“A film can be big or small, I have to just fall in love with it. To connect with the character, the script, and the director. Sometimes they say to you, ‘You should do that for your career; it’s a big thing, people will go and see it,’ but I wouldn’t be able to, because my heart wouldn’t be in it. I would drive people quite mad.”

Happy Birthday Eva Gaëlle Green!


On sunday when the shop is closed Dirk invites his father along with Isabel and Gunther, his siblings. Dirk and Isabel are almost friends at this point, but Gunther is cautious around his older brother. He probably feels shy to talk to Dirk in person because up until now they mostly talked on the phone. 

So, Dirk and the youngsters have breakfast while Darren is helping with a housework since neither Dirk nor DJ have much time to clean.


Finally, Eva Green - The Complete Collection (2003-2015):

  • Isabelle (The Dreamers)
  • Clarisse de Dreux-Soubise (Arsène Lupin)
  • Sibylla (Kingdom of Heaven)
  • Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale)
  • Serafina Pekkala (The Golden Compass)
  • Emilia/Sally (Franklyn)
  • Miss G (Cracks)
  • Rebecca (Clone/Womb)
  • Susan (Perfect Sense)
  • Morgan Pendragon (Camelot)
  • Angelique Bouchard (Dark Shadows)
  • Artemisia (300: Rise of an Empire)
  • Eve Connor (White Bird in a Blizzard)
  • Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful)
  • Madelaine (The Salvation)
  • Ava Lord (Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For)