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  • Every Shadowhunter who has met Will: There is no such thing as demon pox, Will!
  • Will: *motions wildly with hands for someone to enter*
  • Benedict (the worm): Hello
  • Benedict: it's me
  • Gabriel: For the love of

Can we appreciate the fact that the Academy closed down bwcause of the efforts of a Herondale, a Fairchild, and two Lightwoods, and reopened because of the efforts of a Herondale, a Fairchild, and two Lightwoods

Shadowhunters, 2x05 spoiler alert

What the fuck are you serious omg I mean WhaT ThE fUCK did Victor just gave Izzy FREAKING YIN FEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING DO YOU REALIZE HOW DANGEROUS IS THAT HOW MUCH PAIN IT CAUSES IF U DONT ASK JAMES FUCKING CARSTAIRS WHAT THE HELL WRITERS??? How can you play with My Feelings right now u better give us Jem and sort THIS THING OUT! Aldertree you are gonna die, I can promise you.

Spoon!” James said, running at his uncle Gabriel and jabbing him in the thigh. Gabriel mussed the boy’s hair affectionately.

“You’re such a good boy,” he said. “I often wonder how you could possibly be Will’s.”

“Spoon,” James said, leaning against his uncle’s leg lovingly.

“No, Jamie,” Will urged. “Your honorable father has been impugned. Attack, attack!

—  Flashback on the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, Cassandra Clare
  • Will: *calls Jem at 3AM while at opium den*
  • Jem: wtf dude
  • Will: come get me im bored
  • Jem: you're a grown up come home yourself
  • Will: but im tired
  • Jem: William
  • Will: <i>shit he used my full name. play cool</i>
  • Will: yes, James?
  • Jem:
  • Will:
  • Jem:
  • Will: fine ill just come home by myself and probably fall into the river and drown because of how high i am
  • Jem: that's fine, goodnight Will
  • Will: dammit the disloyal bastard