Under Pressure // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

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Requested by Two anons:

“Could you write something where the reader is a really nice girl but everyone pushes her around until one day she wolfs out.”

“Could you make an image where the reader is a sad person and people push her around and she tries to commit suicide but stiles saves her?”

If you honestly hate this just dm me or ask me to redo it and I’ll do it again!


”(Y/n) stop trying,“ (Y/n)’s bully sneered, pushing the girl against the wall,” You are worthless and can’t do anything. Why do you force Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac, and Allison to be with you? They don’t even like you, they’re using you.“

“Thanks but I’m fine with them ‘using’ me,” (Y/n) made quotation marks, smiling sweetly,“ Because they’re not. They’re my friends.”

“No they’re not,” The bully smirked,“ Why are they spreading rumors and talking about you?”

“They’re not?” (Y/n) questioned herself.

“Hey believe what you want,” the bully pushed past her,“ I’m the one telling the truth.”

(Y/n) stood still,’ They wouldn’t do that to me, right?’ She shook her head and walked past.

“Stiles,” (Y/n) smiled and waved at the awkward teen.

“Ohh (Y/n)!” Stiles exclaimed, avoiding making eye contact with the girl,“ What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here?” (Y/n) tilted her head in confusion,“ What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Uh yeah I feel amazing,” Stiles looked past her,“ Uh research why wolves hunt in packs?”

“Stiles we already know th-” (Y/n) started to talk when Stiles pushed past her in a hurry.

“Sorry (Y/n)!” He yelled out.

“Weird,” (Y/n) muttered, staring helplessly at her hands,“ Did I do something again?”

In class (Y/n) leaned forward and whispered to Isaac who sat in front of her,“ Why is everyone acting weird today?”

“Huh?” The boy raised an eye,“ No ones acting weird you’re just being stupid and annoying.”

“Oh,” (Y/n) sat back with a frown on her face. She replaced it with a forced smile and started to take notes. Isaac looked back at her, then continued to stare out the window.

As soon as the bell rang, (Y/n) stood up and shoved everything into her (f/c) colored backpack. She sped out of the room, furiously wiping away a few tears that had fell down her face.

“(Y/n),” Scott called out to the girl.

(Y/n) looked at him, with eyes puffy and her cheeks red. She forced a smile,“ Yeah Scotty?”

He frowned at the nickname,“ There’s an emergency meeting at Stiles’ house today. Go there after school.”

“Okay?” (Y/n) nodded,“ I can’t go I have (f/a) after school that’s why we agreed to not to have me-”

“Then you’re out of the pack,” Scott whispered, knowing she could fully hear him.

“What do you mean?” (Y/n) asked, the forced smile leaving her face,“ You know I can’t skip it I was ‘sick’ too many times for the pack. I can’t miss any more please Scott just an hour you guys can wait, right?”

“(Y/n) it’s an emergency,” Lydia spat out,“ E m e r g e n c y, get it together you’re dragging us down, you’re out of the pack don’t try and worm yourself back in.”

“Lydia…” The (H/c) haired girl trailed off, looking at the ground.

“Lydia be nice,” Allison scolded,“ The weakling might kill herself over this.” The two laughed and Scott tried to hide his laughter.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” (Y/n) asked, backing away from them,“ You- Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just annoying,” Isaac muttered from behind her.

“Isaac,” (Y/n) looked at her best friend,“ Guys stop joking around what did I do?”

Her voice cracked and tears spilt down her face,“ Why did I mess up again?”

She started to growl, her fangs growing and her eyes turned yellow,“ What did I do?” She roared and her claws grew.

Before she could hurt anyone, a force pulled her back. She hit someone’s chest.

“(Y/n) wake up,” Isaac’s voice cut through her thought, he was standing next to himself,“ This is all fake.”

“I-Isaac?” She looked at him, touching his face gently,“ Is it really you? Am I imagining things?”

“No (Y/n) I’m getting you out of this you were touched and kidnapped by a Djinn. The bastard is sucking all of your blood out and killing you slowly. It’s supposed to give you a good life but this one decided to be a little prick and give you nightmares,” Isaac held her hand,“ They’re killing it for hurting you and I volunteered to come and get you. So let’s go.”

Isaac started to pull the girl away from the others who had started to turn into gross looking monsters, with their skin falling off.

“Isaac we need to get out and fast,” (Y/n) shrieked, dodging the fake Stiles who had tried to hit her.

“That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment,” Isaac bit his lip and held onto (Y/n).

With a flash they reappeared in an abandoned warehouse. Isaac closed his eyes trying to focus on the problem. He looked, with blurry vision, at the rest of the group.

“Save (Y/n),” he whispered, falling down to the ground.

Allison nodded and rushed the the girl who’s eyes had opened.

“Allison,” (Y/n) rasped out,“ I think- I think I won’t survive.”

“You will survive damnit,” Lydia muttered, holding the girl up as Allison ripped out the wires that had be sucking out (Y/n)’s blood.

“I really think I’m dying,” (Y/n) muttered, her vision was failing her and she knew it was her time.

“(Y/n) don’t you dare close your eyes,” Stoles muttered to her,“ Get her to the Jeep we’ll take her to Scott’s mom.”

“Stop,” (Y/n) whispered, her head was bobbing,“ The Djinn took too much blood. I can’t handle it and the-”

(Y/n)’s sentence was cut off as a spear flew through the air and hit her chest perfectly.

“I’m sorry she had to die,” the Djinn stepped out of the shadows,“ She was in the way. Too bad she made a great snack.” He smiled,“ Ah reminds me of the Winchesters.”

“You were dead,” Scott growled,“ I will kill you,” His eyes turned a vibrant red and he sprinted towards the supernatural creature.

“Too bad the only thing that kills me isn’t what you are,” He sneered in amusement.

“Son of a bitch,” a man with a gun glared at the pack,“ A bunch of fudging teenagers got mixed up with a djinn.”

A man with longer hair frowned,“ Dean I think she’s dead.”

“She’s fucking dead,” Stiles yelled out in anger,“ Who the hell are you anyway?”

“The ones who are gonna kill the Djinn,” Dean, the first man, answered while pursing his lips,“ Who are you?”

“Stiles,” the teen muttered, loud enough for them to hear.

“You teens get out of here,” Sam ordered,“ Let the adults handle this.”

“What about (Y/n)?” Lydia asked the males.

“Take her to the hospital, don’t say anything about the Djinn. They’ll lock you up in a mental hospital.”

The teens rushed out, Scott holding (Y/n) as they rushed to the hospital.

“What exactly happened?” A suited man asked them.

“She was kidnapped and we were looking for her and she was lying in a pool of her own blood,” Isaac lied smoothly, hiding a bruise he had gotten from falling before.

“You all need to stay here as my partner and I go over this. You will be asked a series of questions but don’t be scared. You didn’t do anything wrong,” the man nodded and walked off.

“Excuse me may I talk to the family of (Y/n) (L/n)?” A nurse walked out of two doors that lead further into the hospital.

“Her family isn’t here but I’m her best friend,” Lydia spoke up,“ We’re all her best friends. We’re her family.”

“Well,” the short nurse paused,“ (Y/n)’s state… She won’t live to see tomorrow her pulse is barley there and she won’t be able to have a surgery without it killing her instantly. She can talk, barley though. She is a strong girl, she hasn’t cried a single tear when she was told this news.”

“She’s kinda like a wolf, she’s definitely as strong as one,” Isaac muttered,“ Anyway can we see her?”

“Only for a bit,” the nurse lead them to a room,“ I’ll come back and get you when you guys have to leave.” She walked away silently.

“(Y/n),” Stiles whispered out, slowly walking towards the girl.

She looked at them and just smiled softly,“ Hey…”

“Don’t talk,” Scott whispered,“ Why aren’t you healing? You’re a werewolf…”

“He- The spear… It was silver laced with wolfsbane- It was a trap from the start,” (Y/n) muttered, laying her head back,“ Call my friends, Dean and Sam Winchester. Make sure-”

“The monster is dead,” Isaac whispered to her.

“Hmm,” (Y/n) hummed in content,“ Hey guys? Thank you… For being my family.” She slid down and closed her eyes, releasing her last breath of air.

“(Y/n)?” Allison breathed out, being pulled back by Scott. The only sound the pack could hear was long beep of the heart monitor.

“Get out all of you,” the same nurse pushed them all out,“ Everyone clear.”

“Excuse me, friends of (Y/n) (L/n)?” Another nurse walked out, a clipboard in hand.

