Your Baby - Teen Wolf Preferences (GIF)

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Peter Hale

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Reader x McCall Pack, Reader x Hale Pack

Requested By Anon

“Hey (Y/N) you wanna help Isaac out?” Derek asked and you stopped your search for your brother as you spotted Derek rearranging what looked like a box of chains.

“No offence I don’t think Mr Grey was a werewolf.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Yeah but werewolves are better, let me tie Isaac up and show you.” Derek smiled when your eyes widened and you blushed.

“Oh wow Derek that was just bad.” Isaac mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, (Y/N0 should be tied up so I can roam freely.”

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TW Preferences: When You Kiss Them First pt. 1

Scott McCall

Scott’s grin would widen, and he’d be all smiles for the rest of the day. 

Jackson Whittemore

Jackson would try to act all cool and play it off, but in reality, he’s screaming with joy. 

Stiles Stilinski

Stiles would casually leave the room and then celebrate by himself. 

Isaac Lahey

Isaac would get all shy and flustered, but he’d want another kiss.

Peter Hale

Peter would pull you back in for another hard kiss. There’d be no warning. 

Theo Raeken

Theo would act all smug. Only when you leave the premises would he touch his lips and smile softly. 

Derek Hale

Derek would try not to grin, but his mouth betrayed him.

author’s note: i split the guys and girls. hope you enjoy!

gif credit: all mine except derek hale’s.

gif came from: Teen Wolf ~ not listing all episodes sorry. 

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A/N: When I started writing this it was not supposed to end up this way, I prefer it though lol

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Summary: Reader fell in love with Theo way before she knew who he really was, he has just come back and she realises that he can’t know about how she really feels about him.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff

Word count: 2.7K

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Who is your first kiss according to your zodiac sign

Aries:  Jackson Whittemore

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Taurus: Theo Raeken

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Gemini: Aiden

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Cancer: Derek Hale

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Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“You’ll do fine.” You whispered to Isaac who was fiddling with his fingers.

“But they’re better than me what if I don’t make the team or… what if the try-outs run late!” Isaac mumbled as he watched the busy corridor.

“You’ll be fine, and I’ll even come and watch.” You smiled when he flashed a quick smile as he ducked his head.

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Isaac Lahey x Reader

You waited anxiously at the airport as you looked for any sign of a curly brown haired teen. It had felt like years since you had last seen Isaac since the incident with Allison even when it had only been a few months. 

“Y/N?”, A voice behind you rang out, hesitantly. You turned around quickly, a smile on your lips as you were front to front with Isaac, who in turn, pulled you into a huge hug. “I have missed you so much.” He set you down, still grinning.

“I missed you too, Isaac,” You admitted as you helped him carry his bags to the nearest taxi. “How was France?” Isaac shrugged, opening the car door for you. 

“It was okay,” Isaac frowned. “I wish you were there with me, Y/N.” You set your hand on Isaac’s, shaking your head.

“I was needed here at to help Scott,” You stated gently. “And you needed time to grieve Allison.” Isaac nodded, looking away from you to glance out the window.

If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.” 

“We had different jobs, Isaac. Now, we’re back together, and I’m happy,” You leaned your head on Isaac’s shoulder, sighing. “I didn’t want to interfere with something that could possibly help you. You had to go to France.”

“I know,” Isaac said. “I’m just saying, I would’ve stayed for you.”

“I understand. It’s in the past now.”

gif credit: not mine

gif came from: google images

prompt list credit: mymiscfandomimagines, #1

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My ghost.
Where’d you go? - Ghost, Halsey.

How he kiss you - Teen Wolf Gif Preference

BrRequested by : @satan-raeken14 and anon  ♡

Request anything!

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Stiles Stilinski

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Scott Mcall

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Iaac Lahey

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Derek Hale

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Liam Dunbar

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Theo Raeken

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Brett Talbot

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Jordan Parrish

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Peter Hale

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Momma Hale x Derek

Requested by Anon

“Get her back to the car!” Derek snapped at Erica who forced you away from Isaac who was being attacked by the Alpha twins and towards the car.

“Derek I am a witch I can help!” You shrieked and he glanced back at you, missing one of the twins who helped his brother yank Isaac to his feet, you knew the look, he didn’t know if he could bring Isaac back to you.

You begrudgingly followed Erica to the car and let her rush back to Derek while you headed to Deaton’s to see if you could help from there. He wasn’t surprised when you stormed in and had laid out several spells and new things for you to try out.

