What is wrong with 2x08 you ask?

Listen I liked the concept of people facing their worst fears and what was tormenting them. I love the way Jace was forced to face Maryse telling him he wasn’t her son, that if she knew he was half demon she would have killed him sooner; I loved the fact that Alec had to face the guilt he was feeling towards killing Jocelyn and being scared that Clary blamed him (which leaded to their making up and Alec getting that weight off his shoulders); You know real problems that did not add up to the build of a ship that, right now, made absolutely no sense to introduce (yeah I’m talking #Climon. Sue me!).

Can we all agree that Clary’s worst fear is not having Simon cheat on her? Please!! We are talking about a girl who lost everything she ever knew and thought was certain, her world has been turned upside down, a few episodes back she wanted Jace and feelings like that just don’t go away (please just give me the Seelie Queen meeting!!) plus the way she looked at him when he said he wasn’t leaving her alone because of Valentine (also appreciating the fact that he said it, and didn’t just do it, because that way yayyyyyy!! We get informed Clary and Jace not acting like the creep he really isn’t but lots of times is lead to act like).

Also the Izzy and Raphael interaction (And note this, because I want you to, that I didn’t use the ship name). I love Raphael. He is a deep, meaningful, dense character that we should get to dismantle in the show! I loved the fact that we got a bit of his backstory, I loved that he made a Magnus reference and the importance he had to his life. I get he had to give her motives to get out of the dangerous way she was heading…. BUT NOT LIKE THAT!

What the hell mate? They never had a positive interaction! NEVER! She burnt his hand with sunlight, always being condescending towards vampires and other downwolders (don’t hit me with the “They’re a new type of Shadowhunters”! Maybe another time I’ll try and explain why I think this isn’t true), freeing his worst enemy because it was in their best interests (I see you Simon). They don’t have a positive interaction!

I LOVED the fact that we got a beautiful, yet short, dialogue on his backstory. I’m just sad it was wasted with Izzy. Because he deserved alone time, or with Magnus, to tell his story. That’s how much of a deep and important character he is to me! He deserves to have his own screen time, alone, that’s just not for plot furthering.

Also the way Izzy forces her blood in his mouth after he said no is cringe worthy and don’t try to justify it to me. It’s the equivalent of saying “no” to something and having it done to you anyway, which was exactly what happened!

Moving forward to the 2x09 trailer, Alec, I love you, but don’t be a dick. Your sister knew what she was getting into.

The Iron Sisters warned her, Magnus warned her, Raphael warned her, everybody warned her!

Is she is going down a dark path? Yes! Is it anybody’s fault but hers? Probably Aldetrees but not Raphael’s. I don’t think he can be blamed for the first time he bit her. I’m not saying It is correct, I just feel like he knew she would go find another vampire who didn’t know the significance she held to someone he cared about (She’s Alec’s sister, meaning she must mean something to Magnus as well, and Raph owes Magnus his life).

Which brings me to that scene of Alec punching Raphael. 

First don’t tell me Raph wouldn’t win in a fight with Alec, that’s bullshit and you know it. He had time and time and time to prefect his fighting skills while Alec wasn’t even born, he is a clan leader, he is strong. He probably isn’t fighting back (at least in that scene) beacause of Magnus probabily. Second, if Magnus doesn’t do anything about it- and do something I mean stoping Alec, probably throwing him out of his house- I am going bananas on this show. You know why? Because you don’t get to call someone your “child” and ust have your boyfriend of what?! A few episodes, beat him to a pulp! CAN YOU SEE THE EVIL STEPMOTHER REFERENCE?! Third, Shadowhunters never do anything wrong now do they?! I bet it never ran through their minds that Izzy went looking for trouble, that she found a way to him! Not the other way around! Raphael just wants the best for his clan (and since when is an “arrangement” with Shadowhunters means that precisely?).

I don’t want Alec to be vilanized. He and Raph, along with Simon and Magnus are my favorite characters – and I feel like Magnus is the only one being treated with the respect he deserves (let’s not even go towards Simon or I’ll flip my shit).

I want to know what the crux of Isabelle’s storyline is. 

Last season, we see her as a beacon of justice. Unlearning bigotry, standing up for what she believes in and who she cares for, and fighting for what’s right. I won’t pretend that I don’t have a problem with how she had to give her emotional and physical labor to everyone around her without proper reciprocation last season, but at least she was written properly. We saw Isabelle in her best light: beautiful, caring, strong, intelligent, vindicating. Justice personified. 

