Penciling is a pattern of two to four black lines following the contour of the feathers on either a gold or silver (white) base. The dark brahma variety is silver penciled. In most breeds, gold penciled is called partridge. Adding blue or lavender dilution genes dilutes the black to a shade of grey. Dilution of gold in addition to the lavender gene results in a color commonly referred to as Isabel/Isabella

  • isabelle about the wedding decor: it's cobalt blue, elegant and masculine - very alec
  • what she means: it's gay, alec is gay
  • raphael in an earlier episode: *greets simon in an elegant blue suit*
  • isabelle to simon in that exact same suit: trim, makes you look like you work out (masculine)
  • what she means: it's gay and you're obviously not straight
  • simon: I borrowed this (elegant masculine gay blue) suit from raphael
  • isabelle: damn I'm good

‘I’ve been on a bad run. I meet these women. I make them laugh, it’s the best sex of their whole life, and then they just can’t keep up. They get jealous, they feel inferior, which they usually are. And it’s all broken hearts, division transfers.’

Betting on More Chapter 10 pt. 1

           “Oh, God. What have I done?” I asked myself for the thirtieth morning in a row. It had been thirty agonizing days since I walked out on Niall. Walked out on the best thing that had ever happened to me, and I regretted every moment since. Niall left on tour a few days after my dramatic exit and hadn’t been back to London. Despite a few texts and a couple of calls in the first week, which I ignored, I hadn’t heard from him. It has been twenty-one days since he tried to contact me. For the first time I was angry that someone listened to something I told them to do. Why didn’t he fight for me? Why hadn’t he tried to win me back? But I knew the answer to all of this: I wouldn’t have listened. I was an asshole, and I didn’t deserve him.

           His face bombarded my phone as I perused Tumblr and Twitter for updates of his tour. He looked happy and not at all the mess that I was, which hurt that much more. He was supposed to fall apart like me. Lie on his couch for days on end, not bothering to shower or eat, even when his publicist came by to tell him to get his shit together. “Kate, you can’t lie here forever. So you fucked up, again. Be an adult; go tell him you’re sorry. And for the love of Jesus, take a fucking shower. You smell like my dog’s asshole that last time she ate chocolate and got the runs.” Char was nothing if she wasn’t blunt, the trait of being a Scorpio.

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The Signs as Fictional Characters


-Isabelle Lightwood (TMI)

-Arya Stark (GoT)

-Cal Calore (RQ)

-Damon Salvatore (TVD)

-Elizabeth Williams (P&P)

-Gale Hawthorne (THG)

-Sirius Black (HP)

-Will Herondale (TID)

the aries character type is strong-willed, fiery, determined, and opinionated. aries are intimidating at first, yet often have good intentions. aries have a large temper and often see the world as black and white, they struggle to step into the shoes of others. aries are often deeply rebellious and impulsive.


-Katniss Everdeen (THG)

-Bobby Singer (S)

-Matt Honeycutt (TVD)

-Adam Kent (SM)

-Rubeus Hagrid (HP)

-Simon Lewis (TMI)

-Thomas (TMR)

-Kit Walker (AHS)

-Mare Barrow (RQ)

the taurus character type is stubborn and tenacious. they are often introverted and family and close friend oriented. taurus prefer tradition and typically resent change. taurus are very sentimental, occasionally materialistic, and prefer peace to violence, however if what they believe in is threatened they will fight valiantly.


-Draco Malfoy (HP)

-Seelie Queen (TMI)

-Jamie Roth (MD)

-Johanna Mason (THG)

-Magnus Bane (TMI)

-Charlie Bradbury (S)

-Mark Blackthorn (TDA)

-Moira O'Hara (AHS)

-Jessamine Lovelace (TID)

the gemini character type is exciting, flighty, and unpredictable. the gemini also has many faces hidden behind the one they choose to show, which can be intriguing and deadly. the gemini has natural charm and sexuality to them, often stemming from their mysterious and bubbling nature. the gemini can often be selfish, but care deeply for friends and family.


