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Hello! Happy Holidays to everyone here! ^o^ 

This might be my last Christmas thing I’m gonna draw, but I’d like to dedicate it to those I’ve met this year, who have changed me for the better <3

To everyone here, I hope your holiday is as merry as many of the songs we sing put it out to be. As always, enjoy!

(Fun fact: Isabelle’s birthday is December 8th! So she’s very little in this image ^o^)

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blue-gold-demigod-clouds  asked:

Ok in the trials of Apollo Sally is 7 months pregnant. Maybe after she has her little girl (I think the baby is a girl) and after the baby is a few months old Sally and Paul need to go out and have some fun dates to relax. So she asks Percy to baby sit. Percy agrees and ask Nico to help him out. Nico is a little afraid to because he feels babies or kids do not like him but Percy begs and Nico caves. So Percy and Nico look after a 6 month old baby for the afternoon/ night....

I changed it a little, so I hope it’s still good :)

“Okay, we’re off. She hadn’t had a nap today so she should crash any time now.” Sally said as she grabbed her purse and jotted down her number. “Call if you need anything, and Percy should be home soon.”

Isabella gargled in Nico’s arms. “Thank you so much for coming at such a short notice. I deeply appreciate it.”

Nico half-heartedly smiled back at her as the baby’s small hand gripped the collar of his shirt.

He had never babysat before, and when Sally called for the favor, he was expecting Percy to be there to help. But apparently, his boyfriend was off with friends and didn’t even know his parents were going on a date.

So Nico was alone with a four-month-old baby, scared he might accidentally kill it.

Paul patted him on the shoulder his the way out, “good luck,” he said and followed his wife into the hallway. The door closed, and Nico sighed.

Isabella apparently didn’t want to see them leave either. She whimpered, sticking her small bottom lip out in a pout, then burst into tears.

“Don’t cry!” Nico said. He quickly made his way to the couch and laid her down. She cried harder.

Nico scanned the room for a toy or something to make her happy. He saw pink rattle with a green handle was laying in her play crib.

“Look! Isabella! Hey!” He shook it in front of her face. Isabella only looked for a moment but didn’t stop crying.

“Ugh!” Nico said. “Come on, are you hungry? Where’s your food?” Nico only once saw Sally feed the baby, he didn’t know how to make the formula or how to feed her.

Isabella wailed on the couch, Nico finally picked her up and laid her against his shoulder.

As Nico rubbed her back, he felt hot tears seeping into his shirt. He also felt a vibration on his leg. It was his phone.

Nico pulled the phone out of his pocket, holding the baby on his other shoulder. “Hello?”

“Hey Nico,” it was Percy. Nico sighed with relief. “What’s that noise?”

“It’s your sister! Your parents wanted to go out tonight and asked me to watch her. She hasn’t stopped crying since they left!”

“You’re at my apartment?” Percy asked. Nico thought that was a stupid question. “Yes.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Hurry.” Nico put his phone back into his pocket and tried once more to console the baby.

“Hey Isabella, calm down, please? Percy’s coming.” Isabella continued to cry.

He tried to distract her with every toy he could find, but she didn’t want anything.

He checked her diaper- dry. He stuck a bottle in her face, she didn’t want it.

By the time Percy finally got there, Nico was about to cry with her.

“What took you so long? I don’t know what’s wrong with her!” Nico was obviously in distress, and Percy felt bad for him. He remembered his first time being left alone with the baby.

With one look at his sister, Percy picked her up and cradled her in his arms.

“Shhh, Isabel,” he said quietly. Nico slowly sat on the couch to watch. Miraculously, the baby was calming down.

It still shocked Nico every time of how good Percy was with her. Playing, holding, even changing (though Percy always complained about that.)

Isabel closed her eyes and didn’t open them again. Percy sat beside Nico on the couch carefully with his sister in his arms.

“She was just sleepy,” Percy said. Nico sighed exasperated, “then why didn’t she just fall asleep? I wouldn’t have stopped her!”

Percy laughed quietly, “babies are picky. They don’t want to fall asleep, they want to be put to sleep.”

Nico looked back at Isabel, shaking his head. Percy chuckled, he leaned over and kissed Nico’s cheek.