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gUyS there’s this really fucking hot guy sitting like two tables away from me and my friend in this little restaurant and I keep staring at him and he’s caught me twice and dear lord I’m a mess. ps. spent two hours in a gesture drawing class this morning and I suck at it so my dreams are dead:-)))))

// "I'm here." ~ Isaac Lahey //

Part 2

Relationship: Isaac Lahey x reader

Request:  First of all, I adore your writing! I was wondering if I can get an Isaac Lahey imagine with bits of prompt #29, #13 and #52. Like you’re Scott;s girlfriend and best friend’s with Isaac, something happens and you let Isaac stay at your house and Scott gets mad and ends up Cheating on you and Isaac really loves you and comforts you? Maybe with smut? ;)

#13 - “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.

#29 - “You lied to me.”

#52 - “Watch your hands.”

Warnings: mention of abuse,

Abuse is a serious issue. If you are experiencing ANY kind of abuse you MUST tell someone. There are all kinds of help out there that could benefit you.

If you need someone to talk to about absolutely anything then just message me. I love and have time for you all xx

Word count: 2,357 (I got a tiny bit carried away and this is only the first part lmao)

You groaned, being woken up from your peaceful slumber by the sound of your phone ringing. This was ridiculous, you were a light sleeper so you kept your phone on silent overnight to keep you from waking up at inconvenient times like now, 3am on a Tuesday – well, Wednesday now – so the idea of it waking you now was confusing. Unless… Isaac. The cogs in your brain finally piecing the information together as you scramble for your phone, answering it immediately. Of course, it was Isaac. He was your best friend, something your boyfriend Scott was never too fond of and was prone to night terrors, the reason you set his number on to loud so if he needed you at any time it would sound, regardless of whether your phone was set to silent or not. You simply assumed it was just one of those times you just needed to talk him down for a few minutes so he could go back to sleep. It was not.


“Isaac, what’s up? Are you having trouble sleeping again?” He didn’t answer your question; instead, your ear was filled with the sound of him saying your name and his voice breaking, the sound of glass smashing on his end making him whimper slightly. “Isaac what’s going on? Where are you?” you panic, knowing exactly what was going on.


“Y/N, I can’t. I-I need to – I can’t stay. Y/N, help me.” The seconds the words left his mouth and you heard the sound of him crying you were up and out of bed, racing downstairs to get your keys.


“Isaac, where are you? I’m coming to get you.” You say, climbing into your car.


“I locked myself in my room, hurry please.” It broke your heart to hear him like this.


“I’ll be no longer than five minutes, I promise.” He mutters a weak thank you as you hang up, throwing your phone on the seat next to you and speeding down the street to Isaac’s house. A journey that usually took about 15 minutes, thanks to your certainly illegal driving, took 6. 6 minutes too long in your opinion.


As you pulled up outside of Isaac’s house you see him sat on the kerb, his face bloodied and bruised and slowly healing itself, his entire body shaking. As soon as he saw you he clambered into the car and saying nothing for a few minutes. You gave him time to calm down and waited for him to speak. “Could we just drive for a bit?” Isaac said, still distressed. You simply nod and start the car. The streets were empty, illuminated by the faint light of the moon and the sparsely placed street lights. “I don’t have anyone, Y/N.”


“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”


“I don’t deserve you.” He shook his head.


“You want to talk Isaac?” He ran his hand through his hair, tugging at it slightly.


“He just went crazy. I avoided him when he got home from work, I could tell he was in a bad mood. His heart was erratic and I heard him throwing things around. I assumed that he was asleep when I snuck down to get a glass of water; he had passed out in his chair. Then he woke up and…” His eyes are once again glazed over and he leans over and grips your free hand; making you incredibly aware that you had forgotten to put on pants as you fled the house and was just sat in one of Scott’s t-shirts and your underwear. Oops. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”


“No problem, Lahey. What are friends for?” You smiled at him. He meant a lot to you and he knew it. “Best friends. But let’s be honest, I’m the best of the best. I deserve my own category.” You corrected, and he giggled and agreed.


