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UGH ISABEL I AM SO DELIGHTED YOU ARE SO DELIGHTED. this woman is, with cordelia, in my top two fictional characters of all time. of all tiiiime.

NO I LOVE IT SO MUCH. SO MUCH. Because literally this entire universe is working off a black-and-white schematic apart from her—which is why I sort of couldn’t take the 80s, because lol you know what the writing is like there, like with the body swaps, YOU CAN TELL IT’S NOT ORORO! SHE IS USING HER POWER FOR HER OWN PLEASURE!! ONLY HELLFIRE MEMBERS CAN FEEL PLEASURE OVER POWER!!! (The slow possessed devolution of Jean Grey was bliss, but my favorite part was, like, that scene of Jean and Scott on the butte, when Scott is like AUGH SHE’S SO POWERFUL AND CAVALIER but she’s still undisputably Jean, rather than her weird ~Lady Jean~ projection or Dark Phoenix the warhead godhead force, at which point it became straight, if epic, conflict, between DESTRUCTIVE INHUMAN and ANGELIC INHUMAN, Jean Grey’s ~~angel’s soul~~ and all that jazz)—but still, literally everyone here buys into black and white, and tries to conform to that, except her. (And Wolverine, but mostly that’s just, like, him being The Rough Dude, which is always going to partly cast brutal options as easy options. Which is why I could dig him/Jean being the parallel half of the love square, even though I’m not that invested in either of them individually, because he’s an antiparagon.) MY POINT IS, she does what needs to be done without letting the rest of the cast moralize at her, and they let her. Jean and Xavier and everyone there has responded at one point or another with “Emma did what I wanted to do”: she greys them by proxy, whether they want it or not, especially if they don’t; she’s a necessary weapon and they don’t talk about it but they need her and she works with them but doesn’t and won’t buy into the rhetoric of it all.

Ugh she is the best. The best.

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you should read the first two volumes of ultimates but the third volume is a fucking life-ruining disaster so just avoid. like i was trying to spare you a lot of disappointing nonsense. but early on pietro reads her love poetry in a gondola. rly.

well, i read that she dies in the third volume, so. dnw.




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you picked a great time to get into the maximoffs because after like a decade of editorial fuckery they are being rehabilitated as heroes again and put back into regular use

the best thing about long-running canons like this is that you don't need to know everything or understand anything unless you want to be a crazy person about it. you can just read what you like and damn the rest, because not every writer gives a shit about what came before. some purists will be like NO IT IS VITAL THAT YOU KNOW WHAT ICEMAN DID DURING HIS TENURE AS A MEMBER OF THE CHAMPIONS but those people are, in effect, the worst.

i mean. -i- know what iceman did during his tenure as a member of the champions, but i'm a lunatic repository of x-trivia. i don't even like iceman that much! these things just happen when you grow up with a father whose x-men collection is among the best on the east coast.

i am fantastically excited! and CONFUSED, but whatever, i have hand-holding and recommendations.

…basically, this is hard for me because i am by nature a lunatic crazy person about research re. entering canons. but. this is going to be an exercise in me turning off my research brain, because i can’t deal with that much information. it shall be good for me.

SO YES, going to acquire lists, going to go forth, we shall see what happens.

(and haha, come on, i can’t not read the ultimates. clearly! look at them!)

i am excited, though. most magical moment from wiki-trawling thus far:

Shortly after the heroes return, Scarlet Witch is kidnapped by the sorceress Morgan le Fay, with the intention of using Wanda’s powers to warp reality in le Fay’s image.



Loki has masqueraded as Scarlet Witch to form and subsequently manipulate a new team of Avengers.