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David Henrie as Ray 
Keke Palmer as Finna 
Chloe Bridges as Posia Dameron 
Elizabeth Gillies as Kyla Ren 
Karen Gillan as Armina Hux 
Dan Stevens as Captain Phasm

10 Fictional Characters I Would Kiss

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1. Stiles Stilinski

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2. Barry Allen

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3. Theo Raeken

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4. Steve Rogers/Captain America

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5. Isaac Lahey

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6. Jake Riley

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7. Kol Mikelason

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8. Derek Hale

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9. Ray Palmer

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10. Vincent Keller

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The chapter William Exley drew in this book would be enough for me to buy it, but what a nice read altogether. What Exley does is what makes me love comics, wouldn’t miss it for anything. Jamie Rhodes, the writer, did a great work of extracting seeds from documented History and turn them (along with illustrators Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg) into five stories regarding an actual “Castle in England”. I enjoyed it thoroughly.