Prior to the yin fen storyline this season, she’s been completely sidelined. None of her scenes had to do with just her - she was comforting Alec, or trying to find Jace, or training Clary. Once again, her selflessness was used to propel the storyline forward and to galvanize the development of the characters around her without any reciprocation or acknowledgement. 

Now we have a yin fen storyline. And as many Latinx fans and other fans of color have pointed out, giving the Latina woman a drug-addiction storyline is racist no matter how how you want to spin it. Villainizing her and portraying her as “impure” in direct contrast to Clary being “pure” and “angelic” (in episode 2x06) is racialized misogyny. 

I was happy when Isabelle stood up for herself and told Clary quite frankly that it was hurtful of Clary to keep secrets from Isabelle after all that Izzy had done for her, but the narrative used the moment as a way to curry sympathy for Clary and inspire the audience’s ire at Isabelle. Narratives have been pitting women of color as the “bullies” of precious, fragile, innocent, sunflower-good white women for years. Making Isabelle into this angry, out-of-character, haggard shell of herself is incredibly disgusting, not the least because it plays into stereotypes about addicts that are very harmful and it contributes to the racism against Latinx people and Latina women in particular. 

We can and should also discuss how depicting Isabelle as hedonistic is yet another way writers perpetuate the racist, misogynistic, and fetishized tropes they use to write Latina women. 

Isabelle is smart - she’s the best forensic pathologist in NYC.  Isabelle is kind and loving - just like Magnus, she drops everything to help out the people around her. Isabelle is strong - as many other characters consistently point out, she’s talented and agile and fierce. Isabelle is self-sacrificing - she takes on too much all at once to help the people she loves, almost always with no acknowledgement or reciprocation from others in kind. Isabelle is prone to self-harm just like the other characters - she fights on and hides her injuries despite growing pain. Isabelle is determined and merciful all at once. We have seen glimpses of all of these core aspects of her. But they have just been glimpses! 

Where the other characters get fleshed out storylines that showcase all of their complexities in grand, heroic, moments that play up the continuity of the plot, Isabelle only gets moments. And now her character is being overwhelmed by this yin fen plot that’s not doing anything to highlight something new or unique or significant about her character. 

So I ask again: what is the point? Are you trying to show that Isabelle struggles with feelings of self-deprecation and depersonalization? Are you trying to show that she has insecurities, that she isn’t as confident as she looks? Are you trying to highlight the detrimental effects her mother’s neglect has had on her, and the complex relationship she has with her? 

If so, you can do all of that - and MORE - without playing into grossly racist stereotypes, without villaizing Latinx people, and without utilizing tired old racist tropes. Show Isabelle bond with the people she loves by having THEM reach out and reciprocate and initiate. Show her coming to terms with her insecurities without making her suffer like this. There is nothing good about her storyline right now. It’s incredibly unfair that a character who has been shown to struggle against learned, embedded bigotries and has stood up for justice and mercy time and time again is being reduced to this. She’s isolated from her mother, her brothers, from Clary, from Magnus. It’s not fair. Isabelle is such an amazing character and person - she’s a scientist, a warrior, a friend. She’s entitled to a well-written, interesting, unique, and heroic storyline, especially considering that she is one of the seven MAIN characters. She’s integral to the plot, and frankly, Clary, Simon, Alec, and Jace would not be where they’re at without her. 

It’s just not fair and it makes no sense whatsoever. Horrible, horrible writing all around. And if you justify this or make excuses for it, you’re horribly racist too. 

i don’t think that one of the jacobis is real and the other is fake. both sounded very convincing; both were able to answer maxwell’s questions; both were able to speak in a profoundly human way, which hasn’t previously been true of the dear listeners. 

think about lovelace in ‘variations on a theme’: that episode may be highly conceptual in nature, but the three versions of her talking are very explicitly engaging with and disrupting the linearity of the story. it also shows multiple versions of her engaging with one another. they talk about past, future, and present as overlapping, simultaneous, ensnared in one another. lovelace talks about repetition: 

lovelace: and then…

second lovelace: rewind.

and at the same time:

third lovelace: fast-forward.

lovelace: I’m back. go straight to the hephaestus. do not pass go. do not collect two hundred dollars. 

