Day 7-Meet My Grandparents-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#69 Prompt:#…None?

Word Count: 945

Warnings: Swearing. Lot’s of swearing.

A/n: This writing is something very personal to me, and It was something I was very emotional about when I was writing it. For anyone who isn’t aware I lost my grandfather in September. He was the only positive father figure I’ve ever had in my life and he loved me despite all my short comings. I could never do anything wrong in his eyes, and he always believed I would find ‘my thing’ though if you asked me he always knew it was writing and story telling. This will be my first Christmas without him and I think when I was writing this was the first time I really let that set in. That I’ve really thought about him being gone since the week after. This isn’t a sad writing, I think it’s actually a happy one, an image I’ve had in my head of bringing someone I love home to meet my grandparents, more specifically my grandpa. It’s just sad to know it will never happen for me.

Sorry, enough of my blubbering. Onto the writing!

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Teen Wolf

Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
Season 5: Who’s still alive?
Season 6: Who’s stiles?

I want teen wolf to end with the last scene being graduation. I want braedan and Derek in the stands smiling as they see everyone graduate. I want to see Danny getting his diploma and joking with Stiles. I want to see Isaac come back to congratulate everyone. I want to see Lydia walk up to Stiles as everyone is throwing up their caps and to finally kiss him passionately, confirming her feelings. I want Malia to be hugging her father and feel a tap on her shoulders and turn and see Kira there. I want it to end with the camera following Scott as he walks into the woods into a cemetery, cap and gown and all, and end up at Allison’s grave, placing his cap on the ground, smiling fondly as the camera pans out.

He taught me to embrace my differences and the things that make me special.

She taught me to never hide who you really are. 

He taught me you don’t have to be powerful to be strong and brave and that guilt doesn’t make you weak. 

She taught me it’s okay to fall in love even if people say otherwise but that you don’t need a relationship to be badass. 

He taught me you should always get to know people before judging them. 

He taught me popularity isn’t everything and you don’t get anything good from greed.

She taught me everyone has a dark side but you can defeat it if your heart is good.

She taught me its not bad to be honest and straight forward as long as you’re loving, caring and loyal.

He taught me anger doesn’t have to control you.

They taught me you should give people a second chance. 

They taught me you shouldn’t succumb to stereotypes. 

He taught me power doesn’t get you everything. 

He taught me your past doesn’t control your future. 

She taught me you can be independent at any age.

She taught me be confident.

He taught me more people may care about you than you think. 

He taught me good never comes from evil. 

She taught me revenge is never the best option.

He taught me people can change.

He taught me what you are doesn’t decide who you are.

He taught me you don’t have to have a child to be a dad. 

She taught me your family isn’t necessarily your blood. 

He taught me that even the most law abiding people have to break the rules sometimes. 

They taught me friendship is the best, most powerful weapon.

And people still tell me I should watch something more educational.