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“Hey (Y/N) you wanna help Isaac out?” Derek asked and you stopped your search for your brother as you spotted Derek rearranging what looked like a box of chains.

“No offence I don’t think Mr Grey was a werewolf.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Yeah but werewolves are better, let me tie Isaac up and show you.” Derek smiled when your eyes widened and you blushed.

“Oh wow Derek that was just bad.” Isaac mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, (Y/N0 should be tied up so I can roam freely.”

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A/N: When I started writing this it was not supposed to end up this way, I prefer it though lol

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Summary: Reader fell in love with Theo way before she knew who he really was, he has just come back and she realises that he can’t know about how she really feels about him.

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff

Word count: 2.7K

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Who is your first kiss according to your zodiac sign

Aries:  Jackson Whittemore

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Taurus: Theo Raeken

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Gemini: Aiden

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Cancer: Derek Hale

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Isaac x Reader

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“You’ll do fine.” You whispered to Isaac who was fiddling with his fingers.

“But they’re better than me what if I don’t make the team or… what if the try-outs run late!” Isaac mumbled as he watched the busy corridor.

“You’ll be fine, and I’ll even come and watch.” You smiled when he flashed a quick smile as he ducked his head.

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hercules (1997) ☆ in eighteen years precisely, the planets will align ever so nicely. the time to act will be at hand. unleash the titans, your monstrous band. then the once-proud zeus will finally fall, and you, hades, will rule all! but a word of caution to this tale… should hercules fight, you will fail.

How he kiss you - Teen Wolf Gif Preference

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Stiles Stilinski

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Scott Mcall

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Iaac Lahey

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Derek Hale

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Liam Dunbar

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Theo Raeken

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Brett Talbot

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Jordan Parrish

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Peter Hale

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Momma Hale x Derek

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“Get her back to the car!” Derek snapped at Erica who forced you away from Isaac who was being attacked by the Alpha twins and towards the car.

“Derek I am a witch I can help!” You shrieked and he glanced back at you, missing one of the twins who helped his brother yank Isaac to his feet, you knew the look, he didn’t know if he could bring Isaac back to you.

You begrudgingly followed Erica to the car and let her rush back to Derek while you headed to Deaton’s to see if you could help from there. He wasn’t surprised when you stormed in and had laid out several spells and new things for you to try out.

“He wouldn’t let me help!” You snapped and Deaton sighed.

“(Y/N) you’ve not yet reached your full potential and you are overly protective, you might have got injured.” He pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“Or I would have helped.” You muttered.

“You’ve been here a few months (Y/N), Derek’s only just opened up to the pack about his feelings and you’re important to him.” Deaton pointed out and you nodded.

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spirit: stallion of the cimarron (2002) ☆ the story i want to tell you cannot be found in a book. they say that the history of the west was written from the saddle of a horse, but it’s never been told from the heart of one. not till now. i was born here, in this place that would come to be called the old west. but, to my kind, the land was ageless. it had no beginning and no end, no boundary between earth and sky. like the wind and the buffalo, we belonged here, we would always belong here. they say the mustang is the spirit of the west. whether that west was won or lost in the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself, but the story i want to tell you is true. i was there and i remember. i remember the sun, the sky, and the wind calling my name in a time when we ran free. i’ll never forget the sound and the feeling of running together. the hoof beats were many, but our hearts were one.


My ghost.
Where’d you go? - Ghost, Halsey.


Isaac x Reader

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“Who are you dating?” Scott asked as the two of you joined the group.

“You’re dating someone?” Isaac asked curiously and you locked eyes for a moment.

“Maybe I am, not your business though.” You hummed and Scott jogged to keep up with you.

“Yes, it is, I’m your brother!” He sighed and Stiles caught up with you both.

“Stating the obvious… he on about mystery boy again?” Stiles teased and you sighed.

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peter pan (1953) ☆ all this has happened before, and it will all happen again. but this time it happened in london. it happened on a quiet street in bloomsbury. that corner house over there is the home of the darling family. and peter pan chose this particular house because there were people here who believed in him.

Imagine #1

Imagine Isaac  seeing you for the first time at the lacrosse field and trying to impress you

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