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The very last episode of teen wolf is Isaac back from Paris. He and Scott reunited and visiting Allisons grave (as like an anniversary of her death)stiles and Lydia show up with Derek as well. they all part ways except Scott and stiles. Stiles says “hey Scott, I heard there was a dead body in the woods, a body cut in half wanna go check it out” they jump in the Jeep and as they’re passing the school all you see is coach running out, tears of joy everywhere………. Greenberg finally graduated

Teen wolf pref: liking from afar

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Isaac Lahey: Isaac Lahey, was a boy that you couldn’t get off your mind. He sat next to you in science, you were a few seats away from him in English, and across the room from him in math. You didn’t know what it was, maybe his blue eyes, or his golden hair, or maybe it was his perfect smile, but somehow he was mostly all you could think about. At first your crush was small, you knew it was harmless and that it would go away after about a week or two. And then a month passes, and all your friends kept on pressuring you to ask him out. Would you? Of course! But the day you saw him kiss Allison Argent, you knew you couldn’t. All you could do was try and get over your heartbreak. “So how’s your day been so far?” Isaac asked his daily question as you both sat down for your last class of the day, science. “It’s been a day.” You told him. “A day? Normally that’s not good so what happened?” He asked, his blue eyes looking at you in worry. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

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The Book Worm and the Beast- Isaac Lahey

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Request// Would you mind doing an imagine with Isaac or Liam (from Teen Wolf) and them having a crush on the book nerd and such. Like the girl is obsessed with books and fandoms like we are. - @omaha-wolf

*So pumped for another request! This is a super busy week, but writing definitely helps the stress. xoxox*

“You know if Y/N ever lifts her head from that book, she’s gonna think you’re a total creep.” Isaac fell from his ignorant bliss of staring at you from across the library and glared at the less appealing Stiles.

“Remind me again, why I’m here with you,” Isaac grumbled out.

“Dude!” Stiles retorted louder than expected. The shout gained attention from most visitors and a shush from the librarian. You glanced over quickly before going back to you reading. After regaining his calm, Stiles continued. “You’re supposed to be here helping me with Chemistry. Not drooling over some hot girl.”

“She really is gorgeous, isn’t she?” Stiles sighed out in frustration as Isaac fell in his daydream of being with you, but in all honesty, he couldn’t say for sure if you even knew he existed. He had liked you since the 7th grade, and even then, you always were reading. The two of you had English together once or twice since then and whenever you opened your mouth to speak, it was like pure poetry to his ears.

The problem was that Isaac had never been brave enough to talk to you, much less ask you out. Even after being turned and evolving into almost a completely different guy, that scared quiet part of him had yet to fade when it came to you.

“Look Isaac, I don’t get why you don’t just go up to her,” Stiles stated. “I mean you’re good at lacrosse, you’re tall… I guess you’re not terribly bad looking.”

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Endless list of OCs // Tessa Dunbar - Teen Wolf [1/??]

“Tess- Tessa! What are you doing?!”

“What does it look like I’m doing, Liam!” she snapped back at her younger brother, her fists clenched and her ponytail flying behind her as she marched angrily towards the house she hadn’t set foot in in months.

“It- it looks like you actually believe what I’m telling you and you’re about to do something really dumb like go barging into a wolves nest!” Liam reached out, wrapping his fingers round her wrist and pulling her to a stop.

“Den,” Tessa whispered, sighing quietly as Liam cocked his head to the side in confusion. “Wolves have dens, not nests.”

“Thanks for the lesson, National Geographic,” he muttered, rolling his eyes and stumbling when Tessa shoved him. “C’mon, come home and we can… We can talk about this. You can tell me why you didn’t laugh your ass off when I told you I was a werewolf. You can tell me why this isn’t a surprise to you and you can… You can just… Not go running into danger, right? Because- because I mean, he- he bit me Tessa and if you go marching in there, what’s he going to do to you?”

Tessa lifted her chin defiantly, her jaw clenched and her eyes narrowed. “He isn’t going to do anything to me, Liam,” she growled. “But I’m going to kill him.”

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Teen Wolf Preference; SPACE

*Scott Isaac Lydia and Stiles

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Hi could you do #10 #31 and #42 with Isaac from teen wolf? Like they are lovers but have a teasing relationship?

Isaac Lahey - “Netflix and Chill?”

“So euh…” Isaac licked his lips when he turned his face towards you. His arm rested on your shoulder and your head leaned against his chest. “When do your parents come back, actually?” He cocked his head slightly and there was a twinkle in his eyes you knew all too well.

“I don’t know. They didn’t say that.” You spoke softly and you turned around so your nose brushed his. “Why are you asking?” You knew exactly why he was asking it, but you liked his cheeks turning pink when you forced him to say it out loud.

“Well…” Isaac paused for a moment and he tightened his grip on you. “When you asked me to come over for Netflix and chill, I wasn’t really thinking that you literally meant Netflix and chill.” His cheeks heated up and a smile spread across your face.

“O?” You pushed yourself up and you tapped the tip of his nose while you placed your hand on his chest. “Then what did you think I was talking about? Why would I say something and not mean it literally?” Your lips were almost touching his, but just when he was about to close the gap between your faces, you turned your head away so his kiss ended on your cheek.

“You know what I’m talking about!” Isaac groaned. “You just want me to say it out loud, do you?” He sighed and then he pressed his lips to your ear. “I was actually thinking about trying out that kingsize bed in your spare bedroom.”

You giggled and then you grabbed his shirt and kissed his lips. “That sounds good to me.” You kissed his cheek, his jaw, his neck and then you lifted his shirt up and started to press kisses on his stomach, trailing lower and lower until you had to unbutton his jeans. “Don’t you think we’d be wasting time by going there though?” You shove his jeans over his hips, slowly, that slowly that eventually Isaac pulled it out himself and threw it on the floor next to the couch.

Are you trying to kill me?” He pressed the palms of his hands to your cheeks and his eyes met yours. “Again?” He tightened his grip, but you placed your hand on the growing bulge in his boxershort. “Fine, we’ll do it right here.” He grabbed the bottom of your shirt and pulled it over your head. But just when he was about to kiss you again you heard the front door being opened and quickly you set up.

Get dressed…” You hissed between your teeth and you grabbed your shirt from the floor and pulled it over your head. You were counting the seconds and you hoped that your parents would take their jackets off before having a look at you.

Isaac had barely put on his jeans again when your parents eventually walked into the living room. Isaac’s cheeks were still pink and it was clear that he was not sitting too comfortable. “Hello…” He licked his lips and he placed his hands in his lap.

“Is everything alright here, honey? Did you have a nice evening?” Your mother curled her lips up into a smile. Either she had not noticed what she had just missed or she decided to simply not mention it.

You really hoped it was the first option. “Everything is fine, really.” You nodded. “We were just doing the usual.” You swallowed and you fought the urge to place a hand on Isaac’s upper leg. “Netflix and chill.”