Teen Wolf: You Tell Him You're Pregnant...

Derek: He was so happy, no one but you knew how much he wanted to be a dad and when you found out you were pregnant, you couldn’t wait to tell him…

Isaac: You hadn’t been going out for that long and it certainly wasn’t planned so it came as a big shock to both of you. Isaac was silent for a while, running his hands through his hair and concentrating. He eventually looked back at you and said “We can do this. I’m gonna be the best dad ever, this kid is never going to feel like I did growing up. They are gonna be so loved,”….

Scott: You had been trying for a while so when you told him that it had finally worked, you were pregnant after so many failed attempts, he was a little taken aback. “Wait you mean like, pregnant pregnant?” You nodded your head. “Woah…”

Stiles: You had expected him to have a good reaction to the news…but not to this extent. He went around for the rest of the day whispering “I did that…I did something right for once,” to himself. He was too cute and you couldn’t wait to see him as a dad….

Peter: For a guy who acted as if he was invincible it was pretty obvious he was completely and utterly terrified. He had never considered being a dad before and now he didn’t know what to think…

Aiden: He pulled you to him and kissed you. You had both wanted this but had never talked about it before. You were so nervous when you were telling him as you had no idea how he would take it, but your fears were soon eased…

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Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“So how do I talk to her?” Isaac asked and Allison stopped, smiling up at the Werewolf who grinned back nervously.


“Just walk up to her and say (Y/N) do you want to come to my Lacrosse game tonight?” Allison’s tone was bold and forward.


“What do I do when she says no?” Isaac asked.


“She won’t.” Allison muttered and continued walking down the corridor where you and Lydia were chatting.


He stopped when he picked up on how nervous you were but Allison mistook it as Isaac have second thoughts and tried to tug him along.

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Teen Wolf: The Way He Looks At You

Derek: These days he mostly looked at you with a gaze full of worry. He was terrified that something was going to happen to you no matter how many times you tried to assuage his fears…

Stiles: When you told him you were moving he couldn’t handle it. He tried to keep himself together but eventually his defenses broke down…

Aiden: He pretended to be all tough, like he didn’t need anyone or anything, but when he looked at you his hardened glare softened and an expression of happiness and love replaced it….

Scott: He always knew when he had done something wrong so he used his puppy-dog eyes to his advantage and looked at you, as if begging for forgiveness. When you finally gave in his cute smile would spread across his face, lighting up the room….

Isaac: He thinks you don’t notice, most of the time you don’t, but every once in a while you’d look up to see his gaze on you, love in his eyes…


Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Strong language, smut, sex, oral

“You are such an ass Isaac!” You yelled at him, growling out of frustration when he laughed.


“If I’m such an ass why don’t you go date someone who’s nicer?” Isaac spat back nastily.

“Maybe I will, Stiles is still single.” You huffed and grabbed your coat, crunching down the Hale house pathway and leaving Isaac to glare after you.


“Go on then, I doubt he’d take you ugly.” Isaac shouted when he decided he wanted the last word.

“You should say sorry.” Derek muttered making the Beta jump.

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Teen Wolf: You're His Anchor

Derek: He only figured it out after you got hurt. You had tried to get him to calm down but in his rage he had lashed out, scratching your stomach and knocking you to the floor, leaving you unconscious. After that he just had to look at you to regain control. When he realised what he had done he took you straight to hospital and hadn’t left your side since…

Isaac: He was losing it, or at least he was about to. You knew if you didn’t do something soon he would turn. He wasn’t listening to you, his focus completely on the guys who had been catcalling you. You did the only thing you could think of, you kissed him…

Scott: He had to get away from this. He couldn’t handle them all acting like nothing had happened. The self control that he had was wavering and he knew if he didn’t do something to calm himself down, he would turn. Closing his eyes, his thoughts immediately went to you; your eyes, your smile, the way your nose crinkled when you found something hilarious. After breathing in and out a few times he opened his eyes, calm once more. Scott walked back into the room as if nothing had happened…

Peter: He was happy that he finally had someone that could bring him down from the brink, when his rage was almost too much. There was only one problem…you were Derek’s girlfriend. Peter didn’t want to admit it to anyone, let alone himself, but he was in love with you. It was strange…love. He had never felt like this before but he knew it would never happen, especially if Derek’s reaction to hearing him say your name as he calmed down was anything to go on…

Aiden: When the mere thought of you helped him get himself under control in school he was so happy. He never thought he’d have an anchor and it would’ve ended badly if he turned in school. When he saw you on the corridor he pulled you into a supply closet and began kissing you. This took you by great surprise because he had never even spoken to you before…


Can we just take a moment and appreciate this?


Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

The collar of your top only just covered the large purple mark on your neck. Your mind wondered as you jogged down the stairs and grabbed your bag, heading out the front to find Stiles on his drive.

“You want a lift?” Stiles yelled.

“Yes please.” You said as you hopped over the hedge, tugging your collar to make sure your hickey was covered.

Unfortunately, as you got out of the Jeep at school Stiles spotted it and asked what it was, laughing when you wouldn’t tell him who it was. Then began the long guessing game of who you’d been with which Scott and Lydia joined, both being more curious than Stiles.

It had been a mutual decision made between you and Isaac to keep your relationship a secret, there were other, more important things going on in Beacon hills. Stiles and Scott continued their discussion as they headed into their first class and sat near the back so they could try to figure out the puzzle.


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