“That’s us,” Lydia walked up to the woman, the groups right behind her.

“I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news,” the woman whispered,“ But, your friend has passed away in the emergency room. We have found a trace of wolfsbane in her blood which had poisoned her, making her death even faster. I’m sorry we couldn’t save her.” She walked away, giving the clipboard to Isaac.


Derek Imagine~ Mate

Word Count~ 864
Rating~ safe, basically
Warnings~ fluff
Pairings~ Derek x Reader
A/N~ Hey, i love you guys. Sorry in advance for how much it sucks. =( Also, this has eactly 4500 letters. That’s cool.
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Hey can I request a Alpha!Derek x Reader where she and Isaac are close friends and are working on something together (like a project or something idk) and they work late so she ends up staying over. And Derek is super jealous/protective cause she’s his mate? You can decide whether he has told her she’s his mate yet or not! Thanks x

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First Time: Isaac Lahey

Fluffy and passionate first time with Isaac.

Isaac Lahey x Female reader

Warning: NSFW, Smut

You were sitting in the living room of Scott’s house, alone, reading a book. It hadn’t been ten minutes since the pack had left before Isaac poked his head into the room, avoiding your gaze as he asked, “Where are the others?”

You looked over at your boyfriend, putting down the book and pushing off the sofa, stepped towards him, “They just left? Why?”

“No reason,” he said, escaping the room, you hot on his heels; Not this time you thought. Isaac had been uncharacteristically distant with you, avoiding you at every available opportunity. If you two were alone in a room, he’d make up an excuse to leave, barely even looking at you.

Initially, you thought it was just all the stress from dealing with the Alpha Pack that was making him distant, but they had left weeks ago and nothing had changed. If anything, he had become even more distant. And apparently, today was no exception.

You caught the door to his room as it swung to close, slipping into the room, closing the door behind you. Isaac looked over at you, eyes wide. “Y/N, what are you doing here?”

“Looking for my boyfriend who hasn’t had the decency to look me in the eye, let alone have a conversation with me. ”

“I just…haven’t been able to talk to you.” You raised an eyebrow at him, clenching your fists at your sides.

“I find that hard to believe. It’s not like the situation hasn’t presented itself; as a matter of fact, whenever we’ve been in a room, you couldn’t have left fast enough.”

You stepped towards him, only to have him walk behind the bed, trying to put something between the two of you. “I… It’s not that I’ve been unable to talk to you… it’s that I can’t…” He trailed off, stammering as he tried to find an answer.

“What?” You stood in front of him, hands on your hips, your anger forcing him down onto the bed. “You can’t what?” You stared down, enraged by his words. “If this is your way of wanting to break up with me, there are better ways to do it.” He stood up, trying to take hold of your wrist, only to have you hit his hands off you.

“If you wanted to break up with me, you could have just said it instead of making me look like an idiot, waiting around for you to come b-” You were interrupted as you ran a hand through your hair, Isaac grabbing hold of your wrist and pulling you close.

“Don’t do that.” He whispered, his voice different; low and husky, his eyes glowing gold, almost wild as he bit into his bottom lip. You inhaled sharply, pulling at your wrist, trying to escape his grip.

“Isaac, what are you doing?” You asked warily, your eyes wide as he released your wrist, leaning close enough for you to feel his breath curling against your lips. He didn’t say anything, just smiled a defeated smile before pressing his lips hard against yours, arms wrapped around you. 

You gasped in response, wrapping your arms around his neck anyway, hands sliding down his hot back as he picked you up, hands squeezing your behind as he lowered you down onto the bed. He bit teasingly at your bottom lip, pulling it slightly, forcing a breathy moan out of your throat. He froze, releasing your lip as he pulled away, staring down at your reddening lips. Your eyes fluttered open as you panted desperately to fill your lungs.

You bit your bottom lip, Isaac shutting his eyes, his jaw working; he pulled back even further, his head hanging, hair concealing his face. “Isaac, what’s wrong?” You ducked to try and meet his eyes only to have him shake his head, avoiding eye contact.

“Talk to me, Isaac. We can only sort this out if we talk about this.” He was still above you, hands against the bare skin of your back, gently caressing you. Lifting his gaze, his golden eyes stared into yours, watching you intently as he leant in close. He pressed sweet kisses against your lips, mumbling between them: “I…want…you.”

Arching your back, you shifted against him, feeling his bulge press against your thigh, a groan vibrating against your lips. He pulled back, forehead against yours as you whispered, “You can have me.”

A somewhat relieved smile stretched on his face, before his lips crashed against yours again, this kiss slow but passionate. With the material of your shirt bundled in his fists, he broke from the kiss, tugging your top over your head, tossing it on the floor, his own shirt joining it seconds later.

A shiver raced through you as his hot hands massaged your sides, his lips following the line of your neck, sucking and nibbling on your pulse, a bruise guaranteed to be there in the morning. You whined as Isaac pressed his hot tongue against the tender skin, your back arching enough to allow his arms to wrap around you, swiftly removing your bra.

You gasped as the cold air hit your breasts, whimpering as Isaac’s hands gave them an experimental squeeze. You could feel him smiling against your neck as you moaned, chest lifting to press against his as his kisses and teasing bites continued their journey downwards.

His tongue followed the valley between your breasts, before his path continued along the underside of your breast. You breath stuck in your throat as he took your nipple between his teeth, tugging and nibbling it lightly, breathless moans escaping you as his free hand squeezed the neglected breast.

He released the hard nub with a pop, his eyes, bright with lust, making contact with yours as his kisses continued downwards, tongue dipping into your belly button for a split second, making you gasp is pleasant surprise. Glancing up at you, his eyes were concerned, asking you a silent question as he slipped his fingers past the waistband of your shorts.

You nodded eagerly, groaning in frustration as he inched your shorts down your legs, taking his sweet time. When he finally tugged them off your ankles, you sighed in satisfaction, watching as he crawled up your body, lips ghosting yours teasingly.

Whining, you heard him chuckle against you, his hands pressing yours against the waistband of his sweatpants. Eyes wide, you watched as the smug, confident exterior disappeared, your awkward boyfriend smiling down at you sheepishly. Hesitantly, you pushed his sweatpants down his thighs, past his knees, at which point he kicked them off, his lips against yours again.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, his fingers tracing patterns up your sides, shudders shooting through your form. You gasped as he swiftly removed his underwear, his fingertips ghosting the band of your underwear before removing your soaked panties.

Staring up at him, he met your gaze with his strong one, asking, his tone and eyes serious, “Y/N, are you absolutely sure about this?” You nodded vigorously, wrapping your arms tighter around him as you braced yourself. “This is gonna hurt,” he whispered, staring at you intently, his eyes searching yours for any kind of reluctance.

You smiled up at him, nodding in understanding. He took a deep breath, you mirroring the action before he pressed his lips against yours, pushing into your entrance. You whined at the foreign feeling, pulling away from Isaac’s lips as you felt yourself being stretched painfully, tears collecting in your lashes.

Isaac pressed his lips to your temple, wrapping his arms around you, hugging your quivering form against him as he pushed himself into you completely. You groaned in discomfort as he peppered kisses on your cheeks, wiping your tears and nuzzling your neck. He muttered reassurances to you, remaining still and allowing you to adjust.

Still feeling the slight discomfort of pain, you shifted, rolling your hips slightly to which Isaac groaned on top of you, a burst of pleasure ripping through you. You moaned, pressing your lips to his ear, mumbling, “Move,” in a shaky moan.

Isaac didn’t hesitate to comply, pulling out slightly only to ram back into you, burying himself deep into you. You tossed you head back, moaning shamelessly as he rolled his hips against yours, his long strokes driving you closer and closer to the edge. He groaned your name, lips pressed against your shoulder, arms locking you against his body.

Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through you, your toes curling as his angle changed, slamming himself straight into your sensitive spot, a choked moan escaping your mouth. Wrapping your legs around his hips, his thrusts delved deeper, your walls squeezing around him, driving you both insane.

Release was fast approaching, your nails digging and scratching the pale skin of his back, his teeth sinking into your shoulder, a bruise already forming. You shuddered as he leant close to your ear, a groan bivalve from his chest as he whispered, “Mine,” slamming into you repeatedly. You moaned loudly as the knot in your stomach exploded, your orgasm crashing over you, eyes rolling back as you arched into him. Moments later, Isaac released inside you, growling into your neck as he filed you, riding out his own orgasm, the two of you panting.

