Creo que lo que más me molesta
es esa incertidumbre
de no saber si dejaste huella
o simplemente fuiste una brisa en su vida.
—  Blue. (¿Me recordarás con el paso del tiempo?)

kink: badass independent women who are actually incredibly soft, kind and compassionate

Here’s more Bird wing Lapis! I’m probably gonna be drawing more of her. Also her wings are a blue jay’s! Fun fact of the day

I wanted to finish this on time for @amphibizzy birthday! So happy birthday to you Amph! Hope you see many more, a good Christmas and a wonderful rest of the week ^_^ (sorry I do tend to talk a lot)


‘I’ve been on a bad run. I meet these women. I make them laugh, it’s the best sex of their whole life, and then they just can’t keep up. They get jealous, they feel inferior, which they usually are. And it’s all broken hearts, division transfers.’