“Damn right.” Isaac joined in, he looked down at the girl sat next to him and smiled knowing nobody else would have done this for him. This girl was truly one of a kind. There was literally no one that could cheer him up like this. He truly cared so deeply for her, he loved her but she loved another and there was nothing he could do, so it looks like he’d settle for her being his best friend and he was ok with that, he had accepted it a long time ago.


“Did you eat earlier?” Y/N chirped, pulling Isaac out of his thoughts.


“I mean, yeah. But if you’re offering food I’m down.” He grinned at you. This was the Isaac Lahey she knew and adored. This was her best friend.


“So I’m thinking the 24hour McDonald’s that’s like 20 minutes away? Chicken Nuggets sound pretty good to me right now.”


“Chicken Nuggets always sound good.” Isaac joined in, it was his turn to correct you now.


“Damn right.” You joined in like Isaac had previously and you both giggled.


Isaac leaned over and turned on the radio and you both sat in comfortable silence as you drove and got your food, bobbing your head to the music every once in a while. Once you had arrived you got your food almost instantly (considering it was empty since it was now 3:40am on a weekday) and Isaac had insisted on paying. You two had eaten your food in the parking lot and had turned to face each other, taking off your seatbelt as you draped your bare legs over Isaac.


“Ok, umm, first kiss?” You ask Isaac, taking a bite of the Chicken Nugget.


“When I was like 12, I think, on a school trip,” Isaac answered; he nodded at you as it was now your turn.


“Literally like 6 months ago before me and Scott got together.” You shake your head, vaguely remembering the drunken night a few months ago. Isaac raises his eyebrows curiously. “It was Danny ok? We were both drunk and it was a dare.” You clarify and Isaac laughs.


“Ok, first ‘I love you’,” Isaac asks. You blush slightly. In theory, it was Scott. He was the first person you ever said it to, but there was a time before that where you had fallen for Isaac, hard. So in a way, you would always consider Isaac your ‘first love’- and maybe that was why you would do practically anything for him, he had a special place in your heart. But for now, you would just give the answer you give anyone else. “Scott.”


“I haven’t told her yet.” You ask why and he simply just replies. “Timing. I’ll do it when the timing is right.”


The game continued until you guys drove back to your house, your mum worked night shifts so you didn’t have to worry about Isaac being there. “Umm, do you need something to sleep in?” You ask Isaac.


“Nah, If you’re cool with it I’ll just sleep in my boxers?“ You simply nod and climb into bed not bothering to put pants on, you two were just going to sleep. Isaac climbed in next to you, draping one arm over you and ready to go to sleep.


“Watch your hands.”


Isaac giggled. “I’ll try, I’m a cuddly sleeper.”

With anyone else, this probably would have been weird except it wasn’t with Isaac, it felt comfortable, normal almost.




Maybe it was the fact you were comfortable that you forgot to set your alarm, or maybe the fact that you didn’t get to sleep till 4:45am was the issue, but either way, you woke up at almost half past 11am when your mum walked in to get laundry and shrieked at yours and Isaac’s unexpected presence.


“Y/N, you know that Isaac is welcome in the house but next time I would at least like to know when he spends the night and not have to walk in and see two barely dressed teenagers ok?” Your mum laughed and exited the room causing Isaac to blush.


“Isaac, go and change the bathroom so I can change in here okay?” You scurry around getting an outfit. “C’mon I won’t look! I’ll turn around ok?” Any other time you would have argued about how incredibly inappropriate it was but you were in too much of a rush to care. You tell Isaac not to look as you turn around and he promises not to - which was a lie. He tried not to buy temptation got the best of him and he peaked, his eyes fixed on your body. “Isaac!” You snap, giggling at him.


“Ok, ok.” He raised his hands in defeat and smirked. You shake your head, pulling on your jeans.