Pulling out of you, Isaac collected you in his arms, nuzzling into your neck as he drew you close. Still breathless, you smiled, brushing through his sweaty soaked hair before he pulled back, his blue eyes glowing against the post-orgasmic flush on his cheeks. Pressing a kiss on your nose, he grinning his cheeky grin, “I love you so much, Y/N.”

You breathed a laugh at his cheesiness, cuddling into his warm chest as he pulled the covers over the two of you, turning off the light, as you drifted into sleep, “I love you, too, Isaac.”

Requests are open; refer to the rules and, if you want to, drop me a message

Damn it, Lahey.

Request- Isaac Imagine where you’re best friends and you get in a serious fight before a pack mission and you don’t speak to him.You were both assigned to go together to the hospital to look for files of some monster you think is the new villain that’s targeting the pack.You tell Isaac to look in another part of the hospital and you almost get attacked by a monster but Isaac fights it before it’s too late and you escape with the files.Back at the loft,he apologizes crying and you just hug and more fluff?
Isaac and I rode silently in the car on the way to the hospital. We had just had a huge fight in front of all our friends over something that we had both been holding in for months. We both felt like we were growing apart but we both thought it was the other’s fault and we weren’t willing to drop it or settle. Little did we know that Scott paired us up to go and look at hospital records, trying to narrow down our search pool of who and what could be the new being, terrorizing Beacon Hills. Isaac sighed as we pulled up to the hospital, he looked as though he was about to say something so I got out of the car. I didn’t want to hear what he had to say, at least right now I didn’t.
“You are going to have to talk to me sometime.” Isaac said as we walked into the hospital, nodding to Melissa as we headed for the records and file room. She was our look out, she was the only way, any of us got to see anything that went on in this hospital. I just kept walking trying not to let Isaac get to me again.
“Open the door.” I said causing him to look at me as if I just told him that I was dying. He looked insulted, hurt, let down and most of all, hopeful that I was going to talk to him about what happened. He sighed, opening the door, using his werewolf strength and stepping inside, with me close behind him. We both looked around the room for a second before looking at each other.
“You should go into the next room over. We could cover more ground.” I said causing him to chuckle and shake his head. I sighed and looked at him.
“I just want to get this done Isaac. We can talk later.” I said causing him to nod and head into the second room, leaving me alone in the first. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for but I did know I was looking for something that wasn’t normal, like extremely not normal. Almost an hour went by with nothing sticking out but a few seconds later I picked up thick file, thicker than any of the ones I have been through. I opened it to see murder after murder, each person in the file dying of the same causes. They were all woman, they all died after giving child birth but the baby, didn’t come naturally, it tore through it’s mother’s womb, killing the mom instantly. The baby was always girl, some of the mother had sons before they had the daughter but once they did, it was the end for them. It was a curse put on the woman of the family, I remember Derek telling us about it, but he never got to finish the story. The files dated back to the twenties, each one following the same blood line and if I was right, the killer we are looking for is about our age now, seeing as the last file was eighteen years ago and what do you know? I know that last name. Before I could yell Isaac’s name I saw a figure standing in the doorway from which Isaac and I came in.
“You know my name now. I can’t let you leave.” The voice said, distorted from pure power that it gained with each kill that it committing. I heard Isaac growl from the other side of the room, him now standing in the doorway that connected his room and mine.
“Watch me.” I said running towards Isaac with the file in hand, Isaac flipping a table into the doorway as soon as I cleared it. He grabbed my hand and we started running, we knew that if we looked back, it would catch us, I mean that’s what the idiot teenagers do in every horror movie. They look back to see if they killer is still there and as soon as they do, the killer catches up to them. So we didn’t look back, we kept running. We ran out every door in the hospital and didn’t stop running until we reached the car. We rushed to get into the car, locking the doors and checking the back seat and windows to make sure that we were alone and that no one or nothing was going to get in.
Again, another silent ride. This time it was both because we had too much to say and we weren’t sure how to say it. We could have died back there, Isaac saved me, yet again and I was sorry about our fight but I knew I was right. He was drifting because of how close he was getting to Allison, now I’m all for my best friend finding love, and I really like Allison but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to get walked all over. When we got to the loft, we saw we were the first ones back and sighed.
“I’m going to call Scott and fill him in.” I said, before looking at Isaac who had tears in his eyes. Damn it, Lahey. He knew I went weak when he cried, he was my best friend for crying out loud. Before I could say anything else he let out a heartbreaking sob, causing me to start to get chocked up too,
“I’m sorry (Y/N). God, I’m so sorry. I know it’s my fault but I don’t know what to do. I’m trying but it’s a lot.” He sobbed out causing my eyes to soften and take a step towards him. As soon as I wiped a tear from my eye, Isaac pulled me into a tight hug, which I returned right away.
“You could have died in there. All I kept thinking was ‘Please don’t die, you can’t die when we are fighting with each other’.” He said just causing me to nod in his arms. I didn’t want to fight anymore, I hated fighting with him.
“You are my best friend and I love you, I never want to fight with you. I’m sorry too, I should have never of yelled and I shouldn’t have let it boil for so long.” I whispered, my head buried in his neck. We just stood there, our crying slowing down, our hearts becoming steady again. We broke the hug because we heard the elevator coming back up the shaft. It’s not like the pack hasn’t seen us hugging before but it was different this time. This time it was deep and the biggest fight we had ever had, I just hope we never fight like that again, because losing my best friend, would literally kill me.


Isaac: “We can take them”

Scott: “…”

Y/n: “uhhh no wolf boy we are so screwed”

Scott: “okay let’s run”

Y/n: “that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said Mccall I’m proud”


Stiles x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Guys come on take it seriously.” Lydia sighed and Scott and Kira came out of the cupboard and she sent Allison and Isaac in next.


“How can we take it seriously when furball over here’s growling the whole seven minutes.” Stiles chuckled and Kira slapped his arm as they sat down next to him.


“Ok while they’re in there (Y/N) pick out a name from the tin.” Lydia wiggled the tin and held it out for you.

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Broken Hearted-Part Three

Summary: (Y/N) and Isaac, two people who feel in love with each other. He loves her but he’s also in loved with another girl what happens when reality start to settle in?

Isaac Lahey x Reader

(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/L/N)= Your Last name

Requested: Nope

Part One, Part Two.

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anonymous asked:

Living with the TW pack?

  • Chaos. Absolute and utter chaos.
  • Fights for the bathroom/s.
  • If one of you is awake, the rest of you are (’I didn’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all aint getting no sleep cause of me’ ‘SHUT UP STILINSKI’)
  • Parties all the time
  • Binge watching TV shows with Stiles and eating junk with him all day
  • Stealing and swapping clothes with Lydia and Allison
  • Pranking Derek with Scott and Stiles
  • Seeing Derek for the big softie he is
  • The pack teaching you self defence
  • Everyone wandering around half naked most of the time
  • Late, drunken nights where you’re all giddy and happy and worry free
  • Dancing with Scott like idiots
  • Gossiping about the boys with Lydia and Allison to which Isaac would yell ‘we can hear you, you know’
  • Teasing Isaac about his crush on Allison
  • Helping Isaac through his nightmares and panic
  • The warmest hugs from all of them
  • ‘Call/text me when you’re there’ from Derek and Stiles saying ‘You’re not that much of a Sourwolf anymore, are you?’ 
  • Having to intervene between fights between Derek and Stiles
  • Lydia and Allison setting you up with people
  • When someone hurts you, the pack are angry and ready to go kill whoever it was.
  • Having the pack to always be there for you through anything
Hands Off - Request

Series: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Reader x Aiden, implied Reader x Isaac

Request:  Can I request an Isaac imagine where you’re friends with secret feelings for each other, but you start dating Theo because you don’t think he likes you? Also, Isaac gets super jealous and beats the crap out of Theo lol Thank you! :)


Hi, I’m the anon with the Isaac/Theo request! Can we switch Theo out with Aiden maybe? Or whoever works for you! Thank you so much ❤

Warning: Some highschool fights 

Word Count: 1698

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Allison- She’s Not Your Type

Request-  An Allison imagine? Where the reader gets injured, just a scratch, but Allison starts to doubt herself about protecting you. She feels weak and unable to handle it. But the reader assures her that it’s not her fault and stuff. That the reader loves her no matter what. Thank you!

A/N- So quite a few people messaged me asking for a part two to that Allison New Year’s imagine and I ended up tying that in with this request. You guys must really miss Allison. Next up is either a Derek or a Stiles imagine.

