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Sea Songs (Dragon Age, FenHawke)

Summary: A new life and a growing family wait for Fenris and Hawke after the events of Inquisition. 

Rating: G.

For @onemooncircles, who inspired this Fenris/Hawke fluff (and who deserves all the lovely fluff in the world), and with many thanks to @kindervenom, whose own fics helped to crystallize this little moment. 


Skyhold had a great deal to recommend it — Isabela and Varric, specifically, and Fenris had delighted in sparring with the Lady Seeker — but Hawke finds she vastly prefers Starkhaven. Perhaps it’s the smell of the sea, riding the edge of every breeze; perhaps it’s the quiet, ordered castle and its gentle routines.

Perhaps — and Hawke thinks this is the key — it’s the steady contentment Fenris has radiated since they arrived, the fierce satisfaction in his gaze as he drills the soldiers in the practice fields. If she asked, he would spend all day with her in their chambers, tumbling in and out of bed as they relearned each other, but she has no right to swallow down whole this hard-won life of his. So she wakes with him as he rises before dawn, tightens his vambraces when he dresses, and kisses him, once, twice, three times, before letting him out the door.

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