“He wouldn’t let me help!” You snapped and Deaton sighed.

“(Y/N) you’ve not yet reached your full potential and you are overly protective, you might have got injured.” He pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“Or I would have helped.” You muttered.

“You’ve been here a few months (Y/N), Derek’s only just opened up to the pack about his feelings and you’re important to him.” Deaton pointed out and you nodded.

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He´s so fine.

Your Baby Part 2 Teen wolf Preferences (GIF)

I’m back!

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Siles Stilinski

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Jordan Parrish

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Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Who are you dating?” Scott asked as the two of you joined the group.

“You’re dating someone?” Isaac asked curiously and you locked eyes for a moment.

“Maybe I am, not your business though.” You hummed and Scott jogged to keep up with you.

“Yes, it is, I’m your brother!” He sighed and Stiles caught up with you both.

“Stating the obvious… he on about mystery boy again?” Stiles teased and you sighed.

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Can we just take a moment and appreciate this?

Lacrosse Game - [Isaac Lahey] [Explicit]

You were sitting on the bleachers, nervously shaking your legs, watching the last Lacrosse school game of the season with your friend Lydia, hoping your boyfriend would score once again before the time is up.

He did and the crowd got wild and started shouting, Beacon Hills won and it was all because of your boyfriend.

You got up with your sign, cheering for him with Lydia, proudly wearing his Lacrosse hoodie. You could see him on the field, so proud of himself, feeling so strong, still full of energy like if he could play five other games right now and win them all.
He looked over to you, smiling, making your heart beat even faster, before he was surrounded by overjoyed team members.

The crowd started getting thiner, friends and family joining the players on the field. You and Lydia left the bleachers, she was busy texting, probably sharing the school’s victory with everyone. You saw that tall, curly haired boy you were so madly in love with running up to you, grabbing you by the waist and kissing your lips like never before.

“I’m so proud of you Isaac!” You said, when he finally pulled away and allowed you to catch your breath.

His only answer was a mysterious half smile.
Lydia’s phone rang again, she turned around to look at you and him with an excited look.

“Party at Danny’s house, right now. Please, don’t be too late.” She said, giving you her best flawless smile before leaving you alone with your boyfriend, as people kept shouting from the field.

Isaac didn’t wait for her to be out of sight to start furiously kissing you again.
You closed your arms around his neck, kissing him back, probably not as fast and as passionately as he wanted to.

You heard the shouts slowly fading away, following the biggest part of the crowd to the parking lot, as everyone was probably leaving to go to Danny’s party.

There was only a few people left. The coach, a few players, some family members and a few students.
Although they were pretty far away from where you were, you couldn’t help but immediately move Isaac’s hands away from you, as they had found their way under your clothes, up your back.

“What?” Isaac asked, with a smirk, taking a step back.

“Nothing…” You answered. “It’s just that there’s too many people.”

Isaac turned around to look, lightly laughing again.

“For a few minutes I forgot how shy you could be around people”

He took a step closer, pulling your body tightly against his.
“Because you’re never really shy when you are alone with me (Y/N)” He said, in a deep tone against your ear, almost whispering, making you shiver.

“Exactly” You managed to answer, although you were pretty sure Isaac could feel the beating of your heart going crazy again, against his chest.

He left a soft, gentle kiss on your neck before taking your hand in his and walked with you to the locker room.

You let go of his hand at the door, planning on waiting outside for him to change.
He looked at you with a slighlty amused smile.

“You can come in you know… All the guys who were planning on partying are probably already gone and the ones still on the field are the ones usually taking their time to go back home with their families. ” He said, taking your hand back in his.

You smiled at him as he pushed the door and pulled you in the locker room. He gave a quick look around before grabbing you by your waist and pushing your back against the door.

“See?” He said, with a smile. “We’re all alone now…”

His lips pressed on yours, soon asking to kiss you more fervently. This time, you were alone so you had no objection to let things get slightly more heated between you two.

“I love when you wear my sweatshirt, you look sexy in it…But right now, you’ll have to take it off.” Isaac said, pulling it up above your head and letting the red lacrosse hoodie fall on the floor beside you.

You smiled as you felt his hands getting under your t-shirt, gently touching your skin.

“Can’t you wait until we get to Danny’s house? Or at least to the car?” You asked, with a laugh, as he started eagerly kissing your neck, like if he was going to entirely devour you.

You could feel his soft curls against your skin, the heat from his body irradiating on yours, each moves of his lips against every inch of your skin.

