isaac hawthorne

Christmas Queen ❤

// So it was only natural that after I got the complete Hero’s M&M 3 that I would pick one of the biggest maps and have Koz, Izzy and Falk and a few others (It was an 7 player map with me as Koz and everyone else as computer and no allies) and the victory conditions are to either defeat all your opponents or capture a really difficult Castle. You already know what route Koz took.

Falk was the first to bite as he was sadly right next to Koz’s territory and we all know how territorial Koz is and of course Koz keeps up his charge just destroying everyone but Izzy was waaaaayyy in the bottom corner of the map and was pretty much left to be king of his little swamp as no one wanted to deal with the terrain or was busy being butchered by the military dog. 

Now, Izzy didn’t have much to reign over but he had it pretty good for all I knew,  I don’t know too much because fog of war prevented me from seeing what he was up too but he almost never left the area, which is strange until I spoke with the thieves guild and it showed Izzy to be in last place in every category so it’s make sense why he’d keep to himself.

Now while Koz was back up in the corner finishing off the last of the players, Izzy makes a beeline for the castle. Now, this castle was hardcore, I mean it had everything from silver unicorns to gold dragons, and lots of them and Izzy shouldn’t have had the resources to raise an army to take them down given the relatively small area he had to work with. None the less I start trying to race him but he made it to the castle, defeated it and won the game.

Izzy you sneaky lil shit.

Drabble: Kick the bucket

The office had been dark for the last week, not because of it being empty of an occupant; in fact, it had 2 in it at the very moment. However, that was the very reason it was dark, for one of them was a (ex)commander turned fearling and despite his unnervingly white, sightless eyes, they were still very much sensitive to light. Kozmotis didn’t dare leave him out of his sights for trouble always was a breath away, and he was set on making sure that friend was well looked after. Thus, the old general kept the light off whenever possible for the sake of his friend.

Unfortunately today, one of the high council member was paying a visit to Kozmotis and his rumor ‘pet’ fearling, forcing him to leave on all the lights as the other man refused to sit with a fearling if not every corner of the room was lit in some fashion and Kozmotis was forced to comply. Naturally this lead to Isaac being very uncomfortable, still he stayed there, in a chair with is his arms wrapped around his legs that were curled up and his face buried and said nothing that did not answer a direct question. Of course it bothered the older man to see him in such a state and was force to cause such discomfort but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t try and help while still abide by the higher ups. So, while the council member had turned away for a moment, Kozmotis took a moment to place a metal bucket over Isaac’s head in sorry attempt to shield at least his eyes, which were the most sensitive and likely felt like they were burning out of his skull. It seemed to irrigated the other for a moment but then he relaxed and settled in his seat and Kozmotis was please with himself, but felt like something was missing. He grabbed a brush and ink and painted on a happy face, as it was fitting to what happened next.

One does not need to be a fearling to enjoyed the sounds of a scrawny, displeasurable man scrabbling out on nearly all fours in a desperate bid to get away, shrilling at the top of his voice and the general and the fearling doubled over with laughter.