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Wait For Me To Come Home - Sebastian x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Got myself into the little sebby family mood again. Featuring Isabella as always aha.

Sebastian x Reader - You are completely secure in your relationship with Sebastian, until you start reading some articles that make you doubt yourself. Sebastian gets rid of your insecurities by helping you relive some of your memories together.

Warnings: Fluff and angst  - It’s a long one.

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The Seven Sutherland Sisters, a family circus sideshow act renowned for their combined 37 feet of hair, ca. 1884

The Seven Sutherland Sisters - Sarah, Naomi, Isabella, Victoria, Grace, Dora, and Mary - was a family “act” from Niagara County, New York that toured to great acclaim showing 37 feet of long dark hair. Daughters of Fletcher and Mary Sutherland, they started out doing concerts with their one brother, and three years later they were traveling with Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth."With fans fascinated by their hair, Fletcher Sutherland concocted "The Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair Grower.” The tonic quickly became a best seller, and the line of hair products expanded to include a scalp cleanser, a comb, and “Hair Colorators.”

“The best things”// Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 561

Requested: kinda || Request are open 

Summary: Y/n listens to Jack’s speech from their wedding 

A/n: I slowly feel my imagines getting worse so I’m trying to change that. I need to know if you would rather have a really long imagine or smut when I hit 400 so let me know in my request or message me !!


“I remember all the times we had. Just you and I. That night we danced all night on the roof of our hotel in La. That night that everything was so easy and even through my drunken state everything was so clear to me. As I looked into your eyes I felt sober. It was so clear that I was in love with you. I was even in love with you the next morning as I held your hair for you as you threw up. All the nights that I stayed at your flat then the next week we switched to mine. The way we built forts in my flat and Josh and Conor would always find us and most of the time join us. There are so many memories. I will never forget the time we went to the lake and even though we were in the middle of a torrential downpour you, of course, made it the best day of my life. You were and still are my everything. You pulled me out of the dark place I was in before I met you. I want to be with you until the end of Earth. Every time I need you, you are there. Even the mention of your name makes me smile. I love every inch of you and I will never forget how hard I fell. That night that we laid in the countryside until the sun came up." 

Tears welled in my eyes as you listened to the sound of your now husband Jack. "I thought I would never love anyone as much as you until we had our little girls. You three are the best things that has ever happened to me and I never want to lose that. I will forever try my hardest to make sure that Abigail Marie and Isabella Grace are happy and fulfill their every need. And you Y/n I will forever be in love with you. Here we are, in this moment me and you that I stand here and vow my love to not only you but our two princesses. I love you,” Jack finished. 

Tears now were pouring down my cheeks as I finished listening to the tape of our wedding. “Mommy what’s wrong,” Isabella said hugging onto me causing Abigail to do the same. “I’m alright,” I said reassuring them with a smile. “Alright girls time for bed,” Jack said coming in. He looked at my tear stained face and furrowed his eyebrows. He threw Bella over his shoulder before throwing Abby over the other. They giggled making me laugh. I walked into their bedroom and Jack followed. 

I watched as he put them to sleep. He kissed them both and tucked them both in. “Now that the princesses were put to rest its time for the queen,” Jack said grabbing my hand. I smiled and we laid in bed facing each other. The lights were off but we were both staring at each other. His thumb lightly stroked my cheek. “Baby girl what’s wrong,” he whispered. “I’m just so lucky. I love you so so much Jack and I hope you know that. I never want to lose you,” I said. He kissed my cheek slightly and pulled me into arms. We stayed there, in that same position as we both fell into a deep sleep.

Something More Than Love - Pt. 4 (SSC/Rosvolio)

“Now that the coup has been dealt with, we can focus on rebuilding our city.”  The Prince’s low tenor drew Benvolio from sleep.  The Montague pulled in a slow breath, grateful that the twinge of pain at his side had dulled during his respite.  When he finally opened his eyes, it took little time to determine that he’d gotten several hours rest judging by the position of the sun through the window.  Escalus still rested on the bed at the far side of the room, though he’d moved to sit up against the wall.  Isabella, Rosaline and Mateo stood near him, and Benvolio found himself unable to tear his gaze from the woman who had come to mean so much to him.  

As if she could feel his stare, Rosaline turned to him and smiled tenderly when she registered that he was awake.  With a respectful nod to Isabella, she excused herself.  “Are you in pain?” she asked softly, worry bleeding into her expression and hands fluttering out to support him as he eased himself up to sitting.  As soon as there was space, she sat beside him and searched his person with a watchful eye.