-Tessa Gray (TID)

-Neville Longbottom (HP)

-Primrose Everdeen (THG)

-Tate Langdon (AHS)

-Castiel (S)

-Stefan Salvatore (TVD)

-Malcolm Fade (TDA)

-Orla Sargent (TRC)

the cancer character type is intensely emotional and easily attached to others. though the cancer may seem innocent and naive, they can be the most emotionally manipulative. the cancer feels things very deeply and can tend to wallow until they take out their grief on those around them.


-Clary Fairchild (TMI)

-Madison Montgomery (AHS)

-Ron Weasley (HP)

-Harry Potter (HP)

-Lucifer (S)

-Diego Rosales (TDA)

-Bonnie Bennett (TVD)

-Valentine Morgenstern (TMI)

the leo character type is extremely inspired and self oriented. with this self complex, though, some leos are intensely selfless. many leos seek glory and attract the attention and love of others. leos are extremely loyal to those they care for and their cause.


-Hermione Granger (HP)

-Cristina Rosales (TDA)

-Alec Lightwood (TMI)

-Daniel Dyer (MD)

-Juliette Ferrars (SM)

-Sam Winchester (S)

-Vivian Harmon (AHS)

-Bella Swan (T)
-Adam Parrish (TRC)

the virgo character type is highly intellectual and graceful. the virgo exudes intelligence in an honorable fashion, though this intelligence can lead to aloofness. the virgo values logic and responsibility and is typically prepared for any situation.


-Mara Dyer (MD)

-Sebastian Morgenstern (TMI)

-Jem Carstairs (TID)

-Clancy Gray (TDM)

-Emma Carstairs (TDA)

-Remus Lupin (HP)

-Finnick O'Dair (THG)

-Blue Sargent (TRC)

the libra character type greatly values morality and honor. though truthful and balanced, the libra can be exceedingly vain. the libra can also be aloof and resigned when harmed. the libra is a peaceful creature, but can be vengeful and cruel if triggered. the libra puts others, especially loved ones, before themselves, unless deeply narcissistic.


-Drusilla Blackthorn (TDA)

-Noah Shaw (MD)

-Katherine Pierce (TVD)

-Mr. Darcy (P&P)

-Esther Greenwood (TBJ)

-Ruby Daly (TDM)

-Lana Winters (AHS)

-Voldemort (HP)

-Ronan Lynch (TRC)

the scorpio character type is very deep and often fairly dark. the scorpio is very sexual and piercing, and can tend to be selfish or easily enraged. they are very passionate about those they love and will do anything to save them, even at the cost of others. they are not easily frightened and often intimidating and possessive.


-Kenji Kishimoto (SM)

-Elena Gilbert (TVD)

-Isabelle Lightwood (TMI) [also listed in aries] -Ginny Weasley (HP)

-Misty Day (AHS)

-Plutarch Heavensbee (THG)

-Maia Roberts (TMI)

-Maura Sargent (TRC)

the sagittarius character type is filled with adventure and desires freedom for themselves and others. the sagittarius is impulsive and occasionally self-glorifying. though not always the most trustworthy, they care deeply for their friends.

-Jace Herondale (TMI)
-Violet Markey (ABP)
-Tiberius Blackthorn (TDA)
-Chubs (TDM)
-President Snow (THG)
-Albus Dumbledore (HP)
-Warner (SM)
-Edward Cullen (T)
-Richard Gansey (TRC)

the capricorn character type is highly motivated and focused and usually intensely intellectual. the capricorn usually focuses on only a few people, but those people are deeply loved. the capricorn, however, can be a slavedriver and very cruel when it comes to difficult situations. they typically place logic over heart, unless in extenuating cases.

-Dean Winchester (S)
-Bellatrix LeStrange (HP)
-Noah Czerny (TRC)
-Vida (TDM)
-Tonks Lupin (HP)
-Theodore Finch (ABP)
-Kilorn (TDA)
-Aline Penhallow (TMI)
-Persephone Poldma (TRC)

the aquarius character type is very individualistic and rebellious. they rebel against social or personal standards. the aquarius is a very devoted friend with a variety of interests, but they can have a god complex, which brings on cruelty and detachedness. they struggle to express their emotions.

-Jules Blackthorn (TDA)
-Luna Lovegood (HP)
-Jude (TDM)
-Caroline Forbes (TVD)
-Jordan Kyle (TMI)
-Alice Cullen (T)
-Henry Branwell (TID)

the pisces character type is very dreamy and kind. they flourish in artistic, peaceful environments. though they are soft creatures, they are very intuitive and can use this ability to manipulate others.

