isabel live blogs

Poor baby Alec. He was so terrified of his family seeing him interact with Malec in a romantic way. He wouldn't even let Magnus touch him, because he was so terrified. I'm so upset with this, because I feel him on such a deep level. Alec has such a fear of his parents finding out about him and disowning him, and it kills me to see. So many teenagers and LGBTQ youth are going to resonate with this, and I hope it helps them feel like they're not alone. This is why Alec is so important, because unlike a stereotypical gay character who's super open about themselves, you see Alec being so in the closet and ashamed. It shows viewers who don't know what it's like to be in the closet and to live in fear of being disowned by the ones you love the most. The representation in this show is going to help people, and I hope for that reason it's renewed for a second season.