Shadowhunters Tri-Wizard Tournament AU:

  • Hogwarts is abuzz when the students learn from Luke Garroway, their headmaster, that they will be hosting the next Tri-Wizard Tournament
    • Clary and Simon make a decision to put their names in even though they’re pretty sure Lydia or Maureen, the two headgirls who are also the power couple of the school, will get in
  • When the Beauxbatons students arrive, Simon finds himself instantly attracted to a young man who does seemingly impossible acrobatics across the room while his friend does impressive wordless magic
    • Clary calls them over to sit with them, smirking at Simon knowingly, turns out Magnus is a family friend, and Simon learns the cute guy’s name is Raphael
  • Everyone is in awe when the Durmstrang students arrive, and while Simon and Raphael are too busy talking to really pay attention, Clary and Magnus are definitely not too busy
    • Magnus’ eye is caught by a tall student who hangs out near the back but wields his staff with impressive control and power
    • Clary is more interested in the head girl who leads the whole troup, she makes the sharp movements flow and adds an element of dance to the highly technical performance
  • Simon calls the two over, Izzy and Simon dated for a bit before Izzy realized she liked a different gender, but they still stayed friends after the amical breakup
    • Magnus almost pushes Raphael off the bench to make room for Alec, who only blushes slightly, to sit down beside him

(the rest is under a cut because it’s not exactly short) 

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Do Not Pass Go - 12 songs for Isabel Lovelace

“There’s no one else to get it done. Fight this. Walk the walk. Travel the space. Stare down the ghosts. Show ‘em how it’s done. Be a big girl. Stay alive. Don’t look back. Don’t blink. Don’t die.”

Track List

1. All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

2. I Hold No Grudge - Nina Simone

3. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

4. Rifle Scissor Stone - SQUALLOSCOPE

5. Cold War - Janelle Monae

6. Girl Anachronism - The Dresden Dolls

7. Gloria - Patti Smith

8. Triggers - Mélissa Laveaux 

9. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone

10. Yesterday Is Here - Tom Waits

11. Drink Before the War - Sinéad O’Connor 

12. Me and the Devil - Gill Scott-Heron

anonymous asked:

How did you and your boyfriend start dating, like how did he first ask you out? Sorry if this is invasive or anything, I'm just curious lol xx

not inclusive at all i love talking about that lil dumbass lol okay i’ll give the full story.

so we had been friends for years and years because we were always in the same class and i found out he had a crush on me in seventh grade and it started at the end of the sixth when he let me borrow The Maze Runner series (which is ironic because he’s basically what rekindled my love for Dylan in a way) and i was a shy ass nerd in seventh grade so i was too nervous to have a boyfriend at the time and it would’ve been weird anyways so i said i didn’t like him that way.

then we stop talking because he was super embarrassed about the whole ordeal but we start talking again at the end of the year, toward the end of June. by the time summer comes around IM the loser with the crush on him and now he gets a girlfriend around the end of August. that girl hates me now lol oops but anyways they dated until the end of october because school had started up again and we were talking more frequently and walking to class together every day and his crush on me came up again and my crush on him got WORSE. his ex gf broke up with him over text (she’s actually such a rude person i dislike her so much and not because she’s his ex just because she’s really rude??? and she started this whole war between the two of us idk it’s weird she has a stick up her ass).

then in late November (this is what he told me btw) he was sitting in english class and his table was talking about prom and they asked who my friend vinny would wanna go with and he said he would most likely ask me or this other girl. now my bf gets a lil jealous cause he’s kinda insecure and then when they ask him he says he wants to ask me to prom and wants to go out with me because he likes me a lot. so vinny starts giving him tips on how to ask me out, i hear my name being whispered at the table and when i turn out around my bf starts blushing and getting awkward and everyone at that table is just starting at me and smirking and i was like lol what so i went back to doing my work. and then at the end of that day i was dragged to the side by vinny and my other girl friend and they asked if i liked B and i was like AHHH yes why and they were like AHHHHHH he likes you and i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHH because I’m a nerd and they were like do u wanna date him and i was like akskkdkdkksk maybe and it took him two weeks to ask me out cause he was really nervous but finally he did at the end of the school day so we were in the hallway surrounded by everyone and it was super awkward but it was so cute cause he was stuttering and his ears got all red and ahhhh he asked me out on december 2nd and we’ve been together ever since :))))

La familia de la Rosa, 

c. 1873?

