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anonymous asked:

In the senior pictures, can you find any of the victims?

The only victims that were Seniors were Lauren Townsend (pictured) and Isaiah Shoels who apparently skipped the class pic taking day - which by the way, the Senior class photo was take on March 4, 1999.   Had Isaiah been in the photo he literally would’ve been the only African American dude standing out against a veeery all white senior class (!) 

1997noe  asked:

¡Hola! I was wondering if there is a particular scene you would like to see in season 2b 😊 Hope you have a nice day 💐

¡Hola! omg idk i want a lot of things lmao first of all i need garrobane. i can’t stop thinking about these two since we got harry and isaiah’s photo. i need them being 100% done with shadowhunters, magnus comforting luke about jocelyn’s death…

I would love to see a scene with Izzy, Alec & Jace talking about Izzy’s addiction and i want to see her realize her brothers are there for her and they want to help her get better (i want my s1!izzy back!!!)

And regarding Malec… idk i have so many wishes for 2b. I want them so say ‘i love you’ to each other again (and again and again…) but now more relaxed, aware that they’re both safe and they have each other. maybe saying it between kisses, just smiling into the kiss. BATTLE COUPLE. Pls i need this. I need to see them fighting together. That would be a very good moment to show Magnus holding the seraph blade #justsaying Also!!! Alec not giving a fuck about who’s around when he’s with Magnus and just being affectionate in public.