Sizzy: YouTube AU

Anon prompted: Sizzy prompt: Simon and Isabelle are youtubers and they are making a video about their relationship on youtube.

This was so fun to write!

‘Is this thing even on?’

‘You forgot to press the button again, Simon.’


‘Honestly I still can’t believe you have so many subscribers and you can’t even tell when the camera is on.’

Simon glared at his best friend Clary. She was small with green eyes and fiery red hair that matched her personality. She was always supportive of everything Simon did, he didn’t remember a time when Clary wasn’t by his side so when he had told her about his idea of making videos on Youtube, she had fully supported him and he was grateful for that.

‘Hey everyone! I’m Simon Lewis and look who’s with me today…’ Simon tried for the Clary-popping-up-from-below-on-to-the-camera thing and it worked out well.

‘Hey guys, it’s Clary. Not the little girl.’

‘Believe her when she says that I mean you have not been on the end of her punch let me tell you…ow! Jesus, woman!’

‘You’re Jewish.’

‘No, I’m Simon.’

‘Dad jokes, classic Lewis.’

‘Shut up, Fray.’

Ola! It’s Izzy here and I have decided to give you guys some tips on makeup, it’s been too long since I last made a video like that and guess who’s with me today.’

Isabelle turned around and his brother’s boyfriend Magnus appeared behind her, wiggling his fingers at the camera in a gesture of hello. He was wearing a white shirt with a shimmering purple vest over it and a pair of golden trousers that matched the color crusted around his eyes. His hair was spiked up. Isabelle was wearing a blue dress that went past her thighs, her ebony hair pulled into a ponytail and her red lips curled into a smile.

‘I think we all would be offended if I hadn’t invited Magnus for this video.’ Isabelle grinned, her white teeth flashing, her smile dazzling as always.

‘Fear not biscuits for I come bearing fashion tips!’

Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows at Magnus. ‘I never got that term, why do you call everyone biscuit?’

Magnus pointed a finger at her smiling in a mischievous way, his eyes glinting. ‘That is a long story and I admit an interesting one but it’s not for today. Shall we get started?’

Isabelle nodded and looked at the camera. ‘So I thought we’d make it a little bit interesting and look who agreed to let us use the products on him!’

‘It was a bet! I lost.’

Alec was huffing at Isabelle from behind the camera, his brother was dressed somberly. He was wearing a baggy sweater with a few holes at the hem and plain jeans. Magnus grinned and extended his hand out, Alec sighed and took it to let himself be pulled forwards, he really hated that YouTube channel sometimes.

‘Hey everyone! I’m Simon Lewis and something very strange happened to me today! Okay so you guys know how I’m lame at picking up girls at how I’ve dated exactly 2 girls in the past years of my life, Clary can vouch for that. Anyway I didn’t get a date, atleast I think I didn’t get a date, but I met a girl and she’s breathtaking and I know saying all this on a video is probably a stupid thing but it’s not like she watched my videos but here goes, okay.

So I was at Java Jones minding my own business when this girl appears out of nowhere, she had the longest black hair ever and she was beautiful. That’s the word for it, anyway I, being my clumsy self, tripped over my two feet, yes over my feet,  and almost knocked her to the ground. Long story short we exchanged a very awkward conversation and sorry’s and I came home and found her number on my coffee cup.’

Simon raised the Styrofoam cup with a expression of exaggerated surprise on his face.

‘I don’t even know when she did it, what was she like a ninja or something?’

‘Hey guys! I’m Isabelle and I did a very stupid thing today, stupid by my standards. I’m hoping the guy doesn’t watch my videos, I don’t care if he does, but anyway I gave the said guy my phone number. He isn’t even my type. I was at Java Jones, the cafe up in Brooklyn and I’m standing there minding my own business when this boy trips and almost knocks me down. Then we started talking and I was thinking about how cute he was, even though every part of him screamed geek. He wore glasses and those clever geeky T-shirts that I don’t get and when he wasn’t looking I kind of wrote my number on his coffee cup. Yeah, I bet you’re enjoying this, Magnus though I have a feeling Ragnor and Raphael are enjoying it a tad bit more than you are…’

Simon grimaced at the taste of whatever Clary had made him eat and swallowed, trying not to gag; the things he did for his subscribers.