Clockwise, from top left:

José Práxedes de la Rosa i Sendrijas

María Fidelia Aguinaga i Garcia-de la Rosa

Ofelia Isabel de la Rosa i Aguinaga 

More like, I should stop impulsively making other games 

(This one would be about an exorcism in 1800s Spanish Philippines, aka “El Exorcismo de Ofelia”)

W359 dates #2: Isabel Lovelace

It was hard to write pre-canon Lovelace, but I tried. Her knee being “shattered” could mean a couple different things, but since she continued at the Academy and to active military service, she must have made a close-to-full recovery at least. I also headcanon her as a history nerd. 

She shows up at the door, and when you don’t invite her in (you thought she was picking you up), and there’s a moment of awkward silence. She cocks her head, shrugs, and asks (not unkindly), “Sooooo, what’s the plan here?” You pause for two reasons: the first is that she shrugs with the air of someone who’s not used to indecisiveness. The second is that you don’t have an answer—you thought she was going to plan things, and the two of you must have gotten your wires crossed. You tell her this, and she narrows her eyes and shakes her head in mock-disappointment. When you realize she’s joking, you laugh, grateful for the icebreaker. “I think we’ll manage something,” she says, hand on chin, furrowing her brows with exaggerated concern. 

You end up on a streetside basketball court at a park nearby; it’s one of the shared interests that got you matched in the first place. You’re a better-than-average pick-up player, but nothing more, so you’re alarmed when she tells you she played at the Academy. “Nah,” she says, shaking her head. “My knee got a tiny bit … destroyed. I mean, I might still obliterate you on the court beyond all earthly recognition, but I wouldn’t worry too much.” She wears a brace, and you can see where her range of motion is a little constrained, or she’s not as fast as she wants to be. But she’s good, and her trash talk, though it never treads over from witty into mean, could sink a thousand ships. At one point, you don’t totally understand what she’s saying until you realize she’s quoting the goddamn Aeneid to illustrate how thoroughly she just schooled you. When you fire back, she grins in approval. 

As the sun goes down, you point out the sign that says the park closes at dusk, and she raises an eyebrow at you, a nonverbal seriously?. But you’re both tired, so she graciously accepts your admission of defeat. “Do you want to call it a night?” she asks. You’re dazed and sweaty and you can’t totally read her tone, but there’s a place nearby that you like. You tell her this, hoping you don’t sound too eager—or winded. “Sounds great,” she says. “Winner buys.” 

lover’s lies | eliza + isabelle

Not long had passed since she woke up, her head hurting from the hit and from everything else that was going on in her head. Eliza could not wrap it around her head what she had done. It was unforgivable. Forgiving herself for what she had done was not going to be easy, even if she knew that it wasn’t entirely her fault for losing control because of the moon. Eliza could already tell everyone she cared about would tell her to stop blaming everything on herself, but she wasn’t going to be able to do that. Not when she had taken an innocent life and broken so many rules. 

If she stayed inside the cabin any longer she was going to go crazy, she knew she shouldn’t leave and she wasn’t going to but she needed fresh air. Not really caring what anyone said, she stepped outside of the cabin for that desired fresh air, not going too far and just stepping out the door a little, also not wanting to make things harder for anyone else. Though she felt a set of eyes behind her back. “What’s going to happen to me?” She turned her head slightly, asking the question she contemplated asking before. 


ASMR Role Play Dutch Teacher (soft spoken/whisper english and dutch)
By Isabel ImaginationASMR

This long, relaxing vid is just the ticket to unwind after a long day.

Okay, so… things to be done:

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My name is Isabelle!


Long, gorgeous hair in beautiful braids. Glamorous high heels. Lying out on the green grass with a good book. The smell of coffee. Curling up with a cat in front of the fire. Walking down a busy sidewalk in the rain with an umbrella. Mysterious strangers at parties. A classy, elegant life.

no more please


I had to work around Redd and Isabelle to set up the clothing and toys for this month’s dream update, and made sure to talk to Isabelle long enough to make sure I gave her some custom designs for the fireworks. Then I forgot to check out the fireworks!!! I completely fucking forgot to do it!!! I’m actually really annoyed about it!!!