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Changing His Mind

Dean x Reader

Summary: You and Dean babysit your niece, Isabelle.

Warnings: Some suggestive content, not a lot though. Oh, and a tON OF FLUFF.

A/N: Again, this is just another random idea I’ve had that I decided to write. I think this idea is so cute, and I hope you all enjoy! Just a reminder, feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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There was one thing you knew for certain- Dean Winchester did not want kids. Of course, he’d joke about not being able to change diapers without gagging, but you knew, deep down, he was afraid of becoming his father.

His mind was set, or so he thought.

“Babysitting? Really Y/N?” Dean whines, looking down at his button down shirt and nice pants.

You give him an apologetic gaze. “I know, I’m sorry. I know we had plans, but my sister really needs one tonight.” You make your way over to him, running your fingers over the skin he exposed while unbuttoning his shirt. “I promise I’ll make it up to you…” you murmur in his ear, and suddenly, he’s on board.

A half and hour later, you and Dean stood in your sister’s living room, changed in casual t-shirts and jeans. 

“Thank you so much, Y/N, Dean”, your sister says gratefully, grabbing her purse and heading to the door. “Numbers are on the fridge, and Isabelle is in her crib right now. She should be fine for a couple of hours. There’s bottles in the fridge, and the diapers are in her room-”

“We’ll be fine, relax. Go have a fun night”, you giggle, gently pushing your sister out the door. 

As soon as the door clicks, you and Dean plop on the couch. Soon enough, you both doze off to the soft lull of ‘The Office’ from the TV.

The sudden cry of the baby startles the two of you. You groan, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “I’ll go get her”, you say as you begin to stand, but Dean stops you. “I’ve got it. You’ve had a rough week.”

Your heart swells with gratification and love. “Okay.”

You do begin to worry when the crying hasn’t stopped for a solid five minutes, and you decide to check up on them.

The sight that greets you when you walk in has you bent over with laughter. Dean, holding Isabelle as far away as possible from him, is awkwardly humming Led Zeppelin and trying to shush the crying baby in his arms.

“Don’t laugh at me”, Dean pouts, but his voice sounds slightly desperate and humiliated.

Still slightly laughing, you head over to your confused boyfriend. “Here, hold her like this.” You adjust his arms so that Isabelle’s head is cradled on his shoulder and his arms are wrapped securely around her. “Then just rock her, up and down, just like that”, you praise as Dean, awkwardly at first, rocks the baby.

Isabelle’s crying softens into quiet whimpers before sleep overtakes her again. Dean gently places her back in her crib as you two quietly head out back into the living room.

“You’re a natural”, you say with a grin as soon as the two of you are back on the couch. Dean just scoffs, the tips of his ears slightly red. “I’m being serious.” You rest your head on his shoulder. “You’d be a great dad.”

Dean stiffens at first, but relaxes as he gazes at you. Maybe having a kid wouldn’t be too bad, he thought– as long as you’re the mother. 

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Favorite Sibling ever

a1- Alec and Isabelle Lightwood

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2 - Dean and Sam Winchester 

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3- Alex and Justin Russo 

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4- Buffy and Dawn Summers

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5- Zelena and Regina Mills 

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6- Effy and Tony Stonem 

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7- Fred & George Weasley 

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8- Loki and Thor 

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9- Aiden & Ethan 

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 10- Cora and Derek Hale 

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11- Stark / Snow Sibling 

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12 - Bash & Francis 

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13- Elena & Jeremy Gilbert -

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14- Damon and Stefan Salvatore

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15- Jace and Clary 

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Santa’s Little Helper

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Summary: You really didn’t want to babysit your goddaughter but a trip to the mall changes things. 

Warnings: fluff, smut, touch of angst, unprotected sex (wrap it up), chubby! Dean, bi!dean

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If there was a day you hated more than Thanksgiving or your Birthday, it was Christmas. The whole Christmas season was miserable, especially when you were with your family. Your family life wasn’t the best(but certainly not the worst) and once you left, you left. It had been years since you had seen them and intended to keep it that way, dropping a line on the important days. 

Your family now consisted of your best friend Emily, her boyfriend Jason, and their daughter Isabelle. Most days were great except for when they were both stumbling drunk and horny, those were the days when you scooped up Isabelle and found anywhere to be but the house. Today was one of those days. 

