rorydamiani  asked:

♥ this is ... technically not here anymore but like .... way back ... briar & isabella ... was my brotp ,, would u like to share ur thoughts on this shannae

my…my thoughts?? my THOUGHTS?? wHO GaVE YOU THE rigHT, AnnIE. . i . .

isabella was briars #1. loved her to biTS. the only person she would 100% open up to w/ the deep stuff ™, she was her jinglebells?? ( ok but imagine her at xmas time. . just singing jinglebell rock to be a lil’ shit outside of isabella’s window at like. . 2am & then drag her out of bed to go egg someones house.. .) and briar would have ditched every guy on the planet to hang with her bud, eVery GUY. .AND THEIR DOGS. .aND EVen every bottle of fucKin vodKA  —-  and if isabella was sad?? upset?? *inHALES* she’s on her way to fuk u up…u just dishonored her. . the punishment is death. . goodbye