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Hey, I really love your Drarry asks and enjoy reading them a lot! This isn't exactly a question, but there was this one wedding ask that also got me curious, so why didn't you answer the questions you hadn't answered before? Like the clothing and the vows D: I'm really interested in reading about them (^▽^)

(Thank you very much ❤️ And shoot, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore the bits about the clothing and vows! D:  )

Harry: We actually didn’t write or say any vows.

Draco: It was a courthouse-wedding; there was no need. Nor any point.

Harry: *morosely* You hate me because you didn’t get a big wedding, don’t you?

Draco: Nooo! That’s not what I meant! *torn between exasperation and reassurance* I meant there was no use of us exchanging sappy words in front of the Minister, a judge and three of our friends, right?!

Harry: You’d have liked to exchange sappy words in front of a large crowd as we stood under a flowery gazebo or some shit like that? 

Draco: *flatly* That sounds dreadful and I have never been so glad until this point that we didn’t put ourselves through that tripe.

Harry: *relieved* 

Draco: And as for the clothes, Isabella Doris designed robes for specially for us.

Harry: She is one smooth talking witch.

Draco: *laughs* She talked Harry into wearing these absolutely stunning robes in black and gold - I get hot under the collar just thinking about him in those robes, Jesus.

Harry: *self-satisfied smirk* They cost a fortune and I never thought they were worth it until he just said that.

Draco: *eye-roll* I wore silver and violet; they were alright, I suppose.

Harry: People couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Draco: If by people, you mean you, it doesn’t count as much.

Harry: You’re right, I can hardly ever keep my eyes off you, but I didn’t mean me. *slightly irritable* People were really gawking at you.

Draco: *fond grin* Yes, I suppose that you would’ve noticed.

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Aaaand basic reference chart for the Main Four, aka the main four protagonists of my upcoming webcomic. The designs aren’t finalized per say, but I do like these designs(tho Scarlet may be edited a bit…)

From left to right: Mildred “Min” Chantileam, Adam Appel, Angelico Wing, and Scarlet Groco.