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“Simon,“ Isabelle interrupted, “you’re talking like a nerd.”
She said it almost fondly, but it freaked Simon out more. “And I don’t know how to be smooth, sexy vampire Simon for you, either!”
Isabelle’s perfect mouth curved, like a dark half-moon in her pale face. “You were never that smooth, Simon.”
“Oh,” said Simon. “Oh, thank God. I know you’ve had a lot of boyfriends. I remember that was a faerie, and”–another flash of memory, this time most unwelcome–“a…Lord Montgomery? You dated a member of the nobility? How am I ever going to compete with that?”
Isabelle still looked fond, but it was diluted with a good deal of impatience. “You’re Lord Montgomery, Simon!”


shadowhunters rewatch and re-gif
1x03 | dead man’s party

          i couldn’t live without you, simon. you’re all i have left.

Carnival Headcanons

Imagine if the mortal instruments gang all went to the carnival after cohf. 

  • Isabelle and Jace would insist on going on all the craziest rides
  • Simon goes along with it, hoping he’ll get to do the whole “you can hold me if you’re scared” thing that he’s seen in rom coms but ends up clinging to Izzy for dear life during most of them. 
  • Jace is the holds his hands up in the air and screams during drops kind of guy
  • Clary’s the close your eyes and switches between laugh and screaming type
  • Alec holds on to Magnus’s hand right before the drop 
  • Alec asks about the booths and he and Magnus temporary leave the group for some carnival games
  • Alec does pretty well at balloon darts, and the “knouck em down cans”but just can’t land anything at ring toss
  • “By the Angel Magnus its some sort of mudane toture device!”
  • Eventually magnus feels bad and magically moves one onto the poles 
  • The gang show up 
  • Jace and Alec immediatly go against each other in  “knouck em down cans” and arguing over who won
  • “I’m just saying I won” “Jace you hit the guy on your last throw” “Hey it wasn’t my fault my ball ricocheted into his face. That’s actually more impressive than hitting a stack a cans if you ask me. That’s probably worth 3 points at least!!”
  • Clary decides to get her face painted with Izzy
  • Clary gets a small but intricate design of stars while Izzy goes for a butterfly
  • They convince Simon to get vampire face paint, with fangs and blood and everything
  • He’s not amused 
  • Jace is
  • Clary and Jace go ride the Ferris Wheel together and Clary looks a lot more flushed and blushy when they come down, leading to magnus making a comment about teenagers 
  • Simon manages to win a small stuffed teddy bear and gives it to Isabelle 
  • She wins him a gaint stuffed animal in return 
  • Alec and Magnus try out those photo booth things and have a blast
  • Alec wins a goldfish and has no idea what to do with it 
  • Magnus jokingly dubbs it Magnus the fish jr. 
  • Simon gets to the karoke booth and everyone joins in, even alec hums and sings the chorus
  • Clary feels so happy she can burst, all the people she holds close have all come together to have fun and its everything she could ask for 
flirty barista! Tom headcanon♡

WOW SO UH @arachnid-kid and I were talking about how theres a lot of sam barista! hcs, but not a lot with our boy Tom so we decided to take the liberty of writing one?? PLEASE GIVE IT A LOT OF LOVE

Originally posted by sexualthorientation

  • You’re back home for the holidays and you’re ecstatic to be back with family and friends. 
  • You were still in the middle of the semester so you brought all your coursework with you because you had to study for finals
  • The Starbucks down the street seemed like a nice place to concentrate, but little did you know …
  • So you walk in the store and approach the menu, scanning the items and deciding on a Caramel Brulée Latte
  • The girl in front of you takes your order and you smile, thanking her as she calls out to the other barista, “One tall CBL, Tom”
  • He turns around and shrugs her off, paying way more attention to the pair of attractive girls at the bar. They’re giggling and twirling their hair and this boy is literally woo-ing them off their feet. He smirks and gives one of them a wink before saying, “My break’s in five, catch you around sweetie?” and the girl smiles before sneaking away with her friend, whispering about how cute he was. 
  • So Tom is this super kind of arrogant dude and he KNOWS he’s good looking and totally plays it to his advantage
  • THERE WAS NOT A DAY WHERE HE WASN’T FLIRTING WITH A GIRL AT THE BAR, he’d pull up his sleeves and show off his arms as he’d make your drink and the girls would be head over heels. 
  • You roll your eyes and decide to sit down at a table, not too far and seeing distance from the bar. You begin to pull out your stuff and that’s when he notices you, sitting down with your brows furrowed at the textbook you were reading. 
  • It’s the first time he’s ever been speechless in front of a girl and he knew that you were the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid his eyes on.
  • You notice him staring and look up, confused at his gaze and he turns around SO QUICK like BOI
  • ANYWAY you get up and approach the bar, waiting for your latte. Unfortunately TOm was turned around, busy preparing your drink and when he turns back, there you are.
  • LEMME JUST SAY: this boy was so WHIPPED he literally DROPPED the drink he was making, causing it to splatter all over the floor 
  • You’re slightly surprised but then you hear the girl at the register start complaining and yelling at him, and he’d just mumble a “sorry,” before averting his eyes again after having stared at you for god knows how long. He rushes off to the back to bring a mop and you lean against the bar, looking over at him. 
  • “Hey, you okay there?” you ask
  • “Sorry, I was just…distracted…. by your face”
  • “Why, is there something wrong with my face?”
  • “No! No, no, nothing’s wrong it’s fine. I mean, it’s pretty - wait uh”
  • “Excuse me?” you’re a bit curious now, a smile forming on your lips
  • “I mean, you’re just really pretty?” he’s blushing now, his ears turning bright red and you giggle to yourself.
  • “Is that a question or a statement?” you respond and he literally wants to dig himself into a hole.
  • You let him get back to making your drink, and you wait patiently as he cleans up the mess and steams up the milk. He’s muttering to himself about how stupid he sounded, looking a bit embarrassed and agitated and you thought he looked so cute. 
  • He finishes the drink by topping it off with some whip cream, and calls out the name on the cup, “One tall caramel brulée latte for [Y/N]?”
  • “Thanks, Oh and it looks like your break just started, catch you around, sweetie?” you smile coyly before giving him a wink and he’s just shocked and speechless because you were too beautiful.
  • Needless to say, you agreed when he asked you out a couple minutes later and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you as you two exited the store
  • “I’m quite scared for you keeping your job here, Tom” you mention and he just smirks before saying “And whose fault do you think that is, hmm?” 

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Previously on America’s Next Top Shadowhunter
It’s makeover time at the ANTS house. When the judges suggest a drastic cut to Magnus hair, all hell breaks loose. Izzy tries to put magnus misery into some perspective.