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The Badass Character Playlist

You know those characters who are seriously badass that every single time they so much as breath, you’re on your knees thanking the heavens for their awe-inspiring badassery? They’re so badass that they deserve their own playlist. You know those songs that when you listen to them, you immediately picture this badass fight scene in your head? Or when you listen it you think of things that are also badass like black leather jackets? These songs are for those times. Enjoy jamming out to these sick, obviously badass, beats. I use the word ‘badass’ way too much in this paragraph, but then again, one cannot have too much badassery.

1. Warriors - Imagine Dragons

2. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! At the Disco

3. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

4. Fairly Local - Twenty One Pilots

5. Lock Me Up - The Cab

6. Run - The Maine

7. My Heroine - The Maine

8. Start a Riot - Jetta

9. A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing - The Naked and Famous

10. Shooting Arrows at the Sky

11.Who We Are - Imagine Dragons

12. Back in Black - AC/DC (It would’ve been a crime to not include this song)

- Tris

Dear fafiction writers on Ao3, I love all, you deserve all the kudos in the world!!! Your stories make me smile (or sometimes cry) and I love you for it. :) I am really thankfull for you guys!!
—  A happy fanfictio fan that can’t appreciate you enough

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Ayo I hope this is fluffy enough!! Daddy!Dean where reader walks in on him in the nursery with the baby laying there on his stomach and he's looking down at him/her, talking to it and constantly touching it (Like cheek rubbing or back rubbing) 😙😙

@winchester-writes I love you. I just have to say, this gave me all the feels. 
Sorry if it’s kind of short I wanted to get it out for you before going to bed!

(not the right gif but the best I could find. Forgive me?)


You stopped at the top of the stairs, the laundry basket tucked against your left hip. You could hear baby noises coming from the nursery, along with singing. “Stairway to Heaven…?” You muttered in confusion, stepping closer to Isabelle’s room, careful to hide behind the door frame.

Sure enough, there was Dean; his tall figure sprawled out on his belly on the hardwood floor, Isabelle lying on her back on a thick blanket, arms and legs flailing wildly. Dean broke his song to chuckle. “You’re never gonna get anywhere like that, little bell.”

Isabelle cooed up at him, green eyes wide in wonder. Dean let his hand hover in the air, his face lighting up when she latched her tiny hand around his index finger, his other hand ruffling what little bit of hair there was on her head. 

“That’s quite a grip you’ve got there,” he mused. Your heart swelled at the tenderness in his voice and you smiled, content to stand in the hall and watch them for hours.

You let your mind wander, thinking back on when you had finally gotten brave enough to tell Dean that you were pregnant. He had panicked, leaving the bunker in a fit of rage, Sam leaving him voice mails for two days. You wondered when he would come back, or if he even wanted to. You saw through his anger, the fear of turning into his own father pushing him away from you..

You are not John Winchester.” You had firmly reminded him. You quit hunting, and with some help from Bobby had managed to move into a decent looking house in the middle of a suburb just south of Kansas City.

You remembered the day you told Sam you were leaving, getting out of this life for the sake of your baby, and he had grinned, grabbing you up into a rib crushing hug. When he finally pulled away tears had run down his cheeks. Bobby was so happy, he insisted on Kansas City, which was far enough away for you to have your own life, but still close enough that holidays and weekend visits weren’t out of the question. It had only taken Dean three weeks to follow you.

You were pulled from your thoughts when he spoke again. “Do you know how loved you are?” He paused to grin down at her and you shifted against the door jamb, his eyes snapping up. 

You laughed when his smile faltered. “Did I scare you?”

“No, no.” he waved off your question, but you saw his shoulders visibly relax. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you left the basket of clothes in the hall and joined Dean and Isabelle on the floor. 

His eyes drifted back down to the baby, who was now tugging at his finger impatiently. “Are you happy?” He asked suddenly, his eyes still trained on his daughter. 

“Of course, Dean. Why wouldn’t I be?” Before he could say anything else you plowed on. “Are you happy?”

He looked up at you, pure adoration etched into his expression. “I’ll never be happier.”