You leaned against the counter top in the kitchen of Allison’s apartment, listening intently to Scott as he formulated a plan. Allison stood next to you, running her thumb over the back of your hand as she tried to focus on what Scott was saying about the alphas. It was a little hard for her though, because she couldn’t stop focusing on you.
Ever since that night at Lydia’s New Years Eve party, Allison had completely fallen for you. You had walked right up to her and kissed her as the ball dropped, thanks to a bet from your cousin Stiles. No relationship had ever just sprang up on her like that, but she was glad this one did.
It was several months and half a school year after that night, and Allison had fallen even more in love with you than she had ever thought possible. Now you were facing the start of junior year together, and not only were you struggling with homework and responsibility, but also a new pack moving through Beacon Hills.
That’s what you and the rest of your friends were gathered in Allison’s apartment for, to figure out how to beat the alphas. But seeing as how one of them was faster and stronger than all of you combined, that seemed to be impossible.
“We need to get one of them alone,” Isaac suggested from the couch. “I know they’re all alphas, but they’re not as strong by themselves.”
“True,” Scott said thoughtfully. “But how are we going to catch one of them? And who would it be?”
“The twins would probably be the easiest,” Stiles told him. “Seperately, though. We don’t want them trying to form superwolf and kill us all.”
“I’m pretty sure they could kill us all separately too,” Isaac remarked.
“Wow, thanks Isaac,” Stiles told him. “Helpful as always.”
“Stilinski,” Isaac said. “Shut up before I-”
“So a trap then,” Allison interrupted, her eyes flicking from Isaac to Stiles. “We can lure one of them to a secluded area and I can probably knock him out with one of my dad’s tasers.”
“Please have it be Aiden,” Stiles begged.
“Stiles,” Scott said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you saying that for an actual reason, or just because you don’t like him?”
“Scott,” Stiles said. “Aiden is a violent asshole and he needs to get his ass kicked for once…he also won’t stop making eyes at my cousin.”
You frowned, but you couldn’t deny that Stiles was right. Ever since Aiden had arrived in Beacon Hills, he had done nothing but flirt with you constantly. He seemed to be around every corner, and you honestly couldn’t decide if he was actually interested or if he just wanted a way to get close to the pack.
Allison didn’t like it one bit, and one day after she found him leaning against your locker, she had threatened to break his fingers. Granted that was before she knew he was an alpha, but the murderous look in her eyes told you she didn’t care either way.
“That’s it,” Lydia said, snapping her fingers suddenly. She jumped off Allison’s couch, her skirt swinging wildly as she stood up. “Aiden’s totally into Y/n. He’ll definitely ditch Ethan and the others if he thinks he’s gonna score with her. All you have to do is get him to follow you and then the rest of you can take him by surprise.”
The whole pack looked back at you, and an uneasy feeling settled in the pit of your stomach. “Me?”
“No,” Allison snapped, her back straightening up as she shot down Lydia’s idea. “You’re not using my girlfriend as bait for an alpha.”
“Oh come on, Allison,” Lydia said. “You know he wouldn’t hurt her.”
“You don’t know that,” she said firmly. “And that’s not even what I’m worried about. You’re crazy-no you’re insane if-”
Allison blinked as she realized the whole room was looking at her and an awkward silence filled the air. You saw the way Allison was bristling and you immediately knew what this was about. She wasn’t just worried about your safety, she was also incredibly jealous. You reached out to place your hand on your arm, giving her a reassuring smile.
“Allison,” you told her. “You’re going to be right there. I mean, you guys are going to be there, right?”
“Of course,” Scott told you, looking from you to Allison.
“Then it’s fine,” you insisted. “And, besides, Aiden’s not exactly my type.”
Allison blushed slightly, but you could tell she still didn’t like this plan. She couldn’t stop thinking about you letting yourself be alone with some monster when you were in a skintight dress and couldn’t defend yourself. But then she realized that it was probably the best plan everyone could come up with.
It took her a few moments, but then she simply sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. “Fine. But I’m going to be right there.”
“Great,” Scott said. “Then we’ll do it tomorrow night. I know that new club is going to be opening downtown. The twins will probably be there.”
“Perfect,” Lydia said as she clapped her hands excitedly. “Y/n, you’ll come over early, and then we can get you ready. And that reminds me, we have to find you an outfit that’s…not that.”
She gestured weakly to your clothes and you looked down at yourself. “What’s wrong with my clothes?”
“Mm…nothing,” she lied.
You sighed and rolled your eyes as Allison gently rubbed your shoulders. You leaned into her arms, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a long day.

You huffed as someone shouldered past you in the club, getting way too close for comfort. You knew it wasn’t done on purpose, there just simply wasn’t enough room. Because it was one of the only clubs in Beacon Hills and since it was opening night, the place was packed full of sweaty, dancing teenagers.
It wasn’t exactly your scene, and the concept of a personal bubble seemed like a distant dream at this point. You had broken away from Lydia and, reluctantly, Allison a while ago, hoping you would see Aiden somewhere. It had been half an hour since then, and you were beginning to think Scott’s plan wouldn’t work when you suddenly spotted him.
Aiden was dancing with some random girl in a spaghetti strap top, but the minute he felt his eyes on you, he froze. He shot you a lopsided grin and you quickly dropped your gaze, heading towards the back of the club. You were afraid he wouldn’t follow at first, but from the corner of your eye you could see him quickly shoving the girl away from him.
You kept up your slow crawl to the back of the club, hating having Lydia’s towering heels on your feet for so long. You finally made it out the back door and into the alley like you had planned, reveling in the fresh air. The club had been humid and hot, with air filled with the scent of perfume and sweat.
Outside, the night air was cool on your skin. You closed your eyes for a little, but you only had seconds before you heard the door to the club creaking open. You looked over and saw Aiden heading your way, a sly grin on his face. You leaned against the brick wall, fighting the urge to turn your back and walk away.
“I thought I’d find you out here,” Aiden told you as he walked over and leaned next to you.
“Because you followed me?” you asked pointedly.
“Maybe,” he told you. “So why’d you leave? You like hanging out in dark alleys or was I just too hot to handle?”
“Neither,” you said as you made a face. “I just needed some air.”
“Ah, okay,” he told you as he leaned closer. “It’s the girlfriend, huh?”
“What?” you asked. “No-”
“She seems pretty controlling,” he continued. “I don’t blame you for wanting some space.”
“I don’t want space,” you told him. “At least not from her.”
“Oh come on,” Aiden said, holding a hand to his heart as if you had wounded him. “I’m not that bad. Definitely not bad enough to have Allison threatening to break my fingers.”
He took another step closer to you, and you vaguely wondered where your friends were. They were supposed to have been there by now, but neither Scott, Isaac or Allison appeared to be on time. You took an uneasy step back, but Aiden simply came closer.
“You know, I don’t know why you keep turning me down, Y/n,” he said as his dark brown eyes followed your every move.
“Maybe I don’t like you,” you told him icily. “You know, this was a good talk but I really have to get back.”
You knew you were totally sabotaging the plan at this point, but you didn’t like the way Aiden was looking at you. Lydia had assured you he wouldn’t hurt you, but you realized she probably hadn’t known what she was talking about. You quickly turned and headed for the door, your borrowed heels clicking on the cement.
Before you could even make it halfway, Aiden was snagging your wrist from behind and whisking you back towards him. You made a shocked noise as he yanked you closer to him, gripping your wrist tightly. His claws dug into your wrist, and you could feel blood welling up from the cuts.
“You know I’ve turned plenty of girls before,” he informed you bitterly. “And I know you play hard to get but I think we both know how you feel about me, Y/n.”
You knew it was probably dangerous to lose your temper at a werewolf, but you bristled at the audacity of his words. He was grabbing your wrist so hard that it felt like it would break, but you weren’t scared. You slammed the point of your heel onto his shoe, causing him to yelp and let go of you.
You stumbled back as he let out a loud growl, his eyes flashing a bright red. You swallowed as he flicked out his claws, but before he could even make a move towards you, the alley was being lit up with the light of a taser.
Your eyes widened as Aiden crashed to the ground with the sound of electricity echoing in the night air. Allison was standing over him, a look of calm anger on her face as she leaned closer to him. Aftershocks were running through his body as he looked up at her with murderous rage.
“Sorry,” Allison told him. “She’s not your type.”
With another swift motion, Allison was tasing him again and knocking him out cold. Suddenly there was loud creak from behind you, and you saw Scott and Isaac tumbling out of the club.
“Sorry!” Scott cried. “There was fight and we kind of got caught up.”
“Holy shit,” Isaac remarked as he looked down at Aiden on the ground.
Allison walked around Aiden’s immobile body and flicked off her taser, tossing it to Scott. “You can handle this right?”
Scott and Isaac nodded, still stunned at the fact that Allison had taken down Aiden all by herself. Allison walked over to you, her eyes immediately filling with concern as she looked at your bloody wrist.
“Oh my god,” she breathed.
She reached out to gently pick up your wrist, examining it with careful eyes. “I never should have left you alone. I let you get hurt. I’m your girlfriend and I-I can’t even protect you.”
“You just did. You saved me.”
“I was late,” she told you firmly. “He could have hurt you because I wasn’t fast enough. Y/n-”
“Allison,” you cut her off. “This wasn’t your fault.”
You reached forward to stop her shaking hands, seeing that she was on the verge of hysterics. You reached out to pull her into a tight hug, breathing encouraging words in her ear.
“You saved me,” you stated. “Allison, you’re a strong, badass hunter and I couldn’t be more in love with you. You’re my hero. Don’t doubt yourself.”
She pulled away, pushing a short strand of hair behind her ear. “Really? I’m your hero?”
“Yeah,” you told her, blushing a little bit.
Allison broke into a smile, reaching out to gently grab your face in her hands. She ran her fingers across her cheeks, admiring the job Lydia had done on your makeup. She leaned forward, pressing her lips against yours. You smiled into the kiss, tasting the vanilla chapstick she always wore as you wrapped one arm around her.
She reveled in the kiss for a moment, but then she quickly pulled away, realizing you were still hurt. “We need to wrap that.”
“It can wait,” you murmured, pulling her lips back onto yours.
Allison smiled against your lips, thinking back to that night at Lydia’s party. When she kissed you, she had predicted that you would have a great year together. Judging by this kiss, it looked like she had been right.

