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What do you think of Isabella Mcguire Mayes? In an exam video that I saw, she was in the centre of the class but she wasn't hired by the Mariinsky. Why's that? She definitely seems tall and thin enough.

There are plenty of videos of Isabella at VBA, and she is certainly impressive and lovely. I would love to see more of her now that she’s out in the world, but I’m not even sure which company she’s dancing with these days…

I don’t know why she wasn’t hired by the Mariinsky, and I don’t want to speculate. I know that Isabella worked at the Mikhailvosky Theatre for a while after graduating from VBA but, aside from this, I haven’t been able to track her movements. By the way, being tall and thin doesn’t automatically open the Mariinsky doors, they consider a great many things when hiring new dancers.

You can ask Isabella about this directly.

Note: for those of you who haven’t yet read it, Isabella’s diary is a fantastic insight into the day-to-day at VBA. Also this:

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