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Sunday afternoon at Fredensborg Palace!  

The Danish Royal Family posted this adorable photo of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik with the Crown Princely Children and Henrik’s dog Tillia and her puppies on the grounds of Fredensborg. || August 27, 2017


Crown Princess Mary of Denmark arriving with her flock of children for Prince Nikolai’s 18th birthday celebrated aboard Dannebrog on 28 August 2017


Top 10 Favorite Historical Female Figures in History: (Requested by Anonymous & Not in Order).

1. Artemisia I of Caria: She was the ruler of Helicarnassus and Cos, and was a commander of 5 ships during a naval battle (Battle of Salamis) in 480 B.C during the 2nd Persian Invasion of Greece. She was famous enough to warrant the Greeks ordering her capture which did not occur.

2. Philippa of Hainault: She was the Queen of England as consort to Edward III. She was a wise and competent Queen, serving as regent on behalf of her husband during his war campaigns. She also famously pleaded for mercy in 1347 for the lives of the Burghers of Calais and was successful.

3. Margaret I of Denmark: She ruled as regent on behalf of her son Denmark, and then later Norway and Sweden. Margaret was a successful ruler and was in power even after her son came of age. Her political maneuverings and warfare lead to the Kalmar Union in 1397 which bound the three countries together until the early 16th century.

4. Margaret of Anjou: She was the Queen of England as consort to Henry VI. With the decline of her husband, her power increase and when he was deposed she fought on behalf of him and her son, Edward of Westminster, successfully re-installing them in 1470 though they were deposed the following year. Margaret was a ruthless yet formidable foe even though in the end, she suffered defeat.

5. Isabella I of Castile: She was the Queen Regnant of Castile and Leon and consort in Aragon as the wife of Ferdinand II of Aragon. She was a successfully ruler, establishing a joint rule with her husband in which she shares the accomplishments which included the end of the Reconquista when Granada fell in 1492, and sending Christopher Columbus to the New World.

6. Caterina Sforza: A ruthless and powerful Italian Noblewoman and through marriage the Countess of Forli and the Lady of Imola. She also served as regent on behalf of her son. A passionate war woman, she even once attacked a fortress, while she was heavily pregnant. She is infamous for her defiance against Cesare Borgia at the Siege of Forli.

7. Katherine of Aragon: The Queen of England as the consort and 1st wife of Henry VIII of England. She served as regent in England in 1513 and was the first female ambassador in Europe. When her husband proceeded with trying to obtain and annulment, Katherine defied him every step of the way until the very end of her life.

8. Mary I of England: She was the only child of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon that survived into adulthood. During her parents troubles, she sided with her mother, refusing to give up until after her mother’s death in 1536. She was the first Queen Regnant in England, and she was able to hold her position until her death. She is most widely known for restoring the Catholic Church during her reign.

9. Anna Nzinga: Anna Nzinga also known by her full name of Ana de Sousa Nzingha Mbande, was Queen of Ndongo and Matamba. Her reign was long, and during it she engaged in conflict with the Portuguese. She is known for her political acumen, and military prowess, dying at the age of 80 in 1663.

10. Catherine the Great: The 18th century Empress of Russia, who continued the modernization of Russia. She came to power after a coup in which her husband was deposed. Under her reign, the border of Russia expanded, arts, education, and literature was supported, and her reign was known as the Golden Age of Russia. 

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Haappy 10th Birthday Princess Isabella of Denmark 💕 | April 21, 2007.

Queen Consorts crowned in Westminster Abbey - portraits include:

Eleanor of Castile, consort of Edward I
Isabella of France, consort of Edward II
Anne Neville, consort of Richard III
Catherine of Aragon, consort of Henry VIII
Anne of Denmark, consort of James I
Mary of Modena, consort of James II
Mary II, joint sovereign with William III
Caroline of Ansbach, consort of George II
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, consort of George III
Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, consort of William IV
Alexandra of Denmark, consort of Edward VII 
Mary of Teck, consort of George V
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, consort of George VI 


“It became a Princess. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary on, April 21, 2007 at  2.16 at Rigshospitalet gave birth to a healthy daughter. Weight: 3350 gr., Length: 50 cm. Mother and child are doing well. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was present during the entire course at the hospital.”


Princess Josephine (6 years old) of Denmark , Crown Princess Mary of Denmark , Princess Isabella (10 years old) of Denmark , Prince Vincent (6 years old) of Denmark and Prince Christian (11 years old) of Denmark attend the 18th birthday celebration of Prince Nikolai of Denmark at royal ship Dannebrog in Copenhagen , Denmark 🎂 -August 28th 2017.
Look so elegant 💞😍👌.


Top 10 Historical OTP’s
(-as requested by anon)

Princess Josephine (6 years old) of Denmark , Crown Princess Mary of Denmark , Princess Isabella (10 years old) of Denmark , Prince Vincent (6 years old) of Denmark ,Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Prince Christian (11 years old) of Denmark attend the Ringsted horse ceremony at Gråsten Slot during their summer vacation in Gråsten , Denmark 🐎 -July 16th 2017.
The Crown Prince Family 💕👑💚.


Ruling couples of Europe with their actual signatures part 2.

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