Preference #13 You Tell Him He’s Gonna Be A Daddy

Scott: The third Friday night of each month Melissa McCall was free to spend the night watching a marathon of newly released films and drowning the week’s stress in junk food with you and Scott. Family ‘bonding time’ was a rare occurrence in the McCall household due to Mama McCall’s demanding profession and the supernatural drama. Melissa abandoned movie night after an emergency phone call from the hospital, apologizing profusely about leaving as she ascended the staircase in a hurry to change into her scrubs for the night. With Melissa’s absence the night’s plans changed, the movies forgotten as you agreed on playing board games instead. Scott’s suspicious cinnamon flecked cappuccino irises analyzed each obscure response to his existence during the last week; subtle flinches away from affection, preoccupied thoughts, mysterious excuses to avoid companionship. The dulled thud of cardboard toppling from the shelf of the hallway closet interrupted the eerie silence, a lopsided grin on his handsome face as the werewolf clutched your favorite board game against his athletic chest; Scrabble.

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She’s like 12? -Isaac Lahey fluff

Anonymous requested: Isaac fluff imagine? Where the reader is really short compared to him and the pack teases her about it and it doesn’t really mind but once she hears people at school talk about it (saying she’s not “good” for him and her height difference makes them weird) she gets insecure about it cause the last thing she want is for people to be bad mouthing Isaac and etc. How it ends is up to you :D

Warnings: None. Fluffiness.

Words: 969

“Isaac, you simply cannot tell me that you want a kiss and then not bend down. We’ve gone over this, okay? You’ve gotta work with me here.”

He smirked before bending down slightly so that I could stretch onto my toes and press a soft kiss to his lips. The kiss lasted only a few seconds before the bell rang.
“See you at lunch.” He said, kissing my cheek before taking off down the hall so that he could get to history.

I turned in the opposite direction and made my way towards my English class.

When I took my seat in the classroom, I noticed a few girls staring at me and I tried to ignore them but they weren’t speaking particularly quietly and I could make out a fair amount of what they were saying.

“-so weird, I know. She’s like half his height. It looks like he’s dating a toddler. Honestly, it’s kind of gross and weird.”

“She’s like twelve? What does he want with her? Isaac’s way too hot to be dating a pre-teen, let’s be honest.”

“She’s no good for him.”

My hands gripped the edges of my desk tightly and I tried not to completely lose it and begin shouting at them.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and held it under the desk to discreetly type a text for Isaac. “Can we skip last period?”

He responded within a minute. “Of course, babe. Is anything wrong?”

I texted back and told him that I would explain it all next period before sliding my phone back into my pocket and beginning to take notes.

When the bell finally rang at the end of class I quickly shoved all of my books into my bag and nearly sprinted out of the room. Isaac was already waiting just outside the door.

He could tell that I was upset so he pulled me into a tight hug and kissed the top of my head. “What’s wrong, Y/N? Why do you want to leave?”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the building. “I’ll explain in the car. I just don’t want to be here at the moment so we’re going to my house for a while.”

We got to the parking lot and into my car. I started the engine and shifted into drive before rushing out of the parking lot at towards my house.

“What happened?” Isaac asked when I screeched to a stop at a red light.

“These girls in my English class were talking crap about us, about me. They were saying that it’s weird because I’m short and that I’m no good for you and that you deserve someone who doesn’t look like a twelve year old and I just hate it. Honestly, I don’t really care what they say about me. I’ve heard about how short I am for my entire life but I can’t stand the idea of someone saying something bad about you.”
The light turned green so I stepped on the gas and we shot forward.

“Do you really think I care about what they think about us? Y/N, I love you, okay? If they can’t accept it then that’s their problem. Whatever they have to say is completely irrelevant. And for the record, you definitely don’t look twelve.” He said.
I smiled a little bit and grabbed his left hand with my right. “I just don’t like it. It’s not my fault that I’m so short and you’re an Actual Giant.”

Isaac laughed. “I like how short you are, actually. It’s adorable. And it’s really fun teasing you whenever you ask me to get things off of the top shelf.”

I rolled my eyes playfully. “Shut up. I can’t help that you’re like 10 feet tall.”

“Babe, I’m only like 6’2.” He smirked.

“Only?! There are probably eighth graders taller than me! I know there are eighth graders taller than me. Isaac, I’m small!” I wailed.

He squeezed my hand. “And I love that. Especially when we cuddle because I just feel like I’m keeping you safe when I hold you.”

My cheeks burned with the hint of a blush and I bit my lip. “Can we cuddle when we get to my house?”

“I was hoping we would.”

I smiled at him. “I love you, Isaac.”

He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I love you too, Y/N. So much.”

We pulled up in front of my house a few minutes later and hurried inside. Isaac threw me over his shoulder and I squealed as he took off towards my bedroom.
He carefully laid me down on the bed before flopping down beside me and pulling me tightly to his chest. “Those girls can say whatever they want and it doesn’t matter because you’re the one I want to do this with.”

We laid like that for a while but the way those girls had talked still bothered me. “You swear that you don’t think it’s strange that I’m so short?”

“I swear. I think it’s adorable.” He smiled.

“And you don’t care what those girls say?”

He nodded. “That’s right. I don’t care and neither should you. It’s you and me, okay? They don’t matter. They’re just jealous. Why is this bothering you so much? It didn’t bother you when those guys from the basketball team were talking about us…”

“You defended my honor but punching one of those boys in the face. Is that what you would like me to do? Punch one of the girls in the face?” I asked.

Isaac laughed loudly and squeezed my waist. “I’m clearly a terrible influence on you.”
“You’re the worst.” I teased.

He kissed my forehead. “And you’re the best.”

“You love me?”


I grinned. “Okay, good. I love you too.”

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“Live a little, it’s Halloween after all” -“It’s really difficult to kiss you with these fangs in”- Isaac Lahey

A/N: Here’s my first Halloween Sentence request so i hope you enjoy!

hiiI!!!!! really love the Halloween prompts, was wondering if you could do one with Isaac with 27 and or 30?? xx

“Come on Isaac” You begged “Can we please go to this party it’ll be fun”

“No it won’t” He replied stubbornly “It’ll be lame”

“Live a little, it’s Halloween after all” You said as you grabbed a hold of his hand and tried to pull him towards the door “Look I’m dressed up and everything, can we please just go”

“For half an hour at the most okay” He said reluctantly and slowly got up to leave with you

“This has been way more than half an hour” Isaac moaned as you forced him to dance with you

“Can’t you just try to have fun?” You asked which earnt a grumble from Isaac

“Look I’m going to get some more fruit punch” He shouted over the blaring music “You want some?”

You shook your head in reply and continued to dance, normally Isaac loved Halloween but you knew that he really didn’t want to be at the party.