third lovelace: meet the new gang

second lovelace: same as the old gang

lovelace: sequel’s never as good as the first movie.

again, this episode is highly conceptual: it is arguable that the three lovelace’s are simply a function of lovelace’s traumatized, sleep deprived, paranoid mind. it is possible that their interactions and statements have no narrative consequence. but the last time we had a conceptual episode dealing with the minds and thought processes of characters, it came back in a big way with the door that wasn’t there on any of the previous missions. what we assumed was metaphor became a physical reality with which to be engaged. what was peripheral became centered.

in light of this episode, and in light of the two equally convincing jacobi’s carrying the same knowledge and the same fears, i can’t help but think that this isn’t as simple as one of them being fake and the other being real. i don’t think that there is a simple answer to which is the original and which is a replica. is it not possible that they are both real? that they have, in some way relating to the star, been split or duplicated? 

lovelace lost three years of her life. it was claimed that her craft fell into the star. whether or not this is the case, it is confirmed by hera that her shuttle’s computer appears to have never even been turned on before her encounter with the new hephaestus crew.  she came back, after three years of being missing, in a ship that had certainly not experienced three years of space flight: we don’t know what happened to her, but whatever it was doesn’t make sense in the context of a linear progression of time. she seems to have almost been out of time, blinking back into the narrative world from nothingness. she also expresses uncertainty as to who she is after this gap, stating “it’s all different. it’s all the same. rhea. hera. selberg. hilbert. lovelace. me. whoever I am now.” I initially interpreted this as an alienation from self as a result of her trauma, but now I think it might also be very literal. 

so here’s the thing. lovelace as we know her now may not be lovelace as she was when she embarked on her mission with her original crew. but based on everything we’ve seen of her, and on ‘variations on a theme’ in particular, I don’t think she’s an evil double. in her internal monologue, she has shown herself to be profoundly hurt, desperate, human. we see her at her most intimate, and she’s a terrified, angry, traumatized woman trying to survive and trying to save as many people as possible. whether she is the original or not, whether she has been changed or not, she is real, and she is a person. i think the same is true for jacobi. i think he has, in some way, been repeated: copied, made real in two places and moments. i think both are real, and both were scared, and one was made to die horrifically all alone in the cold. i think lovelace made a terrible, cruel choice that also made perfect sense given the lack of knowledge and context she has for this. i think we’re going to see a lot more doubles as the show progresses. i think we’re going to see more overt disruptions of linear time around wolf 359. 

isabel’s grandfather is abusive


Shadowhunters + Main Characters Aesthetic

The Scholomance was a piece of Shadowhunter history come to life. A cold castle of towers and corridors carved into the side of a mountain in the Carpathians, it had existed for centuries as a place where the most elite of Shadowhunters were trained to deal with the double menaces of demons and Downworlders. It had been closed when the first Accords were signed: a show of faith that Downworlders and Shadowhunters were no longer at war.

Reasons Why Shadowhunters is Awesome:

- Out of the seven leads, four of them are non-white (Magnus, Simon, Luke and Izzy), only one of whom was canonically non-white in the books (Magnus)

- Jace is an actual human being and not some ethereal figure who everyone drools over, AND he is actually nice to people and doesn’t have that annoying superiority complex in the show. He’s allowed to be funny without being insulting like he was in the books

- Jace is just so much more likeable in the show, which is really refreshing as he is a main character as well as a romantic lead

- Clary’s drive is to find and save her mother, not the romance-based bullshit that it was in the books

- Magnus is not treated like a joke, and is allowed to be funny and sexual whilst also being respected and serious

- They got rid of the (frankly weird) coddling parent/whiny child dynamic that Magnus and Alec had in the books and changed it to an equal relationship where they are both treated like the adults that they are

- As a homosexual couple, Magnus and Alec are treated equally by the writers and get a good amount of screentime

- Alec’s struggle is about his loyalty to his family and his “duty” vs his own happiness, not the GayStruggle™

- Clary and Alec’s friendship/mutual tolerance doesn’t come out of absolutely-fucking-nowhere this time, also, Alec isn’t aggressive or violent towards Clary

