself crushing on someone who’d been dead for nearly 200 years — and I suppose, in his own way and for entirely different reasons, so did Miranda, who dug into Hamilton’s biography to find an incredibly rich story of “a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a / Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten / spot in the Caribbean” that connected to his own immigrant experience, and the one he’d previously dramatized in “In the Heights.”

Just as the new 10-spot had flattered Hamilton, so too does Miranda’s brilliant musical, turning him into a tragic romantic hero who rose from poverty to become one of the most prolific and influential authors of modern democracy. The fact that “Hamilton” debuted during the Obama administration (more than that, in its early hip-hop mixtape form, it actually went viral after a private performance for Barack, Michelle and their inner circle at the White House in 2009) was all the more poignant, seeing as how Miranda and an incredibly talented multi-ethnic ensemble embodied everyone from Hamilton to Washington on stage, while leaving a white guy (Jonathan Groff, in the original Broadway cast) to play “the Man,” England’s mincing King George, tottering on the brink of a madness.

How quaint it all seems today, now that our commander in chief looks and sounds more like that dictatorial buffoon than the eloquent orator who preceded him. And yet, “Hamilton” couldn’t be a more vital show today, reminding audiences that all is not lost, that our country has endured the effects of venality, avarice and runaway ambition before. With Washington’s exit song, “One Last Time” (here performed with dignity and composure by Isaiah Johnson), it prepared us to say goodbye to a great leader, and to borrow one of the show’s more colorful phrases, it taught us that the nation can recover even after a subsequent lesser President “sh– the bed.”


Regional maps from the recent presidential election revealed a troubling phenomenon in which big cities nearly all voted blue, while rural areas (even those not far from Los Angeles) went red. The thing about traveling Broadway shows is that they almost exclusively play big cities, which means Miranda’s progressive-minded message has been preaching mostly to the choir, and will continue to do so when addressing Los Angeles audiences. Is anyone here actually scandalized by the casting? That’s not the point, of course. Rather, “Hamilton’s” genius comes in challenging both the conventions and increasingly fascist politics of who gets to tell another person’s story. There’s a long, ugly tradition of white actors performing in blackface, whereas the reverse has too seldom been seen.

Luwoye, who played both Hamilton and Burr on Broadway (the former as alternate, the latter as understudy), may not look like either Hamilton or Miranda, but he’s one heck of a performer. Slightly shrimpier than most of the other actors, Luwoye uses his small stature to the part’s advantage, playing Hamilton as a man with much to prove. His early “I want” song, “My Shot,” cleverly forebodes his own demise, as does the repeated observation that Hamilton writes like he’s “running out of time.”


From the period-inspired costumes and deconstructed wooden-scaffold set to the essential device of a double-rotating stage (key to the climactic duel), the Pantages production closely approximates the effect seen on Broadway, while adapting to a house with more than double the capacity (and nearly 10 times that of the 299-seat Public Theater). All three versions were directed by Thomas Kail, but are differentiated by the personalities on stage, as he allows the actors to adapt the roles to their respective strengths (a point made clear when the understudies and swings appear afterward, looking nothing like the actors for whom they might substitute).

And yet, whatever nuances these new actors may bring to the equation, two veterans of earlier “Hamilton” productions stand out as the ensemble’s strongest components. As Burr, Henry has to be every bit as good as whoever’s playing Hamilton, or else his tragic role as “the damn fool that shot him” doesn’t work. But the real standout is Raver-Lampman, punkishly assertive as Angelica (whom she plays with a black-to-blonde ombré mohawk), a character who’s non-essential to the plot, and yet hugely impactful, articulating the mistake of underestimating Hamilton — which, of course, we all did until Miranda corrected the record with his incredible, essential musical. And now, while it lasts, and no matter what the cost, Angelenos should do anything to be in the room where it happens.

Angelica Company - Julia K. Harriman, Sabrina Sloan + Ryan Alvarado

02/01/2018 - Tempe, AZ - Ryan Alvarado (s/b Alexander Hamilton), Julia K. Harriman (Elizabeth Hamilton), Nicholas Christopher (Aaron Burr), Sabrina Sloan (Angelica Schuyler), Isaiah Johnson (George Washington), Josh Andrés Rivera (s/b Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson), Mathenee Treco (Hercules Mulligan/James Madison), Rubén J. Carbajal (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton), Amber Iman (Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds), Peter Matthew Smith (King George), Ryan Vasquez (Philip Schuyler/James Reynolds/Doctor), Andrew Wojtal (Samuel Seabury), Daniel Ching (Charles Lee), Raymond Baynard (George Eacker), Dan Belvavis, Amanda Braun, Jennifer Geller, Afra Hines, Sabrina Imamura, Desmond Nunn, Raven Thomas.

anonymous asked:

Ok, I want to know everything you thought when watching the musical. The songs, the characters, the acting. And omg, you look cute in the pictures with Jordan and Rory 💕

Thank you! The only thing that really messed up my night a tiny tiny bit was that I am near sighted so while I could still see tiny details and so forth, all the cast members faces were blurry, especially when it was dark, it was like a partial double and ahhh I had to squint on the see and sit on the edge of my seat–I was crying so it made it worse haha. 