Once he returned with his drink you approached him with a suggestion

“Why don’t we go somewhere quieter” You said and he nodded his head in agreement, a trace of smile on his lips

Once the pair of you got outside you instantly felt the hit of cold air on your bare arms

“Thank you for coming with me” You said, linking your arm with his as you slowly meandered down the bright street “Even though you hated every second of it”

You and him both laughed lightly

“Come here” He said and tilted your head to face his, his face leant down towards yours and he placed a soft kiss on your cold lips

“It’s really difficult to kiss you with these fangs in” You giggled “But I’ll give it a go”

Save Us- Isaac imagine


  • reader is pregnant to Isaac’s baby , she goes missing and he goes nuts
  • reader is pregnant and Isaac wants to save her from threat
  • reader goes missing while pregnant and Isaac is on the phone with her

A/N : combined a few, for obvious reasons. :) sorry if it isn’t what you wanted 

You and the pack were on the run from a group of vile hunters.

Your lack of werewolf skills or any supernatural qualities as a matter of fact made you an easier target. Scott, Derek, Stiles, Peter, Lydia, Liam Isaac and you were stopping by this sort of storage room, as Chris had advised you to do. You were tired from running and you needed a place to rest for a while. Especially you.

You leaned against a counter and tried to control your breathing. Isaac heard and approached you.

‘’y/n..?’’ he asked.

‘’no it’s’s fine , just ..a bit nauseous’’ you lowered your hand to your stomach.

Isaac had gotten you pregnant, but none of the others knew yet. It had barely been two months, so nobody would notice and you decided to keep it to yourself.


‘’ It’s going to be okay, I’ll keep you safe okay ?’’ Isaac said holding your cheeks as he kissed you.

‘’yes, i..i just need some air. ‘’ You whispered heading outside. Isaac did not take his eyes off of you as you walked outside. He hated how you were in this situation in your condition. You should not have to run around or fear for your life. Not when you’re carrying another one.

‘’We can’t run forever !’’ Lydia said.

‘’we’re going to have to fight them…’’ Styles agreed.

‘’there are twenty of them, and only 7 of us, out of which three are human…’’ Peter said.

‘’hey ! I’m a banshee ?’’ Lydia raised an eyebrow and Peter smiled at her.

‘’right you can scream and deafen then to death. Good plan’’ He blinked at her and returned to his usual poker face.

‘’if we attack them , we’ll have the element of surprise.’’ Derek said.

‘’exactly. They’ll be surprised at out stupidity..’’ Liam mumbled.

‘’Look, Chris is trying to make amends with them, meanwhile , we should just stay together. Alright ?’’ Scott said looking around.

‘’all 7 of us’’ he added and Peter raised his hand.

‘’ugh what ?’’ Scott asked annoyed.

‘’there’s 6 of us here…’’ Peter said and Isaac’s eyes widened. How long had you been out.


‘’y/n…’’ he whispered and everyone became alert. Isaac rushed outside looking around but you were nowhere to be found.

‘’Y/N !!!!’’ he yelled spinning, scanning the forest/ The others approached and started looking as well. Isaac’s breath got heavier. This was not happening.

‘’um..guys..,GUYS ?’’ Stiles said and everyone expect Isaac turned to look at him. Stiles was holding up your scarf. The one Isaac had given you. Isaac’s eyes shut as his fists clenched.

‘’they took her ? How did they ? They were here ? This means they know..’’ Lydia started umbling. Scott was running his fingers through his hair and Peter was rolling his eyes.

‘’we’re going after them…’’ Isaac whispered looking straight ahead.

‘’I’ not sure that’s advisable…’’ Peter said behind Isaac and suddenly Isaac turned to grab him by the v-neck and lift him up.

‘’next time you speak, you’ll do it with no teeth..’’ he threatened him and let go.

‘’Isaac, we have to think rationally..’’ Derek placed his hand on Isaac’s shoulder.

‘’no , you don’t understand!’ Isaac said pissed, bringing his fists to his forehead.


‘’I have to get her back. I have to ! she’s-‘’

‘’pregnant…’’ Lydia mumbled.

Isaac’s eyes widened and he turned to look at her.

‘’WHAT ?’’ Scott asked and everyone’s jaw dropped to the ground.

‘’come on. Her jeans were a solid 38 and she’s been buying 40…’’ Lydia defended herself.

‘’SHE’S WHAT ?’’ Derek repeated and Held Isaac by the throat, lifting him up.

‘’do you have any idea what you did ? that baby will be a hybrid.’’ Derek continued. And Isaac grew his claws sinking them into Derek’s hands causing him to let go. Isaac fell to the ground and looked up at Derek.

‘’ your sister said that losing a member of your pack isn’t like losing family, it’s like you lose a limb. She is part of my pack..’’ Isaac slowly got up. ‘’ she is the only person I’ve ever felt anything remotely real for…’’ he walked closer to Derek , eyes lit up in flames ‘’and she is carrying my baby’’ he spoke clearly and slowly.

‘’if I lose her, it won’t be just a limb I’ll be missing…’’ he said through greeted teeth, and there was a moment of silence when his ringtone was heard. He immediately shifted and picked it up after seeing the name at the screen.

‘’Y/N ?!??’ he asked unable to hold back the tears that were forming.


‘’no, but she’s here. Well, for the moment. ‘’ the voice on the other line said.


‘’yeah yeah, bravery and stuff. Tell your alpha to meet us by the nemeton. If he willingly surrenders, you can have her back…’’ The voice said and Isaac felt his heartbeat rising. The thought of the hurting you.

‘’let me speak to her’’ he demanded.

‘’ you have 1 minute’’ the voice said.

‘’Babe ?’’ you asked and he felt his voice caught in his throat, his eyes getting watery as he let out a raspy sound.

‘’y..y/n..’’ he managed to say with an unstable voice.

‘’I’m fine’’ you said through the phone and he shut his eyes shaking his head.

‘’I’m gonna get you out of there. I promise y/n..’’

‘’I know ‘’ you whispered.

‘’I’m sorry. I am so sorry . I promise.’’

‘’I know, baby , I know..’’ you said as one of the hunters approached you.

‘’I know you’ll save me….us…’’ you said and Isaac felt his knees going weak. He had nevr felt such responsibility in his life. He had no family left, and this was the first time in his life he felt responsible of someone else’s life.


‘’I won’t lose you. ‘’ he spoke strictly and then the phone was ripped from you.

‘’minute’s up. ‘’ the voice said and hanged up. The rest who had heard the conversation waited for Isaac’s reaction, but Scott started walking away.

‘’what are you doing ?’’ Stiles asked.

‘’getting y/n back !’’ Scott explained. \

‘’on your own? With no plan ?’’ Liam added as Isaac tried to regain his breath.

‘’sorry Scott…’’ Isaac said locking eyes on the boxes of wolfsbane that were next to the door,In a vast move he had them in his hands and using the against the pack. Everyone expect Stiles felt weak and fell to the floor.

Stiles walked closer as the rest started coughing.

‘’ if you make one more step , I’m gonna have to hurt you…’’ Isaac warned and Stiles stopped.


He asked but Isaac was already walking away.

‘’THEY WANT SCOTT. ISAAC WE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT. WE’LL FIND A WAY…’’’ he tried to change his mind.


‘’of all the people you should know. I’ve been alone for so- and she. She is all I have left alright ? ‘’

‘’I know…’’

‘’and she has our baby.. Stiles, a baby.. he’s done nothing wrong…please, of all the people I expect you to understand…’’ Isaac said his voice cracking.

‘’I do. Lahey. I understand what it’s like to grow up with one parent. It messes with you, and I’ve seen what it did to my dad. I see it in his eyes, he thinks he is not enough, he is not doing it right. If you go now , on your own, you are risking more than you realize. Don’t let y/n become my dad Isaac. You a father now and you have to act like one !’’ Stiles said and Isaac turned with his forehead vein popping and watery eyes.

‘’I’m trying…’’ he said and walked away leaving Stiles voice that was yelling his name , fade to the background., with your words on repeat in his head.

‘’save us’’

Isaac- A Little Push

Request-  Hey love your blog and I really enjoy reading your imagines. If possible could you write and imagine where Issac and “you” get stuck together during a winterstorm and have to cuddle together for warmth and confessions ensue? All fluff appreciated

A/N- Thanks love! Hope you like it! Next up is a Malia imagine.

