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Masterpost: Eleanor Calder’s sneakers

Adidas Superstar Gs || Adidas Superstar Shoes (black & white) || Adidas Superstar Shoes (white) || Adidas Tubular Viral Shoes || Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 || Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cream || Axel Arigato Cap-Toe Sneaker || Comme des Garçons Play Cream Heart Logo Converse Edition Sneaker || Common Projects Tournament Leather Sneakers || Converse All Star Low Leopard Print Faux Fur || Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slim Leather Hi || Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Leather Sneaker || Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Classic Colors (optical white) || Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top Classic Colors (optical white) || Converse Ct Lite Ox || Diesel S Andyes W || Gucci Ace Leather Low Top Sneaker || Isabel Marant Bart White Leather Tennis Trainers || Josefinas Louise White with Dark Red Fur || Minna Parikka Tail Leather and Faux-Fur Trainers || Nike Air Max Excel Trainers || Nike Air Max Thea || Nike Juvenate || Nike Roshe One Casual Shoes || Puma Eskiva Hi Textured Boots || Reebok Freestyle Hi || Saint Laurent Court Classic Sneakers || Saint Laurent Tweed Skate Slip On Sneakers || Tommy Hilfiger Slip On Sneaker Gigi Hadid || Topshop Kooper Slip Ons ||  Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro (black) || Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro (white)

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Shopping tip- second hand

I never thought I would find myself doing some shopping at 2nd hands for mental and hygiene reasons (I know they wash it and we can do it after), but I can tell I found some nice clothes for 3,7,15€.

Depending on your city, the most high living cost have the better designer clothing you can find. At the designer second hand store I bought some sexy pointy Casadei boots in suede with zero flaw, it’s like they were never been worn! A pair of Isabel Marant sneakers (we can see on the sides they were been worn but at 20€ for a daily shoes who cares?!). For shoes I wash the inside with proper products, desinfectant and antifungal.

I can find Versace, Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain, Chanel, etc. pieces. My only issue is the sizing.

At the other basic 2nd stores, I found some Massimo Duti jackets in wool, shirts, a black draped Versace top, a beautiful Escada red jacket with gold details and buttons, a satin suit with the skirt,…

I say yes for classic, vintage pieces.

Shop well and smart!

A sunny day by the sea! It’s cold, but we dress warmly!

A big Isabel Marant cardigan wool with cashmere and silk sweater Raf Simons and a jean “look coated” Sandro and boots Allsaints. Tommy Hilifiger messenger bag to complete the outfit follows me everywhere, because very practical, original because wool!

Isabel Marant is a French designer who created women’s collections but mostly she released last winter a men’s capsule collection. I really hope that soon it will create for men as well as it does is original, comfortable and stylish. 

Chapter 92: Stages Of Sacrifice

The commotion and constant chatter of those lazily lounging in the living room floated into Jermaine’s ear like the sound of a million buzzing bees. Their words sounded like the fast forwarding of a video or cassette tape. He couldn’t drown them out and in addition to that, he couldn’t make out what any one of them were saying because his mind was else where. His mind was where it had been since he sat inside of Da Silvano for two hours; on Robyn. As he clutched her iPhone in his right hand, he continuously stared back and forth between the screen of his Blackberry and her own phone, waiting for something……..anything. His heart hadn’t stopped thumping against his chest since last night and his brain hadn’t slowed down from the marathon it’s been running. All night long………he waited all night long for her and she still hasn’t shown up. Though his body felt the exhaustion from staying awake all night, his brain wouldn’t rest. He couldn’t and wouldn’t rest until she walked into the door.

He ran more than a hundred different scenarios through his mind throughout the night. He didn’t want to think the worst, but he couldn’t help himself. She nearly took him back to a place…..a place that he’s put behind him. Though he no longer reflects on it as much as he used to, he’ll never forget how she left him for those years. He’ll never forget how he felt, the depression, the drinking, smoking, crying, sleepless nights, random wailing in the studio….all of it. Twice throughout the night he walked up to the large glass windows in his condo’s living room and he stared out at the New York City view and wondered just where could she be. He used to do that while she was gone. He used to stand there for hours. Some days he’d think she was dead, other days he’d think someone kidnapped her, and there were those days when he believed that she was somewhere out in the world thinking of him just as much as he was thinking of her. As the sun began to slowly highlight the dark skies, the first time they made love to one another played over and over in his head. He wasn’t thinking about how beautiful it was to see her completely bare, how addictive her sweet nectar tasted on his tongue, or how it felt to be inside of the woman he truly believes is made for him. All of that is important, but her words were the most important aspect of that moment. Two words: “I promise”. She promised that she would never leave him again and he’s holding her to those two words. If he didn’t trust her, he would have to call himself a hypocrite. He’s been working hard to earn her trust back, so through all of the anger and worrying, he’d have to give her the same consideration.

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