By the time you two arrived at school it was just after 12pm. The principal quizzed you as to why you were late and Isaac explained it was his fault and the principal just nodded, stating that he wasn’t happy that you two were late but he was glad that you actually showed up. Walking into the lunch hall, you took a seat with your friends.


“Hey guys, hey babe.” You address everyone and then smile at Scott.


“What? Oh right, yeah, hi.” Was all you got before he averted his attention back to Kira. You let out a deep breath. This had become a constant thing with Scott. The more time he spent with Kira, the more he ignored you. You could never tell Scott your opinion because the one time you did he got defensive and argued about ‘why couldn’t he have female friends’ And ‘you have nothing to worry about’. And it wasn’t anything to do with that, it was to do with the fact that he acted like you barely existed and flirting with her constantly. You directed your attention to whatever Stiles was saying that everyone else seemed to be pretty interested in. Everyone except Scott and Kira who were just sat there in their own little fucking bubble. Isaac nudged you and nodded, asking you if you were ok without actually having to say anything and draw attention. You simply nod and turn away.


“Look all I’m saying is that I’m a decent looking guy, why wouldn’t Danny want a piece of this?” The group groaned.


“Stilinski shut up.” You laughed along with a few others and his attention was on you.


“You want to know what I find funny? How Y/N and Isaac just turned up late, you know, together. What’s that about Y/N? What were you doing all of this morning?”


“Sleeping, he stayed at my place last night.” You shrugged simply.


“Oh, So you two were sleeping together?” Stiles winked, grasping Scott’s attention.


“Wait what? What do you mean Isaac stayed at your house? Why didn’t you tell me?” Scott snapped. Here we fucking go. Things had been tense with you and Scott for a while now and this may have been the last straw.


“Yeah, he did. And I don’t see why you have a fucking problem, why should I have to run by you who does and doesn’t stay at my house?”


“Did he sleep in your bed? He better not have slept in your fucking bed.” He raises his voice.


“Scott don’t raise your voice at her like that.” Isaac snapped, his eyes flashing yellow as he watched him.


“Don’t tell me what to do with my girlfriend Isaac.” Scott glared.


“Keep treating her like shit and she won’t be your girlfriend for much longer.” You storm out of the room, Stiles not far behind to make sure you’re ok, leaving everyone on the table silent and the entire rooms eyes fixed on Isaac and Scott.


“Why, you going to fuck her again?” Scott snapped.


“For your information Mccall, we didn’t do anything. She was there when I needed her just like I would be and will be for her, but you know what? I so easily could have by now, and maybe I will. ‘Cause we both know who’s going to be the one comforting her, reminding her that she’s beautiful after her boyfriend has just embarrassed her in front of everyone. Making her feel beautiful again. Letting my hands grip her, my lips exploring every inch of her, all the places you haven’t. Listening, along with the rest of the neighbourhood, to her calling out my name in pleasure,” Scott was livid, His eyes flashing red as a smirk sat on Isaacs’ lips. “One of these days she’ll realise just how much she deserves, and I’ll be right there to give it her.” Isaac sauntered out of the room, a smirk on his lips as he left the room to go find you, listening to the not-so-quiet whispers of the students who just witnessed the whole thing.




A few hours later you felt horrible about what had happened and wanted to go apologize to Scott. He did mean a lot to you regardless so you didn’t want to leave it like that. You told Isaac where you were going and he simply nodded, saying if it was something you wanted to do then who was he to stop you.

You arrive at Scott’s house and say hello to his mum, she tells you that Scott was upstairs with a friend and you were welcome to go up. ‘It’s probably just Stiles, I can tell him in front of Stiles.’ You say to yourself walking upstairs. However the second you reach his room you open the door and gasp at the sight in front of you. There he was on top of Kira, both topless, his cover hiding their bottom halves.


“What the fuck!”

**Hope you liked it! If you guys want/ request it ill do part 2 etc with some Isaac Lahey smut? How does that sounds?**

Love y’all xx

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