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Rostropovich having a good time with friends and family

I: with Maxim and Dmitri (Jr) Shostakovich
II: with his wife Galina and their daughters Olga and Elena
III: having a drink with Leonard Bernstein
IV: with Shostakovich
V: doing the dance of the Little Swans (Swan Lake) with Brodsky and Baryshnikov
VI: in a tutu, with Isaac Stern and Gregory Peck
VII: with Jacqueline du Pré
VIII: smiling with Prokofiev


ART HISTORY MEME > [5/10] artists

For a long time it was considered that in Russia there is no nature that can cause admiration and become a topic for a serious piece of art. Instead, nature was only grey, faceless and melancholic, infinite as the human grief. Works of Russian artists of that time were more like copies of painters of Italy and France, who mainly depicted clarity and effectiveness of the artistic language in their works. Isaac Levitan avoided painting outwardly spectacular places. Levitan’s work was a profound response to the lyrical charm of the Russian landscape. 

Second Chances – Isaac Lahey Imagine

PROMPT: Can you do an Isaac imagine where he gets back from France and the first thing he does is go to you. You’re asleep, but you always leave the window open for him out of habit and he wakes you up and you get angry with him for leaving and the reader says something like “the worst thing is I still love you and I hate it.” And then maybe fluff?

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word Count: 1,865

Author’s Note: I don’t know if this is what you wanted but I hope you like with what I came up with.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Isaac looked out the window and saw what was once familiar to him be so different now. There were more trees in the woods, making the nighttime seem so much darker and scarier than before. The cemetery he once worked at a few years ago, seemed so much colder and more abandoned than before, as clearly no one had the decency to keep up with the yard work.  Even the high school looked different.

As the car came to a stop at a red light, Isaac noticed Beacon Hills High School had added two more buildings to the school, what looks like to be another field, maybe soccer, lacrosse, or a football field. But the most obvious change was the new black fence they added around the school. It was no longer an open school. Trying to skip school or leave campus must be harder than before, Isaac thought to himself.

It’s not just the psychical appearances that are different in Beacon Hills, but the atmosphere too. It’s been three years since Isaac left to Paris, and coming back to Beacon Hills doesn’t feel like home anymore. It feels like a faded memory.

Isaac made the choice to take a chance to change his life, and he fully believed, at the time, it was the best decision he made for himself.  But he learned something while he was in Paris; sometimes people don’t actually change because they never knew who they really were. Eventually, he figured out he didn’t know who he really was or what he wanted in life because the one thing that ever made sense to him was here in Beacon Hills. Yes, making a big life change is pretty scary but what’s scarier is regret. Isaac never regretted leaving Beacon Hills and moving to Paris. What he did regret was leaving the person he left behind and he was hoping it wasn’t too late.

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Give me a show about Isaac Lahey. A show about him going to France with Argent. Give me Isaac Lahey being so grounded in France all by himself after Argent goes back to Beacon Hills, but not totally alone because he’s found a pack to join and while they’ll never be the McCall Pack or the Hale Pack they’re a pack and they treat him like family. Give me Isaac Lahey being happy and falling in love with every boy or girl he sees because it’s France, “the city of love” so that’s what he’s going to do dammit. 

Give me Isaac Lahey skyping Scott from France and telling him he misses him and that he doesn’t hold it against him for holding Allison in his arms as she dies. Give me Isaac staying in touch with his BH friends and even Derek coming to visit him and check in on him once and a while. Give me Isaac Lahey vising a lake or a Cathedral to honor Allison, Boyd, and Erica on the anniversaries of their death. 

Give me Isaac LAHEY NOW. 

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Runaway

You could do a Daddy 5SOS Preference where the child runs away!

A/N: Enjoy! This was fun to write, and I tried to mix it up a bit. Let me know what you think!


Kayla really didn’t mean to run away. She didn’t mean to worry everyone and make them think she had disappeared. Just, everything had gotten to be too much for her. With all her volunteer organizations and clubs doing a lot of things all the time, she was busy and always on the way to do something or leaving some function.

And when it all became too much, she decided she needed a break. She wasn’t thinking clearly because she was so stressed out, but Kayla thought it would be a good idea to go to the lake for the weekend, so after school she packed a bag, left her cell phone in her bedside table drawer, and drove out to the lake.

Why she never left a note, she didn’t know. Why she didn’t tell anyone, even Isaac, she was leaving, she didn’t know. But that’s what happened, and she was taking a break. By the time Friday night rolled around she felt a million times better already, having taken a quick swim and now eating one of the sandwiches she’d packed for herself.

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