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female rulers + the four elements - for @ladyflorence1215

turhan hatice sultan and isabella of portugal // elizabeth i and nurbanu sultan // wu zetian and hurrem sultan // victoria i and anne of austria


top 10 favourite women of all time (in no particular order) ♦ asked by anon

ed’s reaction is not homophobic, you’ve got to think he’s just found out his friend is in love with him and that friend killed the woman he’s in love with, he just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. if he had found out that oswald was in love with him and none of this isabella stuff had happened, maybe ed would have been a little awkward about it (because he’s a fucking nerd) but he would have had a much better reaction and certainly would not have run off.


positive lady characters meme: isabel (and cre) + mothers and daughters (requested by @rocketgirls)


The Lady Catherine is a proud, stubborn woman of very high courage. If she took it into her head to take her daughter’s part, she could quite easily take the field, muster a great array, and wage against me a war as fierce as any her mother Isabella ever waged in Spain.

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