You trudged up the stairs to Derek’s loft, your boots making soft squishing noises on the metal. The snow under your boots came loose as you walked, and you briefly wondered how many people that came up after you would slip once it had melted.
You shivered in the icy stairway, wondering if it would ever melt, because this part of the building was freezing. You guessed it was probably because the older werewolf had left and turned off the heat. He had left Scott a key, telling him he had free reign of it for any pack emergency, but apparently he hadn’t done the same with the heat.
He probably hadn’t figured it would ever get this cold, considering that you lived in California. But the whole country had been struck by a winter storm this year, and it had hit Beacon Hills especially hard.
Despite the weather, Scott was still hellbent on getting the pack together to celebrate the defeat of Theo and the Dread Doctors. Everyone had made it out alive, even the chimeras Theo had brought back to life, and it was definitely worth celebrating. You tugged open the door to the loft, opening it to a room full of people.
The first thing you saw was Lydia and Stiles standing in front of the TV, loudly arguing about what movie to watch.
“The Notebook is a classic,” Lydia was telling him. “It’s got everything! Romance, comedy, drama…romance.”
“So does Star Wars!” Stiles protested. “And you, me and Kira are the only ones who have seen it!”
“Exactly,” Lydia told him as you shrugged off your coat. “And trust me, that was two hours and sixteen minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.”
Stiles gasped in offense, and you and Lydia both rolled your eyes. You looked around the rest of the room, finding Kira curled up on one of the couches with Scott, watching the argument. Liam and Malia were sitting opposite each other on the other couch, fighting over the popcorn.
“Hey!” Liam cried as Malia tugged the bowl out of his hands. “I was eating that.”
“I know,” Malia told him, grabbing a handful and shoving it into her mouth. “And now it’s mine.”
You laughed softly, causing everyone to look at you.
“Y/n!” Kira cried, shrugging away Scott’s arms and jumping off the couch. “You’re here! Now all we need is Isaac, and then we can watch the movie.”
“I still don’t think we’d be able to watch the movie,” you pointed out, nodding to Stiles and Lydia.
You ran your hands down your arms, looking back to Kira. “Why is it so damn cold in here?”
“Heat’s off,” Lydia explained as she turned away from Stiles. “We only have a few blankets too, so-”
She was cut off by the loud screech of the loft door opening once again. Everyone looked over to see Isaac trudging in, unwrapping a long scarf from around his neck. You rolled your eyes, knowing he was loving the chance to wear it when it was colder than sixty degrees outside. You also knew that even if it wasn’t that cold, he probably would have worn it anyway.
“What took you so long?” Stiles complained to Isaac. “Not that I’m happy you’re here, I’ve just been waiting forever.”
“Well I would have been up sooner,” Isaac told him bitterly. “But some asshole tracked snow up the stairs and I slipped and fell.”
You suppressed the laugh threatening to burst from your lips, covering your smile with your hand. You and Isaac were always arguing and bickering, and you found it hilarious that he had been the one to slip. You hadn’t done it on purpose, but it had certainly worked out pretty well.
“You wouldn’t know anything about that would you, Y/n?” Isaac asked knowingly.
You shrugged, looking at him with a smirk. “No, but I wish I had been there to see you fall.”
“I’m sure you do,” Isaac muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m surprised it wasn’t still frozen with how cold it is in here.”
“Which reminds me,” Lydia interjected. “We don’t have enough blankets for all of us, so if you want to stay warm, we’re going to have to find some extra. And by we, I mean you two.”
“Us?” you questioned. “But you put this whole thing together.”
“True,” Lydia told you. “But you two are the last people here. So you can go down to the basement and look for them.”
“I’m not going with her,” Isaac protested.
“Fine,” Stiles said with a shrug. “You can freeze. Actually, I think I’d be okay with th-”
“Stiles!” Lydia complained, smacking him on the shoulder. “Cut it out. You two are such babies. Just go down to the basement. The blankets are in Derek’s storage unit. Isaac could probably pry the lock open since we don’t have the key.”
“I’m not-”
“Whatever,” you said with a sigh, turning your back on Isaac and walking out of the loft. “I’ll do it myself!”
Isaac frowned, shoving his hands into his pockets and following you out the door. He didn’t like being alone with you, for a lot more than you thought, but he knew there was no getting out of it.

“I don’t see any blankets,” Isaac said as he peered past the fencing of the storage unit.
“What?” you asked. “No, Lydia said they were there.”
“Well, they’re not,” Isaac told you, irritation creeping into his voice.
“They’re probably under something,” you told him with a roll of your eyes.
You were leaning against the wall behind him, watching as he stared in confusion at the storage unit. You probably should have been trying to help somehow, but how many people did it really take to look into a storage unit?
“Y/n, the only two things in here are a baseball bat and a half-eaten sandwich. They’re not here.”
“You have got to be kidding me,” you said, pushing off of the wall and looking into the storage unit.
Sure enough, when you looked inside, the only two things in there were half of a moldy sandwich and a wooden bat. “Is this some kind of j-”
Before you could even finish your sentence, you heard the door to the staircase slam shut. Both you and Isaac rushed over, only to find the door now firmly shut, locking you inside.
“I thought you propped it open!” you cried.
“I did!” Isaac protested. “Someone must have moved the doorstop!”
“Yeah right,” you said with a scoff. “You probably just didn’t prop it open right.”
“Oh please,” Isaac told you. “You probably knocked it away and trapped both of us down here.”
“You think I wanna be trapped anywhere with you, Lahey?”
Isaac glared at you, and you two could literally feel the tension rolling off of each other in waves. You stared daggers at each other’s eyes for a few seconds, but you eventually broke. You turned away, not liking how the look you had shared seemed a little too much like a passionate staring contest.
“Whatever,” you muttered. “I’m going to text Lydia. She’ll get us out.”
“We won’t get any service down here,” Isaac told you.
You ignored him, pulling your phone from your pocket and scrolling through it. You let out a noise of annoyance as you looked at the top of the screen, realizing Isaac had been right.
“Told you so,” he muttered. “We’re going to be stuck down here for the rest of the night.”
“They’ll find us,” you told him. “They’ll realize we’re gone.”
“I doubt it,” Isaac said with a scoff. “Kira and Scott are probably staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, Lydia and Stiles are definitely bickering again, and Liam and Malia are going to be eating all the food. They won’t even notice we’re gone.”
“God!” you cried, not being able to take his constant negativity anymore. “Why are you so negative all the time?!”
“Why are you so optimistic?!” he fired back.
“Oh I’m sorry,” you told him. “Maybe I should try to be more like you. I’m Isaac, and I constantly wear scarves even when it’s 80 degrees outside. We’re gonna freeze to death down here, and I’m going to complain the whole time!”
“I don’t talk like that!” he growled, causing you to take a step back in alarm.
You realized that being trapped down here, even though it wasn’t a tiny space, probably wasn’t the best for his claustrophobia. Even just the feeling of being stuck and not able to get out probably made him agitated. You figured it was probably better for you to just drop it, and tough out the rest of the night on the other side of the room.
“Fine,” you told him softly, turning away. “I’ll just be over here.”
You walked over the the opposite wall, crossing your arms over your chest and trying to fight the shiver threatening to rack through your body. You instantly regretted taking your coat off in the loft, and you wished you had been watching the door. Being stuck in the basement with Isaac was definitely not how you wanted to spend pack movie night.
Isaac walked over to the other wall and sat down too, feeling a little bad for growling at you. He hadn’t meant to get angry, but you two were always at each other’s throats. He wished he could stop antagonizing you, at least long enough to admit his true feelings, but he had always been too afraid.
He was always terrified you would find out how he felt and laugh at him, because deep down Isaac truly believed you hated him. Still, he wasn’t going to let you freeze, and he figured he should make an effort to be nice before you hated him forever.
“Why are you sitting so far away from me?” Isaac asked softly, noticing your proximity.
You blinked, looking over at him. Even though you had just argued, you didn’t have to sit all the way across the basement, yet you had chosen to sit as far away from him as possible.
“I know how you get when you feel trapped,” you told him honestly. “I wanted to give you space.”
“I don’t need space,” he told you. “And you’re shivering. Come over here.”
“We’re going to be down here all night,” Isaac reminded you. “Unless you want to get hypothermia…”
You rolled your eyes, rising from the ground and walking over to him. “Better?”
He held out his arms, and you shook your head. “No way.”
“You’re cold,” he insisted. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone.”
You sighed, sitting down next to him and letting him wrap his arms around you. You curled into his chest, surprised at how nice it felt to be in his arms. He felt his heart beat quicken, and he resisted the urge to smooth down your hair with his hand.
“I’m sorry I’m such a bitch to you,” you said suddenly, feeling more than a little bad for how you had spoken to him before.
“You’re not that much of a bitch,” he told you jokingly.
You rolled your eyes, butting your head against his shoulder in protest.
“Kidding,” he informed you. “But you’re not really a bitch. I’m just an asshole to you.”
“Only because I’m mean,” you insisted.
“Partly,” he said, mindlessly. “But that’s not really the whole reason.”
“Oh yeah?” you asked, raising your eyebrows. “What’s the whole reason?”
“Uh…” Isaac said, suddenly realizing what he had almost admitted. “You know what? Forget I said anything.”
“Isaac,” you said softly. “Come on, I won’t care.”
He bit the inside of his cheek, seriously doubting your words. He sighed, realizing that if you were going to be stuck together all night he might as well come out and admit his feelings. He probably couldn’t have hid it for much longer anyway.
“I’m in love with you,” he said softly, all too aware of the skip in your heartbeat when he did. “But…but I was too afraid to tell you, so I was just really mean all the time.”
“That’s what it’s been the whole time?” you asked.
Isaac swallowed thickly. “Maybe.”
“Thank god,” you breathed.
“Wait, what?” Isaac asked, his eyes widening.
“I’ve had a crush on you since freshman year,” you told him, pulling away to look up into his blue eyes. “But then you got bitten, and you turned into such an asshole, and you couldn’t know that I liked you. Then you changed, but by then it was kind of too late.”
“Is…is it still too late?” he asked hesitantly.
You smiled at him. “No. No it’s not.”
You grabbed the labels of his coat, reaching up and tugging his lips onto yours. Even though you were both sitting down, he was still at least a full head taller than you and he had to bend his head to kiss you.
His lips weren’t cold like you had expected, but surprisingly warm as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against him and reaching up to run his thumb across your cheek.
After a few seconds he pulled away slowly, his blue eyes staring softly into yours. “God, I’m so glad I finally get to do that.”
You smiled, and suddenly being trapped in a freezing basement with Isaac didn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore. He leaned forward and kissed you again, all thoughts of being trapped forgotten.

