Es klingt seltsam - ja widersprüchlich -, sich allein zu fühlen, wenn man mitten in einer Gruppe von Leuten sitzt, aber ich fühlte mich allein in diesem Moment, und was noch schlimmer war: Ich fühlte mich fremd.
—  Isola

Lucian de Isabel Abedi

Género: (YA) Fantasía - Romance - Paranormal

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Una joven se enamora de un hombre que parece ser un vagabundo, y están unidos por algo: él es su ángel guardián, pero no recuerda nada porque padece amnesia. Lo único que sabe es que cada sueño que Lucian tiene sobre Rebecca, se hace realidad. Y Lucian acaba de soñar que Rebecca… va a morir…

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Ich schaute dir direkt in deine Augen und in diesem Moment wurde mir klar, dass man einen Menschen nicht kennen muss, um sich in ihn zu verlieben. Man muss nicht einmal mit ihm gesprochen haben. Seit diesem Augenblick weiß ich auch, dass Liebe schneller sein kann als unser Bewusstsein. Liebe ist etwas, auf das man keinen Einfluss hat, sondern etwas, das einen findet - ohne Grund, ohne Kommentar und ohne, dass man sich dagegen wehren kann. Vielleicht ist es mit der Liebe so wie mit der Musik, man kann sie nicht erklären, sie trifft einen wortlos - mitten ins Herz.

If you like supernatural-science ficcion-romantic novels then this is a MUST READ for you. It’s been a long time since I read a book like this. It’s so my type. And I read it in only two days. I loved it. Somehow I’m not happy with the ending, but I guess it’s a good ending. It’s only because I’d love another happy ending. But I guess the one that it has is the one that it has to have. I really enjoyed it. It was definitely what I was eager to read. lol idkw but I imagined Lucian as EXO-M’s Luhan, but with dark hair. Maybe I’m crazy? 8D Anyway, I got totally obsessed over Lucian that I dreamt with him yesterday xD I guess I’m really really crazy 8D 

Give it a try! ♥

Lui mi baciò. Poi chiudemmo gli occhi.
La stanza si allargò, diventò grande come il mondo.
E all'improvviso comparve una barca per Lucian e me, e noi salpammo.
Giorno e notte, per settimane e quasi un anno intero, fino al luogo dove ci saremmo detti addio.
Era buio, ma in cielo splendeva la luna.
Ci immergemmo nell'acqua insieme.
Ci immergemmo fianco a fianco, sempre più in profondità, finchè tutto si fermò, finchè non ci fu più niente e nessuno.
Nessun mondo, nessun cielo, nessuna luna, solo noi due.
—  Sono nel tuo sogno di Isabel Abedi


Autora: Isabel Abedi Género: Juvenil / Paranormal Páginas: 480 Publiación: 2011 (México) Editorial: Montena (RHM) Idioma: Español (Original: Alemán)     Una joven se enamora de un hombre que parece ser un vagabundo, parecen estar unidos por algo, él es su ángel guardián, pero no recuerda nada porque padece amnesia. Lo único que sabe es que cada sueño que Lucian tiene sobre Rebecca, se hace realidad. Y Lucian acaba de soñar que Rebecca… va a morir…       Mi opinion: se preguntan ¿por que es el primer libro que recomienda? simple, ha sido una de los libros mas cautivadores que he leido… Es hermoso, bueno según mis gustos, me gustaría que intentaran leerlo :) (si quieres que te pase el link para descargarlo mandame un correo)
Isola by Isabel Abedi (Part 1)

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Twelve Teenagers. A lonely Island. three things they can take with them. And countless cameras watching them. “I could’ve run away. this thought is still in my head often. I secretly could have went away from the group, there were enough opportunities. But would it have changed anything? Would they have cancelled the project? Would there have been no blood flowing? It’s so senseless to ask myself these question, my mind knows. But the questions don’t know. They appear - without knocking before or asking, it if happens now.”

What made me buy the book: The description reminded me of the Hunger Games.

Story till page 90: The Prologue was amazing. It is a description of an unknown person on a graveyard in Berlin. In late autumn, the last leaves falling from the leaves, a blood red orchid in the hands of a marble angel on the grave of a girl called Mirijam. There’s something about a flight and that that person wants to be there first, waiting for the others. Somehow I really liked the last sentences of the prologue. “He recalled their faces and names, they chose for their time on the island. How much they fit, especially Raphael’s name.” I thought the person was called Raphael, but it wasn’t. Then the point of view changes to a girl called Joy, but she calls herself Vera on the island. You get to know, that the island, also called “Isola” will be a movie by a famous director called Quit Tempelhoff. On the plane to Rio de Janeiro, a stop before the island, she meets the weird “Elfe” (Fairy), a blonde pretty girl which calls herself “Darling” and a mysterious boy with a sad smile who calls himself “Solo”. Later she gets to know the other people on the island: the funny “Joker”, the inat “Neander”, the Chinese boy from the circus “Lung”, the pale surferboy “Milky”, the ashblonde boy “Alpha”, the ginger “Krys”, the black “Pearl” and the bald girl “Moon”. Vera seems to have something for Solo. Solo is actually Raphael, which you get to know when the point of view changes back to the person from the prologue, Quentin Tempelhoff. On theirs second day on the island the12 teens find a box with a game in it. 

The game: 12 letters are in the box with the instruction. Everyone chooses one. One of them will be the murderer. But not really. The murderer is not allowed to hurt anyone in any way, or the project will be cancelled. He of she had to bring the victims to a secret place, where they get brought home right afterwards. The victims aren’t allowed to protest against being brought to the secret place. The murderer wins if all victims are on their way home. If some of the victims are still on the island after 3 weeks, they won and get brought home with the murderer.

Negative things: If everyone follows the rules, especially the director and the murderer, the game could get really boring. If there’s no violence allowed, why murderer? The main rules on the island are: No alcohol, no drugs, no violence, no sex. What sort of psycho-love-thriller with only 16-19 year-olds should that be, please? 

Personal stuff: Vera/Joy reminds me a little of myself. With brown hair and green eyes. Not taking too much, feeling a little left out. I would also be really attracted to the mysterious good looking guy, I think. 

I really hope this book will not be how I expect it right now. I really hope there’s gonna be some death, because…most books without deaths are boring. And the game would be really boring and so would the book. And it still has 230 pages. I hope there will be something more between Vera and Solo and…I don’t know why, but it would be really interesting if Vera was the murderer and really would kill and they would never get off the island if she doesn’t win or something. That would be more of a psycho-thriller.