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Inktober Day 7: Shy

“‘Tis not impossible/But one, the wicked'st caitiff on the ground/ May seem as shy, as grave, as just, as absolute / As Angelo; even so may Angelo / In all his dressings, characts, titles, forms / Be an arch-villain; believe it, royal prince / If he be less, he’s nothing; but he’s more / Had I more name for badness” —"Measure for Measure", 5.1

So clearly “shy” isn’t really meant to be an accurate description of Isabella (and obviously not of Angelo!) but I wanted to draw her like, a lot, and there weren’t very many prompts that came to mind as “yea! There she is” and the prompt word did come up in one of her speeches, soooo…(also Angelo sucks so he doesn’t get a face)

amegplay  asked:

Hey, I really love your Drarry asks and enjoy reading them a lot! This isn't exactly a question, but there was this one wedding ask that also got me curious, so why didn't you answer the questions you hadn't answered before? Like the clothing and the vows D: I'm really interested in reading about them (^▽^)

(Thank you very much ❤️ And shoot, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore the bits about the clothing and vows! D:  )

Harry: We actually didn’t write or say any vows.

Draco: It was a courthouse-wedding; there was no need. Nor any point.

Harry: *morosely* You hate me because you didn’t get a big wedding, don’t you?

Draco: Nooo! That’s not what I meant! *torn between exasperation and reassurance* I meant there was no use of us exchanging sappy words in front of the Minister, a judge and three of our friends, right?!

Harry: You’d have liked to exchange sappy words in front of a large crowd as we stood under a flowery gazebo or some shit like that? 

Draco: *flatly* That sounds dreadful and I have never been so glad until this point that we didn’t put ourselves through that tripe.

Harry: *relieved* 

Draco: And as for the clothes, Isabella Doris designed robes for specially for us.

Harry: She is one smooth talking witch.

Draco: *laughs* She talked Harry into wearing these absolutely stunning robes in black and gold - I get hot under the collar just thinking about him in those robes, Jesus.

Harry: *self-satisfied smirk* They cost a fortune and I never thought they were worth it until he just said that.

Draco: *eye-roll* I wore silver and violet; they were alright, I suppose.

Harry: People couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Draco: If by people, you mean you, it doesn’t count as much.

Harry: You’re right, I can hardly ever keep my eyes off you, but I didn’t mean me. *slightly irritable* People were really gawking at you.

Draco: *fond grin* Yes, I suppose that you would’ve noticed.