- The characters are actually adults in the show

- Raphael. Everything about Raphael

- Simon is not just Clary’s NerdFriend™ and gets his own screentime

- Clary doesn’t slut-shame Izzy (in fact, NOBODY slut shames Izzy apart from Maryse, whom the audience is clearly not supposed to like or agree with) and Clary and Izzy have a beautiful relationship based on mutual support and a genuine friendship

- Izzy is very comfortable with her own body and sexuality, and this is never portrayed as a bad thing

- Lydia and Izzy are two powerful women who are highly respected by their coworkers and are portrayed as very good at what they do

- Magnus is able to respect Lydia as a person and tell Alec that he’s not being fair to her, rather than simply hating her

- Luke’s new role as an important clan leader as well as a supportive father figure makes me really happy. Like, he gets his own storyline and we get to see an important non-white character *getting shit done* and leading a pack of werewolves and being respected. Also, his life doesn’t revolve around Clary and Jocelyn like it did in the books

I’m not saying that it’s a perfect show, far from it, and there are definitely some aspects of it that could use improving, but I love all of these changes.

Ok but Shadowhunters Harry potter au where:

The Lightwoods are a fine lineage of pure Gryffindors, and then it’s the first day of class comes and Alec and Jace are so excited to go and be roommates and try for the quidditch team (Alecs is not THAT big of sports fan, but Jace is so he will give it a try) and they stand proudly when their names are called and it all comes down when the hat touches Alecs hair and not even gull 2 minutes after screams “SLYTHERIN”.

And the poor kids is devastated and sad and confuse, and it doesn’t help that JACE went to Gryffindor.  Alec tries to take deep breaths and calm down but he can barely see in front of him, thinking about how disappointed his parents will be. Jace tries to calm him down later, saying it will be alright, that is not that big of a deal. But it is and it doesn’t get alright. As a matter of fact, it gets worse when on the very next year Isabelle runs up to the very same hat and Alec can only close his eyes, his breath stuck in his throat, as in less than half of a minute it screams the title of the red and gold house.

BONUS FOR THE EXTRA PAIN: When the boys come back for the winter holidays, Alec finds his room to be almost completely blank. Sure his books are still there, and the very few art pieces he used to have hanging on his wall are still there but every single thing with the colours of Gryffindor is gone, including a painting of a golden lion he used to have above his bed. His room had been decorated with the colours of the house since he was young. Alec knew he would have to take them down when he got home and it would be sad but coming back to nothing was even more painful. His hearts shatters when Izzy tells him their mother went on a major freak out when she found out, tearing apart the boys decor and throwing it away. 

It’s not all bad, Alec has to admit to himself after a while. Here, where he is not constantly being watched with disapproval eyes, the guilt is not so bad. And it is pleasant to have housemates that share his same approval on rules, the importance of future, selective loyalty and tradition. Jace and Izzy would roll their eyes at him most times he started talking about any of those toppings really, but here he found people willing to listen to him. He finds friendship in a boy, one year older than him. Magnus is his name. Alec likes him, he knows a lot, is very well read and has travelled a good part of the world. One day during third year Alec asks him why is he not a Ravenclaw, Magnus tells him it is a very interesting house, with many good assets, “and their common room? Lovely!” he says and Alec rolls his eyes but Magnus just continues “So yes, Ravenclaw is pretty good…But as you may know, I’ve always liked being the best. And my dear Slytherin is the house that grants me that.” Alec nods as he hears and chuckled a little when Magnus winks at him when mentioning the word best. “Besides…If I was in Ravenclaw I wouldn’t have the pleasure to share the common room with you Alexander, my dearest” Alec blushes and looks away. He tells Magnus to shut up, his tone fake light but later when he hangs out with Jace after dinner his mind keeps turning around the different but similar words used by Magnus to classify their house and him. 

