Daddy & Daughter Dance (Father Figure!Tyler x Reader’s Daughter)

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I decided to try something different and really adorable! I can honestly see Tyler and the team doing this. Plus who would love having Tyler dressed up as a prince, taking you to a dance? ENJOY!

You’ve been dating Tyler for a year and a half now and when he found out you were a mother when you first started dating, he been extremely supportive of you and your daughter, Isabella. He loves Isabella with all his heart, he plays dress up with her, helps makes invitations for her little tea parties with you, takes her and your Newfoundland, Dodger, to the park while you’re at work, he even takes her to Mark’s place to go hang out with the team. Your heart always flutters when you see the two of them interact since Isabella’s real dad left before she was born so she never had a real male figure in her life until you met Tyler.

“Mommy! Mommy!” your daughter ran to you when you picked her up from school. “Hi, Sweetheart!” you saw that her eyes were red which was an indication that she was crying. “What happen at school today?” you worried while walking home with her, “All the girls were talking about the ‘Royal Daddy & Daughter Dance’ and how their Daddy was going to do all these things with them and they all started teasing me because I don’t have a daddy!” she huffed with her arm crossed. You knew that 6-year olds were harsh but God, making fun of someone who doesn’t have a dad is just evil. “Don’t listen to them, lovebug. It could be a mommy and daughter’s night at our house.” You told her as you enter your house. “BUT I WANT TO GO TO THE DANCE!” Isabella cried, she ran to her room and slammed her door. For a child, she has an attitude of a teenager.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?” your boyfriend enters your house with a kiss on the forehead. “Isabella. She won’t come out of her room.” You stressed out while going back to cooking. “What happened? Did she have a rough day at school?” you gave him a nod, “The girls in her class picked on her in class because she doesn’t have a dad/date for the Daddy & Daughter Dance.” You sighed, putting turkey spaghetti on 3 plates.  “ISABELLA! I MADE YOUR FAVORITE AND TY-TY IS HERE!” “I DON’T CARE!” she talked back. You were thrown off by her attitude and didn’t like it one bit, “ISABELLA!” you were about to drag her out before Tyler stopped you, “I’ll talk to her.” He offered.

“Hi, lovebug.” He entered the room, seeing the little girl head deep in her pillows. “Your mommy told me what happened at school today.“ He sat on the edge of the bed. "It’s not fair how I can’t go to the dance because I don’t have anyone to take me.” She mumbled. Tyler can see how destroyed the child is about this dance so he came up with an idea, “How about I take you to the Dance?” Isabella’s head popped up, “REALLY!?” “I’ll love to go to the Royal Daddy & Daughter dance with you.” “THANKS, TY-TY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” your daughter gave him a huge hug. “I love you too, princess.”  You walked into her room, seeing the bond between the two. “MOMMY! TY-TY IS TAKING ME TO THE DANCE!” she hopped in your arm, “I heard! Come on you two, the food is getting cold.” You hold her around your waist.  “Are you sure you want to go? Just because we’re dating-“ “I’ll do anything for you and Isabella. I love you guys.” he said while helping you wash the dishes. You looked at the man you love giving him a goofy smile, “What wrong?” “Nothing. I just wondering how I got so lucky finding the man of my dream.” He smiled back at you, “You should be thanking Dodger.” You looked at your massive dog who did ‘introduce’ you to Tyler by tackling him at the park. “It was a sign to let my massive dog tackle me a giant boyfriend who I truly love.“ You laughed before giving him a soft kiss. 

"MOMMY! MOMMY! HOW DO I LOOK?” your daughter ran into your room. She was wearing a purple dress so she can resemble her favorite princess, Rapunzel. “You look gorgeous but how about we give you some jewelry.” You helped her put on one of your necklaces and matching earring, “Now, I look like you, mommy!” she beamed. You fixed her hair when you heard the doorbell ring, ‘That’s weird, Tyler has a key.’ You thought as you were open the door, you saw the whole team wearing costumes and Ethan blew a horn. “LADY AND YOUNGER LADY, WE ARE HERE TODAY FOR THE A NIGHT OF DANCING AND TO INTRODUCE THE LORD OF TY, TYLER!” Mark yelled from a scroll. Amy rolled a red carpet and Mark threw Rose petals as Tyler walked to your front door, you were happy that Kathryn was filming this for you because you wanted Isabella to remember this forever. “Hello Queen, I’m here to take the princess to the Daddy & Daughter Dance.” He bows while Ethan passed him a bouquet of Roses. Isabella ran out and saw the whole team were here, “Wowie!” ‘Damnit, Ethan.’ You cursed in your head and gave him a look. “It’s not my fault she like the word.” He mumbled. “Hello, Princess Isabella!” Tyler gave her a bouquet. “My prince charming!” she ran to him and hopped in his arms, “You look beautiful!” Tyler added. You made sure you took plenty of photos of the two and the whole team until Kathryn made you, Isabella and Tyler take some photos together, “I forgot to give the Princess one last item.” Mark said before the two can leave. He bent down to Isabella level and put a crown on her long [y/h/c]. “Now, the princess is ready.” Kathryn smiled at you. You almost started to cry but you held it back trying not to be the stereotypic mom.  "On we go, Princess Isabella!“ Tyler held her hand and help her get in his car, Tyler flashed you one last smile before leaving.

