isaac from teen wolf

you’re hot (when you’re mad)

isaac knows the perfect way to distract his wife when she’s angry.  

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Teen wolf pref: liking from afar

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Isaac Lahey: Isaac Lahey, was a boy that you couldn’t get off your mind. He sat next to you in science, you were a few seats away from him in English, and across the room from him in math. You didn’t know what it was, maybe his blue eyes, or his golden hair, or maybe it was his perfect smile, but somehow he was mostly all you could think about. At first your crush was small, you knew it was harmless and that it would go away after about a week or two. And then a month passes, and all your friends kept on pressuring you to ask him out. Would you? Of course! But the day you saw him kiss Allison Argent, you knew you couldn’t. All you could do was try and get over your heartbreak. “So how’s your day been so far?” Isaac asked his daily question as you both sat down for your last class of the day, science. “It’s been a day.” You told him. “A day? Normally that’s not good so what happened?” He asked, his blue eyes looking at you in worry. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

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Endless list of OCs // Tessa Dunbar - Teen Wolf [1/??]

“Tess- Tessa! What are you doing?!”

“What does it look like I’m doing, Liam!” she snapped back at her younger brother, her fists clenched and her ponytail flying behind her as she marched angrily towards the house she hadn’t set foot in in months.

“It- it looks like you actually believe what I’m telling you and you’re about to do something really dumb like go barging into a wolves nest!” Liam reached out, wrapping his fingers round her wrist and pulling her to a stop.

“Den,” Tessa whispered, sighing quietly as Liam cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Wolves have dens, not nests.”

“Thanks for the lesson, National Geographic,” he muttered, rolling his eyes and stumbling when Tessa shoved him. “C’mon, come home and we can… We can talk about this. You can tell me why you didn’t laugh your ass off when I told you I was a werewolf. You can tell me why this isn’t a surprise to you and you can… You can just… Not go running into danger, right? Because- because I mean, he- he bit me Tessa and if you go marching in there, what’s he going to do to you?”

Tessa lifted her chin defiantly, her jaw clenched and her eyes narrowed. “He isn’t going to do anything to me, Liam,” she growled. “But I’m going to kill him.”

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The Book Worm and the Beast- Isaac Lahey

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Request// Would you mind doing an imagine with Isaac or Liam (from Teen Wolf) and them having a crush on the book nerd and such. Like the girl is obsessed with books and fandoms like we are. - @omaha-wolf

*So pumped for another request! This is a super busy week, but writing definitely helps the stress. xoxox*

“You know if Y/N ever lifts her head from that book, she’s gonna think you’re a total creep.” Isaac fell from his ignorant bliss of staring at you from across the library and glared at the less appealing Stiles.

“Remind me again, why I’m here with you,” Isaac grumbled out.

“Dude!” Stiles retorted louder than expected. The shout gained attention from most visitors and a shush from the librarian. You glanced over quickly before going back to you reading. After regaining his calm, Stiles continued. “You’re supposed to be here helping me with Chemistry. Not drooling over some hot girl.”

“She really is gorgeous, isn’t she?” Stiles sighed out in frustration as Isaac fell in his daydream of being with you, but in all honesty, he couldn’t say for sure if you even knew he existed. He had liked you since the 7th grade, and even then, you always were reading. The two of you had English together once or twice since then and whenever you opened your mouth to speak, it was like pure poetry to his ears.

The problem was that Isaac had never been brave enough to talk to you, much less ask you out. Even after being turned and evolving into almost a completely different guy, that scared quiet part of him had yet to fade when it came to you.

“Look Isaac, I don’t get why you don’t just go up to her,” Stiles stated. “I mean you’re good at lacrosse, you’re tall… I guess you’re not terribly bad looking.”

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Sneak Peek of It Must Be Fate - Part 4

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) ⬅️ Catch up on previous chapters if you haven’t already, or simply re-read to refresh your memory. x

The only other person in the kitchen area was Lauren, she was busy with her phone to realize that you’d entered the room, although you didn’t mind at all. Making another coffee, you grabbed a bagel for a quick snack.

“He’ll never be interested in you”. Lauren set down her phone and washed her cup in the sink.


She smiled, like an evil villain would when they held an advantage in a movie. “Isaac. I mean the looks you give him, if you’re thinking of sleeping with the CEO to get ahead in some way, you can just forget about it. Not only is it extremely cliche but it’s also pathetic”. Innocently pretending to lean over she whispered. “You’ll never be his type”.

Coffee in on hand and a bagel in the other you kept a straight face. “No Lauren, you’ll never be his type. Please don’t ever mistake what I hope to achieve here for what you hope to achieve”. Her face fell and you innocently smiled at her before walking out feeling quite pleased with yourself.

Going past his office, the door still shut. And you couldn’t shake the previous feeling of wanting to go in and check if everything was okay. Throwing out the bagel, due to the lack of appetite increasing, you hovered a hand over the handle. Shaking your head to acknowledge it was a bad idea, you were about to turn to walk away when the door flung wide open.

Face to face with Isaac his eyes beyond the point of tiredness, his shirt crumpled and his hair a disheveled mess. “We need to talk”, Isaac blurted out.

Teen Wolf Preference; SPACE

*Scott Isaac Lydia and Stiles

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isaac wakes up one morning unexpectedly naked and hungover in bed with an equally naked chris argent and a fractured recollection of the previous night. stiles, who has come to accept the situation, is making chocolate chip pancakes downstairs.

About three things Isaac is absolutely positive.

First, Chris Argent is naked.

Second, there is a part of him—and Isaac isn’t sure which part that is—that was definitely inside Isaac last night.

And third, Isaac is also unconditionally and irrevocably naked right now.

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