So about the cast: Ryan Alvarado (Hamilton) had spirit and he is a GREAT actor, but his voice doesn’t… sound like a Hamilton? If you know what I mean. 

At first, I didn’t really like Julia K. Harriman’s performance too much but then we got to “That Would be Enough” and she had… the voice of a god damn angel and I completely fell in love. 

DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON RYAN VASQUEZ. Oh my god, you know when you are speechless about something but you have so much to say? That is me. Ryan is NOTHING like Leslie Odom Jr.’s performance and oh my god, Ryan swept the whole show OFF OF OUR FEET. He was the light of my entire evening! He was incredible, absolutely my favorite. Leslie’s voice is soft like a angel and like he acts Burr kinda softly but Ryan?? He’s got this studious kinda serious lift to his voice but when he sings it was INCREDIBLE. Definently the best part of the entire show, he got a lot of laughs too because of how serious his voice was and tired it sounded when talking to Hamilton. Incredible performance. He just seemed like the real life Burr to me. 

Okay, everyone’s been saying they love Emmy Ravier Lampman? and I did, but like… not as much as I thought I would. She was a great Angelica and she had such a mannerism of Angelica. 

Isaiah Johnson was incredible as George Washington and that is ALL you need to know. 

Jordan Donica… you will not believe it. Jordan got the most laughs on the entire show you will not believe it we all could not stop laughing it was incredible. Okay, him as Lafayette was absolutely AMAZING! He aced Guns and Ships and his jump was fantastic!! His French accent was impeccable and his facial expressions were AMAZING, his gestures… ahhhhh his everything! I met him at the stage door and I was so surprised with how modest he was about his performance because he was incredible and he deserves to know that. But now, onto Thomas Jefferson–you will not believe it. All he did was walk on stage–but the way he did it? Everyone started laughing IMMEDIATELY. He was so good, and he was so, so, so funny. He was amazing! He stole the show whenever he was on stage because he caught everyone’s eye. Incredible, amazing, a billion times better than I ever thought. 

Mathenee Treco was a FANTASTIC Hercules Mulligan and James Madison. Just his acting was amazing! and his voice totally envelops the entire room. 

Ruben J. Carbajal was so lovable?? Oh my god?? He was amazing?? The way he played John Laurens, all like war like and then displayed Philip Hamilton and just so childish you could almost believe it was a small child (hella tall one though) playing him. 

My brother adored Amber Iman and that’s all you gotta know. 

Rory O’Malley was incredible. He was amazing. He was fantastic. I was laughing my ass off every time he did even a slight movement and I know mainly everyone was laughing at his facial features and I am really sad I couldn’t see them but just he was so good and hilarious–it was my uncle’s favorite part (besides the orchestra). 

Daniel Ching as Charles Lee had us all rioting, he was so good. 

The opening number “Alexander Hamilton” was really, really great. Ryan Vasquez made it ten times better. The way the spotlight switched from person to person when they are going we fought for him, we died for him… had my mouth hanging open. Ryan did a really good job with acting Alexander Hamilton. 

Aaron Burr Sir was so good I cannot take this. Aaron Burr was carrying a book when Hamilton comes up to him and just the way Ryan Vasquez did this like… studios thing was incredible. When Hamilton says that Lafayette’s pants look hot, Hercules Mulligan put his leg up on the table AND SLAPPED IT I WAS SCREAMING. When Lafayette stumbled over “anarchy” the entire theater was in a riot. 

For both “The Story of Tonight” and the reprise Ruben’s voice was like an angel oh my god. In the reprise, Jordan started bouncing on his thighs and winking and all the adults in the room were loosing it because of how many weird sex moves he was doing. 

The Schuyler Sisters was a good song but like,,, Emmy, Julia and Amber didn’t match up for some reason? Like they were a little out of sync on some parts. But believe me when I say that when Burr walked on and started following around Angelica everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever–he delivered his lines as if he actually was Burr and I am so happy he was on. 

Farmers Refuted was hilarious. Like Hamilton keeps stepping in front of the box and to try and get the attention away, Seabury keeps stepping in front of him and acting all pissed off and annoyed. Then Hamilton steps on the box with him and starts waving his hand in front of the paper. When Hercules Mulligan said “oh my god tear this dude apart” I bursted out laughing it was that good–I wasn’t alone. 

Right Hand Man was so, so good. Isaiah did a great job and I loved it! And like always, Ryan Vasquez made us all laugh when he got kicked out. 

Julia did a great job at acting kinda childish for Eliza in Helpless which I highly enjoyed especially because Angelica is acting super mature. 

Woah, Satisfied swept me off my feet. That was absolutely beautiful and amazing, Emmy stumbled over a bit of her lines when the quick part started but other than that, incredible and breath taking. 

One of my favorites of the night was Wait for it. I had been waiting and waiting months to hear this song live and it still brings chills and tears to my eyes when I think of Ryan Vasquez’s awing performance. He went flat on the high note when all the ensemble jumps in and starts singing,, but other than that.. I would pay to see just that song again. 

