isabella furhman


❝Beneath the read more, you will find 23 male/female pairs that I think could be twins. I was just playing around on photoshop and idk, I love the graphic, so after this, feel free to request as many masterlists as you want. I made one similar for guides, but its not as good. Reblog if you’re an rph, like if you found this useful, please.❞

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So, this movie was totally not what I expected to be. I started to watch it like, two years ago but my friend and I were grossed out by the birthing scene in the beginning so we quit watching it (lol). I gotta say, it wasn’t your average retarded scary movie. It actually had some smarts to it. I love how they tyed in the something-kindof-dwarfism in there, and that she was actually 33. Really cool surprise. I hated that the husband died. I held my breath a lot in this film. I dont know what it is about horror movies about little children that freak me out so much. Maybe thats why I never wanted to watch the Grudge, and never watched the Omen. And why I waited to watch the Ring. Something about demonic little kids is just wrong. Anyway, aside from this just being another scary movie, I must say, Isabella Furhman (Esther) did an amazing job. Her performance was excellent. How old was she when she made that? She should of been nominated for something. Seriously, it was like competing with a younger Dakota Fanning in my opinion. 

So, good thrills/frights, makes you on edge but not scared enough to jump, and overall a good psychological thriller/horror.