“It is manageable, milady.  Have you had opportunity to rest?”

“I have rested enough; I am not the one who fought with Paris…I am not the one who came back wounded.”  Her voice was soft, and Benvolio ached to draw her into his arms.  Even sitting beside him, Rosaline kept a respectful distance between them; he could not deny that it stung, that it may as well have been a canyon between them.  From the moment they stopped trying to hate one another, physical contact had become something natural.  Now, he felt its loss rather acutely.  

“How is Livia?” Rosaline’s face fell, and guilt crashed over him.  Villain or no, this man had clearly won Livia’s heart; Benvolio was familiar with the pain of loving despite the pain they caused.  “Where is she now? I would like to speak with her, if it be possible.”

Rosaline narrowed her eyes at him in confusion, but it did not take long for her to read his intention.  “Surely you know that this is not your fault, Montague?”

“Is it not?  Was it not my blade that ended his life?” Nevermind that he’d tried to give the man a chance to surrender…

“In defense of your own!” Benvolio sighed lightly and eased himself to his feet.  Rosaline did not move, and when he glanced at her, frustration and worry flashed in her rich brown eyes.  There was the fire he missed.  “Where on earth are you going?”

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Florence + the Machine ask meme
  • Florence: what's your favourite book?
  • Isa: florabella, flobert, or flames?
  • Rob: can you play an instrument?
  • Chris: do you have any tattoos or piercings?
  • Tom: what's an interesting talent you have?
  • Mairead: do you have a tendency to take charge?
  • Arlo: do you want kids? If yes, how many?
  • Daisy: describe your best friend
  • Gracie: describe your relationship with your siblings
  • Lungs: favourite flower?
  • Ceremonials: favourite historical time period?
  • How big how blue how beautiful: are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

LADY IN WAITING: models: Julia Nobis, Grace Bol, Varya Shutova, Isabella Emmack and Amilna Esteavo - photographer: Mikael Jansson -  fashion director / stylist: Alex White - hair: Shay Ashua - make-up: Hannah Murray - set design: Nicholas Des - Porter Magazine #10 Fall 2015 - featuring: Marchesa, Valentino, Mary Katrantzou & Calvin Klein

can we talk about the lyrical masterpiece that is State of Grace? the amount of metaphors and similes in this song blow me away and they are all so unique and and well thought out. not to mention taylors voice in this song, the background vocals, the dynamics of this amazing song. let’s talk about the star lyric, “love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.” that lyric. THAT LYRIC. it is the truest thing ever. no sugar coating or over demonizing love. telling what love is in its truest way. next, let’s talk about the lyric “mosaic broken hearts.” this lyric is just so unique and pleasing to hear, its been used as so many of my captions for selfies. let’s move on and talk about the lyric “I never saw you coming, and I’ll never be the same.” that lyric is so relatable, whether it’s about a significant other, friend, family member, whatever. it tells that people can leave a mark on you and change you in unexpected ways. this song is a lyrical masterpiece that needs to be more widely known in the world. this song is a gift and I am lucky enough to have it grace my ears.

Your Name: Sierra.

Character: Isabella Grace

Face Claim: Candice Accola


Isabella was raised in Violet-Shadows by her two parents, Ella and Tom. She lived what seemed to be an amazing life. She had the perfect family, lots of friends, lots of money, outstanding grades, an amazing wardrobe, just, everything. Everything was perfect. If everything surrounding her was so perfect, she was fine, right? She was set. Right? Nope. Isabella was actually very insecure. She put on a very good “brave-girl” look. Isabella was also very gullible. She believed every and anyone. It was great at times, but others, not at all. I mean, it is basically the reason she is what she is. She trusted the wrong person. 

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2-3 Paragraph Audition: 

“I can’t do it.” Issy cried out, hot tears running down her cheeks, “I can’t do it!” She balled her hands into fists, very frustrated. Chewing down on her lip, she closed her eyes and began tried again. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t control her lust for blood. Letting out a groan, she looked Sophia and shook her head.

Sophia rolled her eyes, “How the hell do you think you’re going to be able to get out of here, if you can’t do it? We’re at a freaking party, Issy, there are tons of people out there. One is /already/ dead.” She shot her a look then looked up at the ceiling, mouthing out a few cuss words as she heard someone knock on the door, “I’m in here!” She yelled out then turned her attention back to Isabella. She had to help the poor girl, “Let’s try this again.” She sighed, leaning closer, before showing her what to do another time, praying maybe she’d get it so she could get out of the damn bathroom.

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