Isabella was having the time of her life. She was so happy to show Tyler off to all her friends and teachers, and they all loved him. While Isabella was dancing with her friends, one of her teachers pulled Tyler aside, “Tyler, right?” he nodded before she continued, “Hi, I’m Allyson. I’m actually an old friend of [Y/N]. It’s finally nice to meet you!” she smiled. “I just wanted to let you know that, it’s really nice of you for taking Isabella to the dance. I knew Isabella’s real dad and between you and me, he was a dick.” She whispered the last part. You never really talked about Isabella’s dad/ your ex-boyfriend since you only saw him as a deadbeat, and the thought of him abandoning you and Isabella always made Tyler’s blood boiled. "But, after seeing how you and Isabella interact with each other, you’re a keeper. That was always a turn on for [Y/N].” she winked making Tyler blushed.  "Anyways, I just wanted to say that, I’m glad Isabella had a great male figure in her life.“  She smiled before walking away.  

Tyler decided to take Isabella to go get Ice Cream before heading home since wanted to talk to her about something important. “So, Isabella. I have an important question to ask you.” He looked at the child enjoying her ice cream. “What up, Ty-Ty?” “So, you know  how I love you and your mommy so much, right?” she nodded in approval before he continues, “Well, I want to ask your mommy an important question really soon and I wanted to know if you’re ok with me being an addition to the family?” Isabella looked at him confused, “But you’re already a part of our family.” “Well, let’s make it official then.” “YOU’RE GOING TO ASK MOMMY TO MARRY YOU!?” he quiets the girl before giggling, “Yes, I’m going to ask mommy to marry me but you have to keep this a secret so we can surprise mommy!” she gave him an excited nod before finishing her ice cream. “So, if Mommy and you get marry, can you give me a baby brother or sister OR BOTH!” his face redden, “Let’s talk about that later, sweetheart.”

When the two came home, Isabella automatically talked about her amazing night with Tyler until she passed out on her bed still with her costume on. After you quickly put her in her PJs, you went into your room and already see Tyler in bed with his basketball shorts and no shirt on. “I really appreciate that you made her day. I’ve never seen her smile that big before.”  You hopped in, curling up to him. “It was really fun. I love spending time with Isabella.” He wrapped his arm around you, “And I had an interesting talk with your friend Allyson.” “Really, what did she said?” “Well, I know you get turn on by me bonding with Bella.” You hid your face in his chest, hiding your embarrassment. You and Allyson were going to have a long talk tomorrow, “Well, let’s just say, you might get a surprise tomorrow while Isabella is on her morning play date.” I hinted before rolling your back him. “Such a tease.” He giggled, “By the way, how would you feel about having a candlelit dinner next week?” “Well, Isabella is going over to a friend’s house next Friday so I’ll have the house to myself.” You faced him again, “So, I’ll love to have a nice dinner with my lovely boyfriend.” You smiled before giving him a kiss goodnight. “Perfect.”  

I can write about Tyler and the reader’s daughter all day! I just love the concept about it and I have a few more different ideas that I’m going to post one of them tomorrow. ALSO, THANKS FOR GIVING MY FIRST FULL IMAGINE OVER 100+ NOTES, I REALLY  APPRECIATE  IT WITH ALL MY HEART! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed it and I’ll see y’all later!

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400 Prompt - OtaPliROy's first kiss


Summary: JJ gets some world-shattering news, and Otabek and Yuri are there to pick up the pieces.

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Otabek and Yuri had been dating for a year when it happened. Worlds rolled around, and they were competing against JJ, because of course they were competing against the insufferable prat. Otabek had nearly stumbled in a jump that would have cost him a spot on the podium, but managed to right himself and perform the rest of his free skate perfectly. In the end, it was the three of them - Yuri won gold, JJ silver, and Otabek bronze. The moment the posing and posturing was over, Yuri jumped off of the tall tier into Otabek’s waiting arms, his legs straddling the other man as Yuri planted a kiss on him, laughing as the cameras flashed all around them.

They were in high spirits when it came time to mingle with the press and potential sponsors at the banquet, joking and laughing. No one had truly seen Yuri Plisetsky smile until he and Otabek began dating. They loosened each other up in a way that no one would really understand, but many appreciated, especially Yakov for having a slightly-less-prickly skater to contend with. Most of the time, anyway.

Dinner was nearly over when Yuri nudged Otabek’s shoulder and nodded his head in the direction of the corner of the room where JJ stood alone, drinking yet another glass of champagne. The Canadian figure skater hadn’t been his usual happy-go-lucky cheerful self, though he could certainly fake it to please the press.

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Phineas and Ferb
  • Phineas: I know what we're gonna do today
  • Phineas: Hey where's Perry
  • Monogram: Hey Agent P go get Doof
  • Carl: Hi
  • Monogram: Go away Carl
  • Isabella: Hi Phineas I love you
  • Phineas: Oh you mean as a friend right? Man I am so friendzoned
  • Isabella: UGHHH
  • Doof: A platypus?!
  • Perry: *puts on fedora*
  • Linda: There's nothing there
  • Candace: NOOOO
  • Phineas: Oh there you are Perry
  • Ferb: *something intelligent and thoughtful*
  • Perry: *chattering sound*

If I would have met you back then, I would have courted you. Would’ve taken chaperoned strolls and had iced tea on the porch. I may have stolen a kiss or two, but only after asking your father’s permission, I would’ve got down on one knee and I would’ve presented you with a ring. This was my mother’s. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?

Okay I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m hoping for a knife point confession for Nygmobblepot.

Ed knows it’s was Oswald, and he’s fully prepared to exact a swift revenge, and he’s practically got the knife in him already. But he’s got to know:

“Why?! I loved Isabella! Why, Oswald?!”

“Because I love you more!”