“No…” He simply answered, in a half whisper. “Let me celebrate my victory”

You pretty much gave in, feeling yourself slowly drifting away under his furious kisses anyway.
He only stopped to take his Lacrosse gear off, standing shirtless in front of you.

You smiled. How could he not be tired after the crazy game he had just played? It was like he hadn’t even sweat, like nothing had happened…

He came closer and you closed your arms around his shoulders, you kept smiling as he left a few pecks on your lips.

You slowly moved your hands down his naked back, you almost felt him shiver under your touch so you smiled once again as he kept kissing you.

You felt his hands moving from your hips up your sides, reaching your back, taking your shirt off, gently leaving a kiss on your forehead in the process.

You took a step closer to him, pressing your body against him as if you were trying to hide yourself.

“No one is going to come here, I promise” He softly said, pushing some hair away from your face so that he could look at you. “I’d hear it if anybody was even close to the building”

You answered him by leaving a quick kiss on his lips, making him smile. You left another kiss on his jaw bone, and another one near his collar bone, reaching his torso with both hands gently leaving a couple kisses on his warm skin.

His hands got back on your hips, slowly pushing you back against the wall. He lightly leaned down to kiss your lips again. He grabbed your thighs and lifted you up, keeping you up against the cold wall by pressing his body between your legs.

His lips came crashing against yours once again but it wasn’t soft and peaceful anymore, it was strong and furious, just to let you know how eager he was to get you.

He was holding you tightly, you could feel him harden against you as you were holding on to his back, gripping his arms in response to the way he’d bite your lower lip from time to times and how he wouldn’t allow you to catch your breath.

He pressed your body against the wall even harder so that he could move his hands and put your legs around his waist. You closed them around him and he carried you a few steps away from the wall, gently laying you down on the floor, him hovering you.

He sat back to pull your pants away, moving back to you to share another eager kiss before he pulled your panties down.

Once again he reached for your lips. You were resting on your feet, knees up and your back against the floor, legs open so that he could hold his body above yours.

You could feel how hard he was under his lacrosse shorts, just begging to get inside you.

He kept on kissing you as you tried to pull his shorts down, able to take them off with your feet.

You heard his light smirk against your neck, as he was finally free to enter you. He pulled away from you to position himself, slowly entering you as he leaned back down to you.

He had a very serious expression on his face, very careful to not hurt you.

He pulled out and back in very slowly and you saw a smile cross his face as you were starting to enjoy it.

You closed your eyes, allowing him to increase his rhythm.

You could feel him sliding inside you, sending shivers up your spine and in all your body, tensing up to the pleasure.

You wanted to keep quiet but you couldn’t help but let out a few moans as he kept going faster in you. Every moan were an encouragement to him and he kept increasing his speed, never getting tired.

You heard some muffled low moans, meaning he was getting close. You opened your eyes to look at him, he was back to his very serious face, trying to keep his speed up. You were heavily breathing, your hands holding on to his arms on each side of you.

“Keep… Going” You managed to say between two breaths.

You saw his face getting even more severe, trying to stay focused on you. Having the same expression as when he wanted to win a game so badly.

He started giving much stronger thrusts inside you, still not slowing down, almost making you scream every time he was hitting inside you.

You could feel your orgasm coming, your body getting so tensed up before completely letting it go, arching your back in reaction, a loud moan escaping your lips as he kept going on a little longer before finally slowing down, ejaculating inside you.

For a while he was as breathless as you were but he caught his breath and all his energy back in no time, planting soft kisses on your neck and chest as you were still trying to get back to yourself.

Then he suddenly moved away from you, catching his lacrosse hoodie and throwing it to you before the door opened. You got back up, covering yourself as well as you could with the hoodie while Isaac had only his hands to use to cover himself up.

Lydia was standing at the door speechless with a bunch of guys from the team.

“Well… I was coming to make sure you guys were going to come celebrate, but apparently you already are.” She said, pretty indifferent.

“What’s going on?” You heard the coach’s voice from the hall, soon seeing him standing beside Lydia.

Isaac loudly sighed, looking at you with a very sorry face.

You were embarrassed but you couldn’t help but wanted to laugh as well.

“Lahey! You are going to have some serious problems!” The coach yelled once he realized what was going on.

He looked at you both and sighed with a desperate look on his face.

“I mean you would have… But I can’t yell on my best player tonight.” He said “So get dressed and get out of my sight before I change my mind, you silly teenagers!”