dragon age 2 companions things i have been thinking about AKA da2 companions as the kinds of friends you prob have whoops:

anders: will pick a fight but doesn’t know how to end them or even actually care. eternal feuds and proud. zero chill. occasionally questionable hygiene? better netflix suggestions than actual netflix and will torrent that thing you want for you because you keep clicking the fake download buttons. has a crush on everyone who is nice to him even briefly.

aveline: proud parent to all of her friends. her disappointment has the lifespan of a blink and she probably would drive you where you want to go with minimal complaining. solves all the problems you cause with good advice she has no intention of following herself. does not use a tumblr.

bethany: that one friend who w/e you talk to them is always up to something really cool. she’s traveled everywhere and has a cute gf she is very close to. rarely has an actual problem and the most well adjusted. is the first to shoot you money on paypal when ur broke. uses facebook nigh exclusively.

carver: that one friend who is constantly writing, but not enough to be The Writer Friend. rarely publishes anything but always has a new story idea. he’s not usually active in a group chat but his private chats are always really fun and active. does art. never has advice but is always there to talk to you and distract you.

fenris: never online but always texting. his messages are hard to decipher. better for irl hanging out than actual messaging, accidental aesthetic blogger. prefers to go out and about but is not loud, plays video games when he’s not out of his house. would binge watch a series he hates just because spite keeps him going and he refuses to be bested.

isabela: the activist friend honestly. doesn’t always have her facts? causes drama on occasion, all about body positivity. multiple accounts across multiple social media sites, only ever plays animal crossing with merrill or candy crush, proud owner of a chubby body.

merrill: the friend who lives in the completely ridiculous time zone compared to everyone else yet is always online anyway. always sharing the cute stuff for everyone else to enjoy. never in any fights but probably has all the details thx to isabela and varric. commissions the artist friend to draw her favorite couples.

sebastian: the Artist Friend. doodles everywhere. stressed 24/7 and always on the verge of crying. watches almost no TV and is always promising to watch the shows you suggested but inevitably forgets. loved cinderella and pride and prejudice. prefers to play games like journey, limbo and never alone. orders everyone else food all the time if they ask him to.

Varric: The Writer Friend, ofc. Several fandoms, lots of stories, varying quality. He doesn’t have to be the best at writing, he just knows he’s good. Really cool thing: near endless wealth of knowledge, and if he doesn’t have the answer he knows where to find it. Not so cool thing: believes he knows more than he actually does. Very cool but kinda questionable: he lives for drama and knows way too much about fights between people he has no business knowing.