isaac lake


Rostropovich having a good time with friends and family

I: with Maxim and Dmitri (Jr) Shostakovich
II: with his wife Galina and their daughters Olga and Elena
III: having a drink with Leonard Bernstein
IV: with Shostakovich
V: doing the dance of the Little Swans (Swan Lake) with Brodsky and Baryshnikov
VI: in a tutu, with Isaac Stern and Gregory Peck
VII: with Jacqueline du Pré
VIII: smiling with Prokofiev

Give me a show about Isaac Lahey. A show about him going to France with Argent. Give me Isaac Lahey being so grounded in France all by himself after Argent goes back to Beacon Hills, but not totally alone because he’s found a pack to join and while they’ll never be the McCall Pack or the Hale Pack they’re a pack and they treat him like family. Give me Isaac Lahey being happy and falling in love with every boy or girl he sees because it’s France, “the city of love” so that’s what he’s going to do dammit. 

Give me Isaac Lahey skyping Scott from France and telling him he misses him and that he doesn’t hold it against him for holding Allison in his arms as she dies. Give me Isaac staying in touch with his BH friends and even Derek coming to visit him and check in on him once and a while. Give me Isaac Lahey vising a lake or a Cathedral to honor Allison, Boyd, and Erica on the anniversaries of their death. 

Give me Isaac LAHEY NOW.