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Q&A Spotlight with Isaac McKay-Randozzi

We have been following the gritty black and white photographs by picture taker Isaac McKay-Randozzi, since we caught sight of his works over the years from his coverage of the SF art scene as a contributor to site in 2000.  He has a knack to capture not only amazing art and skateboarding photographs, but also that of the urban landscapes– from streets, alleys, to whatever truth is unfolding. His passion for camera and film, form and light, movement and human emotion has been his passion to be shared and enjoyed by both art and skateboarding folks alike. 

After a chat on the phone, we caught up with Isaac to see how he got started in photography, what his first camera was, shooting subjects, and how this interest became his passion that is now an integral part of his life and livelihood today.   Enjoy our latest Q&A below!!! 

Photographs courtesy of Isaac McKay-Randozzi | Portrait by Zebb Bruser

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