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Oooh I can't wait for Maia to meet the rest of the crew!!!

Lord I love her she is literally everything I dreamed! Like I’m so excited to see her chemistry with everyone else!! Her and Jace have great chemistry 😏 and I really like her chemistry with Luke and how even though she wants to avenge Gretel she still listens to him. This episode was just so beautiful my crybaby ass was emotional all damn day over it. The parabatai ceremony was beautiful, fucking Jalec through the years was beautiful, jace cradling Alec had me sobbing and overwhelmed, Magnus putting people in their damn place and protecting Alec was just 😍😍🔥, Saphael and Mama Lewis 💜, Izzy just being there although Ima need the writers to let Izzy be more vocal about her feelings Clary was crying more over Alec than Izzy was. Like I don’t want no one tear two tear scenes and that’s all of Izzy’s emotion, I want Izzy breaking shit, falling to her knees, complaining of psychical pain, screaming type emotion.. let Izzy be an emotional mess please!!! But other than that and the whitewashing of Izzy (😒) this episode was amazing.

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You know what's awesome? That Rafael and Izzy can argue about Simon in Spanish! And he won't understand it at all.

Rafael: *in spanish* Simon is mine, and we will totally bang tonight.

Izzy: *also in spanish* You’re wrong! He’s mine and he will never choose you, when he can have me.

Simon: *confused* I don’t understand you guys, what are you talking about?

Rafael and Izzy: Nothing.

Izzy: Just about where you will be sleep tonight.

*Izzy and Raphael smile to Simon*

The Foot-Rest {CLOSED}

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“I do.” he responded quietly, looking over at her. “Just not with your filthy feet on me.” he finished, removing them from his lap for the fifth time in the last two minutes. “When you learn to clean your things I might consider it.” he said, crossing a leg over the other. “I’d prefer being a pillow because unless you’ve been rolling around on the floor, you’re likely to be cleaner than your boots…”

“But I do clean!” Isabel insisted, “you just don’t think I ever clean enough, party pooper.” Isabel grumbled under her breath. “Why would I roll around on the floor?” Okay, maybe she’d laid on the floor in the past, but she was sure that Levi would consider the two the same thing. Luckily, she had not touched the floor with anything except her feet that day, so she was in the clear. “Fine! You’re a pillow now, big bro!” She exclaimed, curling up with him.

I’m sad that Alec proposed to Lydia because that means he felt so useless he felt the only way to make it right was to marry someone he didn’t love.

I’m sad that Alec proposed to Lydia because that means Alec has accepted the role his parents and the Clave have forced onto him.

I’m sad that Alec proposed to Lydia because Izzy would have done anything in her power to protect her brother and this is proof that she wasn’t able to.

I’m sad that Alec proposed to Lydia because it will break Magnus’s heart to know that he can’t be with Alec and that this young, beautiful shadowhunter boy is going to lose himself to the will of the Clave.

I’m sad that Alec proposed to Lydia because it shows how little the Clave values Alec for his skill and dedication even though he’s given up his life for them.

I’m NOT sad that the writers wrote it in. I’m NOT sad about the writing at all. I’m GLAD we have such dedicated writers who are willing to take risks and try new things. I’m GLAD we have writers who respect book canon while still throwing in crazy curveballs we’ve never seen coming. IM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THIS SHOW AND EVERYTHING IT ENTAILS AND IM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT COMES NEXT.