keiynanlonsdale (📸 by @isabeldurant) || Happy #Pride !! Damn it really is the perfect word for it I swear!! You are so perfect, trust me, don’t just accept who you are, rejoice in that 😆! I can’t express enough how my life/perspective has exploded with colour since choosing to simply be myself. I apply it to all aspects of my life, not just sexuality, it’s bigger than that. When you’re free to be yourself, you make so much room in your fucking mind to be more creative, to love better, to feel better, to think more clearly.. it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.. but also the hardest. I don’t take it lightly, I never will, & I understand how each and every persons circumstance is different.
So if you’re not ready, don’t rush it, it’s your journey… which is beautiful to think about… it’s all yours, no one else’s journey & story but YOURS.
What I do know for fact & feeling, is that your personal happiness and love for yourself is the single most important thing.. because when you love you, truly, you know how to love others, and you begin to fall in love with life itself. ❤️💛💚💙💜 x


denaamy: Found some old Dance Academy rehearsal videos in my emails.. @keiynanlonsdale I miss you so much.. And dancing with you everyday.. You too @isabeldurant 💃