isabella blow

“Fashion is a vampiric thing, it’s the hoover on your brain. That’s why I wear the hats, to keep everyone away from me. They say, ‘Oh, can I kiss you?’ I say, 'No, thank you very much. That’s why I’ve worn the hat. Goodbye.’ I don’t want to be kissed by all and sundry. I want to be kissed by the people I love.”

Isabella Blow


Isabella and Daphne are two exceptional human beings, women, icons. And more than that! They have helped me to look inside myself. I’ve examined their lives and their personalities in order to understand myself better. Daphne, like Isabella, is a huge source of inspiration for me. I cherish their lives. I cherish them both. It is as if we are all cut from the same cloth”

- Lady Gaga

A 1997 portrait of the late Isabella Blow, wearing Christian Lacroix and what looks like a hat fashioned from pheasant feathers. Blow was a fashion editor, stylist and muse who discovered and nurtured the likes of Alexander McQueen, milliner Philip Treacy, and Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman.

Known for her singular style, Blow secretly suffered from depression and took her life 10 years after this photo was taken. It was a loss that reverberated throughout the industry, made even more searing when her prodigy McQueen committed suicide in 2010. The world had lost a woman with a very distinct sense of self and a talent for spotting talent.

At her memorial, former boss Anna Wintour said that Blow not only wore fabulous clothes to work but also cleaned her desk with Perrier and Chanel perfume. Photo from Vogue Italia, March 1997.

Isabella Blow is widely accepted as an icon - of fashion, style and British creativity. But she was so much more and icon just doesn’t stretch far enough to cover it all. She was a mentor to many, the designers, photographers and models she discovered and nurtured. She was inspiring not just because she looked fanfuckingtastic in whatever she wore but because she showcased the power that fashion has in the simple (although not in her case) act of dressing and putting a persona forward to a world often harsh and worse, bleak and boring.” - Kiki Georgiou

Xiao Wen Ju splashes around in the “Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!” film directed by Ruth Hogben. The SHOWStudio project esteems the extraordinary fashion icon, Isabella Blow. Blow is known for her impeccable taste and has even discovered designers such as Alexander McQueen and models such as Stella Tennant. Her eclectic wardrobe and fearless fashion vision is featured in the multidisciplinary project which also includes editorial images, anecdotes, and essays, all of which offer a unique perspective of the late fashion editor.