‘Oh!’ Clary made a disgusted noise at the back of her throat. 

‘You will pay for this,’ Simon told her firmly and Clary smirked at him. 

‘Alright so before I end this video I’d just like to say that I asked the girl out-’

‘-yeah after five days of should I call her, what if she doesn't pick up, what if she left her number accidentally-’

Simon shut her up by throwing a pillow at her which made her laugh harder than ever. Normally her laugh would make his heart stutter considering he had been nursing a crush on her since forever, but for the first time he didn’t. Instead he thought about how pretty Isabelle looked when she laughed. It did, infact, take five days for Simon to muster up the courage to call her. He started with a lame joke which made her laugh and call him an idiot and he asked her out to movies, she said yes. Simon smiled, remembering the way her face when she laughed, her eyes bright. They had gone for coffee afterwards and they had sealed their date with a kiss and a promise for a next one.

Simon still couldn’t believe his luck.

‘You shouldn’t be the one to talk Miss I have a boyfriend with an ego bigger than Antarctica and dyed blond hair-’

‘-his hair is not dyed, Simon-’

‘-And with that happy note I’ll see you guys next week with hopefully me making Clary eat this stuff.’ He scrunched his nose at the bowl in his hand. 

‘And this is how this hairstyle is made, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I did go out with that guy I was talking about, we went to the movies and it was really nice…’

Isabelle grinned. She really did enjoy her date. Simon was cute in a geeky kind of a way, he was shy and he made her smile with his sarcasm and his lame attempt at making jokes. It surprised her still, how she agreed to go put with him, he wasn’t the kind of guy his parents would disapprove of, he wasn’t troublesome at all, infact he was the exact opposite of what kind of guys Isabelle usually went with. He was different but Isabelle saw the honesty in him, the way his cheeks flushed when he was pleased or when he was embarrassed, she saw his none too elegant gait, she listened to him blabbing about his one too many obsessions and she loved it.

‘If you like my video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more of my freakishly awesome tips, I will see you guys next week!’

Isabelle got up from the bed and turned off the camera. She saw Jace standing in the doorway. He had a dopey smile on is face which was freaking her out.

‘What?’ she demanded.

‘Ah, look at you all in love,’ he sighed theatrically tossing his head back in an attempt to push his hair back from his face.

Izzy scoffed, ‘You’re the one to talk.’

‘Fair enough,’ Jace shrugged. ‘Have you, oh dear sister of mine, heard of a particular YouTube Channel called ‘The Mortal Simon’?’

‘Um, no.’ Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows at the weird name.

‘Well today is your lucky day then,’ Jace strode into her room, snatched her laptop from her dressing table and sat on her bed.

‘I found your boyfriend online,’ he told her. ‘And apparently he’s just as love sick as you are.’

‘So, uh, you guys remember that girl I was dating, turns out she has her own YouTube Channel. It also turns out she happens to be with me this very instant!’

Isabelle popped up from below, her hair flying everywhere. On her it actually looked like a very impressive hair flip.

‘Hi guys! It’s Isabelle here-’

‘-And Clary-’

‘-And her breathtakingly beautiful boyfriend Jace-’

‘-And forcibly dragged along Alec-’

‘-And Alec’s dashing boyfriend, Magnus.’

Simon and Isabelle blinked and turned around. Sure enough everyone was there, all of them leaning forwards to look into the camera.

‘We couldn’t miss a historical moment like this,’ Clary said seriously.

‘You guys even have a name now, Sizzy!’ Magnus grinned proudly.

‘That’s a terrible name,’ Simon countered.

‘It is not since I came up with it and everything that I come up with is naturally fabulous,’ Magnus countered and Alec rolled his eyes affectionately. 

‘Okay,’ Isabelle said loudly over the bantering, shutting them up. ‘Recording a video here.’

They settled themselves in Simon’s bed, which was small so they were all crammed into it.

‘Yeah let’s redo this,’ Simon turned off the video camera. He had a feeling they would be redoing the video for a long time and he found himself not minding it.