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I’m just pointing out that Shadowhunters doesn’t have a problem with sexual scenes at all (see: Meliorn undressing Izzy, Camille kissing Simon’s neck, Simon waking up next to Maureen and then Clary and fully naked mind you, Jace and randoms are not to mention, Maia kissing Jace’s abs and them humping each other in a more or less public place, Climon making out and a bunch of other straights making out that I don’t even care to remember). 

I’m just…. saying….. not that I’m insinuating anything. 


Simon & Isabelle | Woodwork (for Mely)


      Simon, I’ve been trying to call you, but it seems like your phone is turned off. I don’t know where you are right now. I don’t know if Clary already told you what happened tonight. But I have to go to Magnus’ and I’d really like you to be there. I’m never scared, but I’m scared for Jace. I’m scared for my brother. I never ask you for anything, Simon, but I’m asking you now. Please come. Isabelle.
      Simon let the letter fall from his hand. He was out of the apartment and on his way down the steps before it had even hit the floor.

             the devil took your memory ; a sizzy fanmix (cohf)   (listen)

i.Losing Your Memory - Ryan Start / ii. Afire Love - Ed Sheeran / iii. Don’t Forget - Demi Lovato / iv. Last Kiss - Taylor Swift / v. Say Something (cover) - Madilyn Bailey and Runagoud / vi. Amnesia (cover) - Lauren Bonell / vii. Love will remember & Nothing Like Us - Seth Rinehart / viii. Sad Beautiful Tragic - Taylor Swift / ix. Impossible - James Arthur / x. Youth - Daughter / xi. Broken Possibilities - Jenna Clare (a original sizzy song) / xii. Hazy - Rosi Golan / xiii. Photograph - Ed Sheeran / xiv. Breathe Again - Sara Bereilles.


“As she shoved seraph blades into the tops of her boots, her mind was on Alec and the look they’d shared as he’d gone out the door. It wasn’t the first time she’d watched her brother leave, knowing she might never see him again. It was something she accepted, as a part of her life; it wasn’t until she’d gotten to know Clary and Simon that she’d realized that for most people, of course, it was never like that. They didn’t live with death as a constant companion, a cold breath down the back of their neck on even the most ordinary days.


“I’m, like, incredibly straight-laced, considering what some 16-year-olds are doing. It’s probably because I’ve gone to nice events with big people there since I was a young girl. Kids my age at school are fighting to get into clubs and be around an open bar, whereas I’ve had the opportunity to drink or do drugs if I wanted to, and I haven’t. I look around me and go, ‘God’s put me here for a reason’. Why would I want to go take a drug or do something that can strip away everything I’ve worked for?’ This business is not peaches and cream, and I’ve fought tooth and nail to earn this spot. I’m not a girl who’s ridden on a last name or lucked into it from getting on one project that blows up. I’ve worked for 11 years, and I have to keep working, too, because if I sat back on my haunches right now, I could disappear within a month.”