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McCall Pack X Reader

Word Count: 517

Requested: Anon

Request: Hey can you do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader has Tourette’s and the pack doesn’t realize because she’s so good at hiding it but one day she can’t hold it in anymore and she kind of has like a tic attack. Thanks💕

Warning: Reader has Tourettes, Mentions of Reader OCD tendencies, Tic attack/fit

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You weren’t one to whine about your misfortunes and so none of your friends knew that you had Tourettes, you were able to hide it from them most of the time because whenever you hung out with them it was pretty laid back, but it had become harder over time because of the stress that came with Scott being a Werewolf. Most of the time you were all concentrating on something and so you were able to keep you tics at bay but your friends had noticed your obsessive-compulsive tendency. “(Y/N)?” Allison asked and you looked over.

“Yeah?” You asked.
“Are you okay?” she asked having noticed you tics but not put together what they were.
“You sure?” Lydia asked slowly putting together the problem and sitting next to you. You could feel the pressure building up inside of you and without missing a beat Lydia asked Scott to find his mum, who was in the kitchen, Luckily this wasn’t one of the tic attacks that required you being restrained, though your friends were all confused and worried for you, Melissa walked into room and crouched in front of you.
“(Y/N) sweetheart,” You eyes moved to her and she nodded to herself “she’s still responding to us we just need to make sure that she doesn’t hurt herself, we have to try not to restrain her,” Melissa explained.
“What’s happening?” Scott asked.
“Have you ever heard of Tic attacks?” Melissa asked.
“What?” Stiles asked.
“(Y/N) has Tourette’s,” Melissa informed them stroking her hand through your hair. “She’s be dealing with it pretty well but I guess with everything that you’re all dealing with it’s caused it all to become more frequent.”
“How long is this going to last?” Stiles asked.
“It could be anything from 10 minutes to hours,” Melissa answered.

About 15 minutes you came around and to anyone who had just walked in it would seem like nothing happened but when you looked at you friends you knew that they had questions. You smiled and everyone seemed to sigh in relief after Melissa checked you over she left you all to talk. “So..?” Scott asked.
“What the hell?” Stiles asked.
“What?” You asked looking over at him.
“How have we all been friends for so long not known this?” Stiles asked.
“Well we’ve been in school together since Beacon Hills High by them I’d learnt how to control the tics a little better.” You shrugged.
“Wait I thought Tourettes meant you say what you think,” Isaac said frowning.
“Nope common misconception, actually I’ve suffer from motor tics, meaning repetitive movements.” You answered.
“Oh like when you click your fingers?” Lydia asked.
“Yeah.” You answered smiling.
“So why didn’t you tell us?” Allison asked.
“I was dealing with it just fine, I didn’t see the point in telling you guys about it but I guess now it’s going to be a little harder.” You answered.
“That’s what we’re here for, if you tell us how to we’ll help you.” Allison smiled and you jumped up in excitement.
“Yeah okay!” You smiled.

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