Can we talk about Isaac’s play?

In the scene in the cupboard in 2.06 (which I hear may have been cut from the American airing?) when Isaac is hiding away to listen to his play on the radio, you can hear a few words of the play during Isaac and Sissy’s conversation. 

In fact, you can hear just enough to figure out that 1) His play is about producing a news program, 2) His leading man is called James, 3) His leading woman is called Moneypenny.

Can we talk about the fact that Isaac wrote a play about Bel and Freddie.

Lix Storm being the best:
  • Isaac: Who's that? An actor?
  • Bel: Peter Gray, Co-Founder of the League of Homosexual Law Reform.
  • Isaac: A homosexual?
  • Lix: Yes, Mr. Wengrow. Remarkable- looks just like you or I.
  • Isaac: On the program?
  • Lix: Mr. Wengrow, if we were making a program about birds, who would we contact?
  • Isaac: The Royal Society for the Protection of-
  • Lix: Birds. Exactly. But we would not go on to assume that the spokesman they sent us was themselves feathered with a beak.

What a pity, Mr Wengrow, and you look so smart in your suit. 

Given that without Freddie, Isaac’s their back up when Hector’s being a complete shit, it always makes me wonder if they ever considered putting Lix in front of the camera in the event that Hector doesn’t make it on time. 

Yeah, 1950s sexism and all that and Lix’s answer would probably be “Lol, darling, no” anyway, but is a green 21 year old really better than the maturer and considerably more charismatic head of the foreign desk? Surely the thought went through Bel’s mind at some point during Freddie’s absence.

Really, I’d have loved a scene where they played around with having a woman host the show. That would be fun.