Isabel Seliger

  1. Lighthouse, 2013
  2. Untitled, Contribution to Rotopol Disaster show, 2012
  3. Hands, 2014
  4. Horse No. 1, 2013
  5. Untitled selection from “The Traveler and His Garden”, 2013 - Ongoing
  6. Untitled selection from “The Traveler and His Garden”, 2013 - Ongoing
  7. Untitled selection from “The Traveler and His Garden”, 2013 - Ongoing
  8. Somewhere Between Me and the Wall, 2010, images posted with permission of the artist. 

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Isabel will starting a starting a project called, Everyday a Seliger, where she will create and post a drawing on her Tumblr everyday in 2015. Check it out starting 01/01/2015

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Walking among the California redwoods, drifting blank-brained on a break from college, I got to thinking about shoes. I can’t say why, exactly. Perhaps it was because they were touching my feet.

My own shoes were performing admirably, I must admit. I was trudging on mud and bugs and roots and who knows what without feeling much of anything.

And that, I realized in a flash, was a problem. Not that I had been stepping on gross stuff and snuffing out the lives of little things that, frankly, may not have deserved it. The problem was that I really couldn’t tell.

Life and death and dog poop — it all basically felt the same underfoot.

Invisibilia: The Unbearable Lightness Of Footwear

Illustration: Isabel Seliger for NPR

Evening the Ark

After judgment & the wet sacrament of slaughter,

greener than Eden, a shock of bliss to see
just past the stew and suck of reeking waters,
the earth ate sunshine under the olive trees.

Noah, his wife, their sons, their daughters
rushed to lower the gangplank. Awkward, long doubled,
unboxed & jostling, the passengers suddenly freed
hustled uncoupling ashore to uncouple, suddenly free.

Marie Ponsot. Illustration: Isabel Seliger.

This is the comic/page I created for Delebile`s new collective book “Sunday”.

11,7" x 16,5" | 36 pages | 2 spot colors 

Included artists: Mateus Acioli | Bianca Bagnarelli | Matteo Berton | Roberto Biadi | Ilaria Boscia | Paolo Cattaneo | Alessandra De Cristofaro | Max de Radiguès | Aniss El Hamouri | Pierre Frampas | Aisha Franz | Sophie Franz | Isaac Lenkiewicz | Alessandro Lise | Sophia Martineck | Sarah Mazzetti | Alice Milani | Roman Muradov | Nicolò Pellizzon | Cristina Portolano | Silvia Rocchi | Ugo Schiesaro | Isabel Seliger | Andrea Settimo | Alice Socal | Alberto Talami | Fabio Tonetto | Mickey Zacchilli

You can order it HERE!