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  • Raphael: Simon I'm afraid you'll have to stay with me and be.. uh.. advisor to the.. uh.. interim chapter president which is a very real position that i did not just make up which requires you to stay by my side for the forseeable future
  • Simon: sounds fair

Hannibal - Homages / Influences / Visual parallels

  • 3.07 “Digestivo” - Diabolique by Jeremiah S. Chechik (1996)
  • 3.06 “Dolce″ - The cook, the thief, his wife & her lover by Peter Greenaway (1989)
  • 3.03 “Secondo″ - Suspiria by Dario Argento (1977)

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Scribble-Doodle: Won’t Fail You Again

@only-1-a talked bunnies with me. This is the result. Book spoilers ahoy!

We saw Jace’s first meeting with Alec. But how did he find out that he would be living with the Lightwoods?

Robert doesn’t feel Michael die. He doesn’t sense their bond straining, fraying and then breaking apart. There’s nothing, no sense of dread or foreboding, no certainty of things coming to their end.

He has to be officially notified. “Mr Lightwood, this is an official letter of…” And he sits there, on the bed in his and Maryse’s bedroom at the Institute, staring down at the thick piece of paper carrying the official seal of the Consul.

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Clary and Isabelle kissing over and over again softly. not quite making out yet, and Clary is laying on top of Izzy, shivering just a little because she’s just overwhelmed with the feeling of Izzy’s fingers trailing up and down her sides under her shirt, and lips brushing across hers. Izzy pulling back a little and asking if she’s okay. 

“No, no! I’m fine, just a little cold” and Izzy smiles and pulls a blanket (previously tangled up at the foot of the bed) up and over their heads. 

“Better?” She’s smiling a little, and Clary can’t see her in the dark but she can hear the grin in her voice. They go back to kissing, giggling into each others mouths until neither feels like laughing anymore.

Fluffy Clizzy heacanons!!

because my blog has been a mess of negativity lately and im over it
  • After clary’s mom woke up she dragged her back to Lukes with her so her and Izzy were seperated :(
  • to make up for this they facetime every night 
  • and it ends up being like 4am and their eyes are bloodshot and they cant stop yawning and theyre not even really making conversation anymore and the birds are chirping outside but they dont hang up
  • Izzy has so many screenshots of Clary from their facetime sessions because she’s just so cute especially when she’s distracted or laughing
  • Sometimes though Izzy can’t stand it and will get out of bed at 2am throw on old sweatpants and sneak into clary’s room through the fire escape
  • they take naps together, alot especially if one of them has an especially hard day. 
  • Clary will literally arrive at the institute and barge her way through the place, ignoring everyone until she gets to izzy’s room where she takes off her pants like “nap. now” and Izzy is the big spoon and plays with clary’s hair while she sleeps
  • Theyre both really into star signs especially izzy, like she fully believes it all and tells clary her horoscope every morning
  • For real though izzy is in love with the stars and the moon and always drags clary out star gazing 
  • She also likes to connect clary’s freckles to make constellations
  • Clary loves to bring Izzy out to do lots of arty things and they always go to modern art museums and Izzy loves it but also doesnt get it she’s always like “but babe you’re way better than all of these”
  • Izzy is usually oh so glamorous but Clary shows her that sweatpants are a thing and theyre amazing and izzy constantly steals clarys even though theyre a little loos on the leg and she wanders around the institute in her sports bra and sweatpants and clary is aroused™

not to b gay but i can’t wait to live w my gf in a converted warehouse flat packed with house plants, taking baths together and making breakfast together. having movie nights and date nights, moving the furniture to dance like mad all over the living room. taking trips together and trashing hotel rooms. i can’t wait to propose to her at pride. i can’t wait to wake up next to my wife every day.