“Hey, where are Isaac and Y/n?” Scott asked as the credits on the movie rolled.
The alpha had been so wrapped up in Kira and Mean Girls that he hadn’t even realized you and his beta hadn’t come back upstairs. Only now did he see that you two were missing.
“Basement,” Stiles answered with a shrug, grabbing the remote from the coffee table.
“Still?!” Scott exclaimed. “Do you think they got locked down there?”
“Oh they definitely did,” Liam told him, shoving the last of the popcorn into his mouth.
“What?” Scott demanded. “Wait, what are they doing down there?”
“Probably making out,” Lydia said, tilting her head in deep thought. “Wait, Malia, how long ago did you shut the door?”
“Two hours?” the coyote offered with a shrug.
“Oh yeah,” Stiles said. “They’re definitely making out by now.”
“Wait, you locked them down there?!” Scott demanded, looking at everyone else.
Kira nodded, flashing the alpha a guilty smile. “We would have told you, except that you can’t keep secrets.”
“They’ve been in love with each other for years,” Lydia told him. “They just needed a little push.”

Chick Flick - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Prompt (not requested) // Isaac and the reader have been friends through it all, and over time, feelings have developed between the two. Everyone can see that Y/N and Isaac like each other… except for Y/N and Isaac. When Lydia hosts “pack night” at her house, everyone gets a turn at choosing a movie for the movie marathon all-nighter. Isaac, with the encouragement of Scott and Stiles, plans on revealing his feelings to Y/N tonight, but things take a turn…

A/N: I know, I KNOW. I haven’t written in forever, and I apologize to the highest degree. School has been crazy, and I work a part-time job, as well. This is something I have written in my spare time, and I know it’s not requested, but I hope you like it all the same. I will start writing requested prompts as soon as I post this one, so send more requests in!

Originally posted by prettymysticfalls

“So, did your parents give you the okay for Friday night?” Lydia asked just as the bell rang, signaling the end of English class. She gathered her enormous stack of books in her delicate hands and strode over to you so that the two of you could walk to your lockers together before lunch.

“Yeah, and it only took an entire night’s worth of convincing. They weren’t too happy with the idea of boys spending the night, too.” Lydia rolled her eyes at the mention of your overly protective parents, but you simply ignored the gesture and began eagerly chatting about the anticipated event. “What should I bring to this sleepover, anyways? Snacks? Board games? I could bring Monopoly, but I think everyone would rather play Twister. How about sleeping bags? How many do we need?”

“Whoa,” Lydia laughed at your excitement, “you weren’t joking when you said in the group chat that you’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

You smiled sheepishly and admitted, “I’m just so ready for everyone to spend together in a situation that doesn’t involve fighting off scary supernatural creatures or talking about how to fight off scary supernatural creatures.”

Lydia slung her arm over your shoulders in a sisterly manner. “I know, kiddo,” she agreed, using the nickname that you weren’t too fond of. You were only a year younger than Lydia, the other girls, and Isaac, Stiles, and Scott, but everyone insisted on calling you ‘kiddo’. Even Liam, who was two years behind you, enjoyed ruffling your hair while using the moniker. “I think we all need a little night of relaxation.”

The two of you turned the corner towards your locker when you spotted Isaac, Scott, and Stiles huddled around Lydia’s locker. They were engrossed in what seemed to be a serious conversation, and none of them noticed you or Lydia approaching them. As you got closer to the group, you heard Stiles telling Isaac, “Listen, you just gotta tell her, dude.” Scott nodded in agreement, but Isaac still looked unconvinced.

“Tell who what?” Lydia asked, pulling open her locker, causing the group to all swivel around in your direction in surprise. There was a tiny moment of silence before Lydia slammed the metal door shut and gave them all a quizzical look, eyebrows raised.

Scott threw a look of annoyance towards his comrades before explaining, “We were just telling Isaac that he needed to let you know that he’s coming to the movie marathon on Friday night.”

Stiles and Isaac nodded furiously in agreement, and Lydia eyed each of them suspiciously before slowly saying, “Okay, then… weirdos.”

She shook her head before prancing away, making her way halfway down the hallway before turning back to shout to you that she would save you a seat at lunch. Once Lydia disappeared into the cafeteria, you faced the three boys who were still standing in front of you, awkwardly.

“So,” you broke the moment of awkward silence, “are you guys down for Twister for Friday night?”

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5SOS Preferences: Daddy 5SOS Dealing with Potty Training Mishaps

This was a 5SOS preference sent to my inbox, and I was just going to answer it, but then it got out of hand and really long, so I just decided to post it here. I really like writing these, so send me more 5SOS preferences! I really like Daddy!5SOS too, so that happened….

Luke: Luke was playing video games in the back of the tour bus with Michael while the 5SOS wives were out shopping. Ashton was out running or lifting weights somewhere, leaving Calum in the front of the tour bus with all the 5SOS kids. You guys had the door propped open so you could catch glimpses of the kids every now and then. After awhile, Michael paused the game, eliciting an annoyed whine from Luke. “I just have to piss. Gimme two minutes,” the man laughed as he stepped out of the room, door swinging closed behind him. Luke threw the controller down on the couch and pulled out his phone as he waited. 

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Not alone

this was another long request so I’m gonna summarise it here:

You’re really close with Scott and Isaac but you’ve never told them about your family. It’s the one subject you always avoid. When you’re attacked one day, you end up in the hospital and that’s when Isaac finds about your family and more worries are added to your plate. Your thankful though, because Melissa McCall is a literal angel. (tbh melissa is my fav tv mum)

ask // masterlist // mobile masterlist (requests are open!!)

Pairing: Isaac x Reader (platonic), Scott x Reader (platonic)

Word count: 1692 words

Warnings: mentions of parents death, werewolf attack, orphan,

a/n: finally!! i hope you liked this one! :-) also melissa is mum goals tbh

“You boys did great out there tonight,” you smiled at Scott and Isaac after the La Crosse game.

“Thanks (Y/N), are you coming to Lydia’s party?” Scott asked, taking off his helmet.

“I can’t I have to head home, but I’ll see you both tomorrow in school!”

“Your parents worried about you?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” you mumbled. You waved good bye and began the walk home.

Night time was always your favourite time. It was nice to be alone with the chilly breeze and the starry sky. It always gave you time to think by yourself, seeing as most people wanted to lock themselves indoors.

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