The first song of the night where I just melted into my seat was History has its Eyes on you. Isiah had the voice of a god damn angel and it was so beautiful and incredible. 


Definitely one of my favorite songs of the evening if not my favorite to watch was The World Turned Upside Down. Absolutely incredible, I am awe struck. Fantastic, amazing, I have chills just talking about it. 

Alright, hands down my favorite song to listen to that evening was Dear Theodosia. It was so, so beautiful. I melted into my chair at Burr’s voice it was so beautiful, so so so beautiful. I really have no other words to describe how utterly beautiful it was.

The John Laurens song had me sobbing, that is all you need to know. 

NON STOP WAS INCREDIBLE I HAVE NO WORDS PLEASE, PLEASE SPARE ME I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO SEE IT AGAIN. Hamilton and George Washington got laughs?? It was funny, it was amazing and ahhfdahfdhfffdf

Already, all Jordan did in What’d I Miss is WALK ON THE STAGE and everyone lost their shit. He was amazing and so lovable and you already heard all the rest. He kept looking at his own reflection in the top of his cane and acting like an arrogant asshole–it was so good, I was crying in laughter. 

Cabinet Battle #1 was even better than I thought it was going to be. Jordan made it incredible and Ryan (Hamilton) did really good on this one too!!! Cabinet Battle #2 was AMAZING and when Jefferson says “did you forget Lafayette?”, Jordan said that in a FRENCH ACCENT. I was like woah… did he just.. I see you boyyy. 

My aunt’s favorite was Take a Break–it wasn’t hard to see why. Ruben did such a cute Philip and it was adorable. Emmy and Julia’s voices?? Amazing!! It fit in so well together!!

Amber’s voice was even deeper than Hamilton’s in Say No to This and my brother loved her voice as I said before. Just so deep and melodic. 

Alright, here we go… hands down… The Room Where it Happens was my absolute favorite to watch live. You think the music is powerful? You have NO IDEA when you see this song live. Ryan Vasquez did so well?? He went from level 0 to 100 in just five seconds and he is incredible!!

WASHINGTON ON YOUR SIDE WAS SO FUNNY SO MY GODD,,, Jordan pranced around the stage and it was so god damn funny!!!

One Last Time brought my tears… so many tears.. Isaiah had the voice of an angel and he hit all the high notes where they were supposed to be. Incredible. 

THE ADAMS ADMINISTRATION WAS AMAZING. So in the song, Alexander Hamilton is standing on the back balcony and he scribbles off a large stack of papers before just DROPPING them onto the stage when he is about to call Adams a mother fucker. 

Ryan Alvarado did amazing in We Know. 

Okay, I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Hurricane. Hurricane is my most favorite song in all the album and I was waiting forever to see this. It was even more incredible than I though it would be you have no idea. In the eye of the hurricane? Everything paused, everyone is holding furniture and it moves so slowly and beautifully. Tears in my eyes, incredible. 

THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLET WAS HILARIOUS. OH MY GOD, I mean you know historically it is sad, BUT JORDAN AND RORY WERE SO FUNNY. All these papers were flying all over the place?? You have no idea unless you see it but everyone was having a riot over Thomas Jefferson bouncing on the table. 

Burn was amazing. Burn was probably my aunt’s favorite. I didn’t expect much live but oh man was I wrong. I was sobbing for Eliza and Julia’s voice was so beautiful. 

Again Ruben, incredible performance in Blow us all Away. The guy who played George Eacker stumbled on his lines a little bit. 

It’s Quiet Uptown was so… sad. I was sobbing my eyes out and I just cannot believe this?? It was so pretty and so sad and I just?? I cannot believe it. It was amazing, it was so beautiful. 

The Election of 1800 was hilarious again, everyone had a riot over Jordan and Mathenee. Super, super good and of course Ryan again performed amazing as Burr. He was so believable. I loved it. One of my favorite songs to watch no doubt. 

Your Obedient Servant was incredible. I loved it?? Hamilton and Burr did such an amazing god holy shit. It was funny but also so sad to watch because we all know what happens next. 

I was sobbing through Best of Wives, Best of Women–that is all you need to know. 

The World was Wide Enough took my breath away. Burr and Hamilton delivered such a beautiful performance. The only thing was that Ryan Alvarado’s voice didn’t seem… serious enough? Like… you know… you’re about to get shot and you’re contemplating you legacy, it just kind of ruined the mood just a slight bit. My favorite line of the musical is in there so I still loved it anyways. Ryan Vasquez delivered such a good job… his Burr was so believable and everyone I talked to adored him and what he did. 

There was not a person who was not crying at Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story. It was such an amazing way to close, Julia’s voice was incredible and amazing–the voice of an angel. She stole the entire show with everything that she did. Her little gasp at the end? It was so god damn beautiful, I was actually with no words and I have chills–it was amazing. It was one of the best things I watched in the show. When Jordan said “and I tried” he sounded so sarcastic and he got laughs during such a serious song. 

There you go, best night of my life alright.