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Imagine: Isaac thinks you’re hot but you’re Stiles’ sister, so Stiles get overprotective over you and annoyed at Isaac.

“I’ve told you thousands of times-” Stiles started with his eyes burning with anger, he didn’t like the way Isaac talked about you or looked at you. It made him sick that Isaac was trying to get together with you- his (Stiles) only sister.

“I’m pretty sure you haven’t.” Isaac interrupted with a smug smile spreading over his lips. 

“Will you just shut up and stay away from my sister?” The dark haired boy asked with his hands running through his hair and eyes glaring at Isaac. “Or I swear, there will be consequences.”

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3, 7, and 8 for the T or D

im gonna do dares for this one <3

3. (dare) List all nine of your tumblr crushes, and describe each blog/blogger in one word. 

  1. @endangeredtreealligator  -  musical
  2. @tandembicycles  -  protective
  3. @saisai-chan  -  intelligent
  4. @gwynbleidd892  -  aesthetic-meme
  5. @thestarmaker-s  -  joyful
  6. @sevi007  -  positive
  7. @izuqu  -  hilarious
  8. @ukitakejuushiro  -  kind
  9. @eraserheacl  -  artistic

7.  (dare) Send an anonymous compliment to the last person who followed you.

8.   (dare) Send an anonymous compliment to one of your four “Biggest Fans” on tumblr.

done and done


Almost 50% to reaching my project goal! 

Thanks guys! I’m currently feeling very blessed to have so many people that enjoy what I do and want to support my aspirations as an artist. This project is to help me take my artwork to music festivals and art shows out side of Utah. These are the rewards for my project backers :)

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