ANNOUNCING A RAFFLE TO BENEFIT “Team Trey” and @isaacfoundation ‘s MPS II Fund (Hunter Syndrome) - Random drawing is on July 8th!

The John Mayer Fan Street Team has received a donation of the items pictured above, from one of our street teamers.  It’s the swag she received as part of her Good Love / Meet & Greet / Front Row package for the Boston show on April 9th.  One lucky person is going to receive both the TSFE tour poster AND the “Emoji of a Wave” lyrics sheet with John’s original signature on it, in the raffle we’re announcing RIGHT NOW to benefit The Isaac Foundation!

Yesterday, a dedicated group of supporters ran in the Scotiabank 5K half-marathon despite scorching heat, and raised $13,891 for MPS II (Hunter Syndrome) research. 

The JMFST has decided to use this recent “JM swag” donation to add even more money to the total raised by friends of Trey Purcell, who is battling MPS II. The money raised by this raffle (net of shipping cost) will be sent to Team Trey and The Isaac Foundation’s MPS II Fund, and will add to the $7,500+ already raised by John Mayer fans!!!  



Starting today, you can enter once a day for the next 12 days, for $5 USD per entry. 

This raffle is being conducted via PayPal only.  To enter, simply send $5 US dollars and you’ll automatically be entered.  No need to tell us what it’s for; we’ll know, as this is the only thing we are running at the moment.  Please use our email address, and mark it as “sending money to family or friends.”  If you don’t mark it that way, PayPal will deduct a “seller fee,” and we’ll have to send your entry money back to you, and ask you to resubmit it correctly. 

If you miss a day, you may send a “catch up donation” at any time, but you may not submit more than 12 entries per person, or $60 total.  We will allow you to also enter for a friend who doesn’t have PayPal, as long as you indicate when you send the $5 that it’s for someone else, and give us that person’s name in the PP “note” field. (Also okay to enter for multiple friends, but not more than 12 entries per person.)

This raffle is open to anyone worldwide, so please be sure that your entry comes in as US dollars (you can do that on PayPal).  Any entries that are short due to being sent incorrectly will be returned, and we’ll ask you to resubmit.  If any entries come in with excess, we will donate the extra $ to Team Trey and MPS II research.

We will conduct a random drawing on July 8th, and one winner will be announced that day.  The merch will be mailed in a sturdy poster tube.  Within the US, we will provide tracking; however, we are unable to track internationally. Please understand that international shipping involves some risk.  Although we’ve never had a shipment lost in transit, it is possible.  In the unlikely event that the merchandise does get lost, we are unable to offer cash refunds. Please understand that this is a charity fundraiser, and that your money has already been donated to help sick kids.  Everything that we bring in gets sent immediately to The Isaac Foundation.


Based on what we have raised with similar items in the past, we would like to set our goal for this raffle at $250.  That would be a beautiful thing, because it would put our total raised for The Isaac Foundation closer to $10,000… something we’re striving for this year!.  It would also be a very nice chunk of change to add to Team Trey’s $13,891 raised yesterday.

So let’s see if we can do it, folks!  GO!!!


NOTE:  We are FANS of both John Mayer and The Isaac Foundation, and we are not formally affiliated with either.  All of the merchandise we raffle off has been donated by John Mayer’s amazing fans located all over the world, because they support and care about The Isaac Foundation and want to help find a cure for MPS.  We banded together in 2012 for this cause.  Please see our Full Disclaimer in the right margin of our page.