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‘The Song Of Sway Lake’ (2017) dir Ari Gold  | Official Movie Trailer

Ari Gold’s The Song Of Sway Lake is having its world premiere next week at the Los Angeles Film Festival, debuting in the Premieres section. Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan and 2017 Tony nominee Mary Beth Peil star in the story of a young jazz collector (Culkin) who plots to rob his wealthy grandmother (Peil) of a rare 78 record, but his plan is derailed when his accomplice (Sheehan) falls for the glamorous matriarch. Isabelle McNally, Elizabeth Peña, Jack Falahee and Brian Dennehy co-star. (x)

A few weeks ago I took the short hike to Lake Isabelle, but found the winds were blowing hard leaving large waves on the lake and not a chance for a reflection.  This ended up being a good thing because it forced me out of my lakeside comfort zone and got me looking for different compositions.  I found this nice scene high up on the rocks just before the sunrise lit up the sky and peaks in brilliant colors!

Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado - July 2015

Shot Notes:

Velvia 100 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
4 seconds at f22, 2 stop soft GND filter

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That might look like [SOFIA CARSON] but it’s [ISABEL LAKE]. She’s [23] years old and a [FAMILIAR]. She/he’s in Sioux Falls to [TO CHECK OUT THIS WINCHESTER RUMOR/FIND HER BROTHER] and their alignment is [ NEUTRAL ]. (Beth/EST) (Allen's sis connection/Emrys familiar connection)

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted as Isabel Lake! Please have your account sent in the next 24 hours and welcome to Sioux Falls! We’re happy to have you!

Remember when Stephen talked about how you know that a character is going to be around for a while when they have a set built for them?

Oliver and Felicity are having a bedroom set built. Oh yes, a whole set, just for them. One we haven’t even seen yet, which means it might not show up until mid season.

And this made me happy. What made me even happier was thinking about how the character of Oliver hasn’t had a bedroom on the show in SO long.

He had the mansion in season 1 and 2, but I don’t think we saw him in the bed past the pilot (am I right?) We saw him share a bed with Sara, but that was a make shift one in the lair or in the Clock Tower (can’t remember which).

Which means, aside from the scene in 4x01, we’ve never seen Oliver in his own bed, in his own home, with any girlfriend other than Felicity.

Mckenna, Helena, Laurel - all at their places. Sara - boat, hotel, makeshift bed. Isabel - hotel. Shado - lake side.

Huh. I can’t believe I’ve only just noticed that.

I thought I was excited for the Olicity bedroom set before - now I’m beside myself, because it’s an environment we have literally almost never seen him in. Cosy, comfy, relaxed, happy, shared bed.

Oh god. Yes please. All the yeses.