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5 times love. :)


The first time that Spencer fell in love with Isaac was after a nightmare that Spencer had experienced. They hadn’t even been a couple at that point, but this was the defining moment for Spencer. This was the moment when everything changed and he began to see the world a little differently. 

This was the moment that Spencer had fallen hard.

There was just something so comforting about Isaac’s touch, something so soothing about the beautiful ocean that seemed to rest in Isaac’s eyes. Spencer found himself drowning in those eyes that night, and he didn’t even want to be saved. It was the sweetest doom that he could ever face. 

Isaac had comforted him that night, showing just how deeply he cared for Spencer with the voice that Spencer loved so much. As Isaac held him that night, their hearts beat in time with one another. The nightmare became a distant memory, and he fell into an easy sleep that night…with a heart full of love.

The second time that Spencer fell for Isaac was during their first kiss. It was only a simple touch of lips, but it was everything to Spencer. All of his worries seemed to melt away with that kiss, and his entire world just felt right again. Every star in Spencer’s sky aligned, and he felt whole again. For the first time in so long, everything seemed as though it would be alright and that nothing bad could ever happen again. He felt repaired.

It felt as though they were the only two people in the world during that kiss. Everything felt so dreamlike. Spencer was expecting to wake up after the kiss ended, and couldn’t have been happier when he discovered that it was real. Spencer felt different after the kiss was over, but it was only because he’d fallen even deeper in love with Isaac.

The third time that Spencer fell in love with Isaac was the first time he’d watched Isaac sleeping. He looked so angelic, so innocent, in his slumber that Spencer felt his heart nearly bursting from his chest. It had been the night that the two of them made love for the very first time, and they lay naked together beneath a mountain of pillows and blankets. Isaac had been unconscious to the world and all of its horrors for the time being, and Spencer only hoped that his lover had been experiencing joy in his dreams. 

Spencer had smiled at Isaac as he’d slept, brushing the hair gently from Isaac’s face. In that very moment, watching Isaac breathing and looking so peaceful, Spencer’s heart swelled with a greater love–beyond anything that he’d ever known before. After awhile, Spencer had decided to hold his younger lover, being careful not to wake him. He’d kissed Isaac’s hair, uttering five words before falling into his own slumber:

“I’ll never let you go.” 

The fourth time that Spencer loved Isaac was the first time they’d made love in their “special spot”–the waterfall. It couldn’t have been more romantic: It was a hot summer day, Isaac had bought Spencer a bouquet of roses, they’d eaten on a picnic, and ended up watching the cloud shapes rolling across the mid-afternoon sky. About an hour after they’d eaten, Isaac had invited Spencer for a swim in the water where the fall was located.

It had started innocently enough–chasing each other, kissing softly, touching teasingly. Before they knew what was happening, they were both naked and Spencer was going down on Isaac right there in the lake. There wasn’t a single care in the world between them at that moment, except for their insatiable lust for one another and the love that accompanied. When they’d finally gotten around to sex, they kept sinking beneath the surface and laughing as a result. Isaac led Spencer to the cave behind the waterfall, where they ended up finishing their afternoon love making. Afterward, they watched the sunset together, both of them soaking wet from head to toe in both sweat and water. They were also panting, lovingly caressing each other’s flushed skin, and were tangled in each other’s limbs. As they laid there, they reflected on their earlier experience in the water, laughing about it and congratulating one another on their new-found skills. They vowed to do it again whenever they could, and Spencer remembered thinking to himself:

“If the first time was this incredible, I can’t even imagine how much better it can get. But with Isaac, everything is better.” 

The fifth time that Spencer had fallen for Isaac was the first time that Isaac had held their son, Atticus. The birth had been excruciating for Spencer, despite the fact that he’d been drugged and the baby was delivered via C-section. It was still a very grueling experience, and Isaac had been there every single step of the way. As soon as the doctor had removed Atticus from Spencer’s body, Spencer had fallen in love at first sight. Isaac was so far beyond that as Atticus gave his first cry, however. Spencer could see that much in his lover’s eyes. Spencer had looked on in adoration as Isaac held their son, observing how great of a father Isaac would be. He knew that Isaac would give Atticus more love than he’d be able to handle, despite Isaac’s insecurities due to his own upbringing. When Isaac had started to cry, Spencer did as well. 

He now had two great loves in his life, and there were no words or actions to express just how happy he was. At long last, he was truly at peace with his past and could look forward to his future with his perfect little family. 

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A Place In This World, Tied Together With A Smile

A Place in this World: The Place I’d like to live the most

“I’ve always said I’d love to go back to Sinnoh, after my time here in Johto’s done. I loved it there, I loved the research I was doing, and… I can’t help but feel like it was all left really unfinished. Besides, after everything that happened with Tobias, a fresh start seems like it would be nice. So yes – I’d love to go back to the Sinnoh region, and continue my Pokemon research there.”

TIED TOGETHER WITH A SMILE: Who is the strongest person I know?

This is an easy one, anon – definitely my mom. She’s the most beautiful person in the world, both inside and out. I don’t even know where I’d be without her; she’s gotten us through so much, and I just hope she knows how much I appreciate her! Even her awkward sex talks, I’m sure they’ll come in handy someday.


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