At the fourth year, Jace gets a girlfriend, a girl he has been flirting with for a while now to which Alec had to hear and be grossed out about for a good 2 years. She is a Gryffindor, like him. And a pureblood, like him. Perfect marriage. Perfect friendship. Jace goes on and on about how amazing she is, how happy he is, how funny she is, he has never laughed this much before and Alec takes a deep breath and watches him. So now, he not only barely sees Jace at school (and feels terribly anguished about spending time with him at home because is a constant comparison between them by their parents) the little time they do have to spent together, Jace is sticking his tongue inside that Fray girl. Things go down the day of the first game of the year. Alec didn’t join the quidditch team that year. He wasn’t particularly interested in that anymore, he wouldn’t get to play with Jace (worse, he would have to play against him) and it wouldn’t really impress his parents (probably would just get them mad). But it comes time to choose his seat and Alec has always chosen to sit at the gryffindor side,with Izzy, to watch Jace play. He would even sit with (ugh) Clary. But then he has feeling pretty on edge lately and angry at every single gryffindor. Everything has been too much lately, Jace ditching him for a girl, a new best friend, a gryffindor girl, his parents never approbing him when he used the golden child, Izzy being uncaring about rules and making fun of him when he was talking about some news that had came on the ministry of magic, just everything. So when it comes time to choose his seat and Izzy waves at him with Clary by her side he takes a deep breath and before he can accept it (because well, he was angry but he didn’t had other option. Watch it alone from the Slytherin stands? no thanks) Magnus calls him. Alec turns confused, he had never heard Magnus say one thing about quidditch since they met. “Raphael is playing. I’m a supportive friend” Magnus justifies. Raphael was a kid on Alecs year that Magnus had pretty much adopted, similar to what he did to Alec, but Magnus definitely doesn’t touches Raphael with as much malicious on his eyes as he did with Alec. So Alec looks at Izzy, waves at his confused sister, and leaves with Magnus into the silver and green crowd.

Alec and Magnus get together at the winter holidays of fifth year. Alec stays at Hogwarts because things at home were just a bit tad unbearable for him. Magnus stays too. They get drunk on slughorns special liquor that Magnus had stolen (Slughorn new of course, but he pretended he didn’t because well, Magnus was an extraordinaire student, he deserved) and Alec curses his family and hides the two tears that fall and Magnus kisses his cheeks and whispers “The lightwoods might be “willing to die for the cause” stupidly brave” his breath tingles Alecs cheek and neck “but they are quite stupid if they don’t value the preciosity that you are my dearest” Alec turns and look into Magnus deep eyes and the older boy licks his lips. They kiss and its messy and amazing. So amazing. Alec thinks this is the best Christmas he had in a long long time.

On the sixth year, everybody stays for the winter holidays. Jace and Izzy take a stand to defend Alec after a nasty comment their mother made about not recognizing him anymore when she found out about his relationship. (“Dating a slytherin? How could you possibly even think about marrying one of them?” “I AM ONE OF THEM!” He screamed with tears and anger and frustration on his eyes “Well…At least you won’t be able to reproduce another one of that kind”). Clary stays to be with Jace (Alec and her had grown together, he didn’t really hate her now, sometimes he could even see why Jace loved her so much, not that he would ever admit that out loud) and her best friend stays too. A kid from Ravenclaw, named Simon. Apparently, he was almost a Gryffindor, but started rambling on why he should be a Gryffindor and making up the song lyrics to justify his reason and the hat told him to shut up and threw him into Ravenclaw “where his nerd artistic heart belongs” according to Clary. Magnus drags Raphael too and he and Simon seem to hate each other guts, something related to Simon annoying habits on the library that made difficult for Raphael to study. When they all finish eating and go to bed, Raphael says he has to come back because he forgot something. Alec and Magnus look at each other and pretend they didn’t see Simon telling Clary goodbye and hanging out with apparently no reason. 

7th year ends and Alec is happy with what he has achieved in his Slytherin life. He plans on moving in with Jace to a nice apartment complex. He was planning on moving out for a while now and Jace laughs and asks him if he really taught that he was actually going to move alone. Of course Jace was going with him. Magnus lives a couple blocks away, he becomes a potioneer. Izzy still lives at home,of course, but spends as much time as she can with them during holidays, and has already plans to move in with Clary as soon as she graduates. All four of them become aurores. Simon moves in with Raphael and live nearby, the slytherin man works for the ministry of magic and Simon works on a bookshop and still has a band on his halftime.

Alec still has his brother. He hasn’t left him even though they were from different houses. Magnus makes him feel safe and loved and Alec loves him back,so much. Izzy reminds him to breath and look around every so often and enjoy the little things. Clary makes good sunday pancakes and helps Alecs roomate unwind when he is to stressed and annoying. Raphael and him have deep conversations about politics and the mans bitter remarks make him laugh often, he is also thankful Raphael has the ability to make Simon shut up often. Alec decides that he is happy. A slytherin life is not so bad to be lived after all.