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Teen wolf pref: liking from afar

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Isaac Lahey: Isaac Lahey, was a boy that you couldn’t get off your mind. He sat next to you in science, you were a few seats away from him in English, and across the room from him in math. You didn’t know what it was, maybe his blue eyes, or his golden hair, or maybe it was his perfect smile, but somehow he was mostly all you could think about. At first your crush was small, you knew it was harmless and that it would go away after about a week or two. And then a month passes, and all your friends kept on pressuring you to ask him out. Would you? Of course! But the day you saw him kiss Allison Argent, you knew you couldn’t. All you could do was try and get over your heartbreak. “So how’s your day been so far?” Isaac asked his daily question as you both sat down for your last class of the day, science. “It’s been a day.” You told him. “A day? Normally that’s not good so what happened?” He asked, his blue eyes looking at you in worry. “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

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The Book Worm and the Beast- Isaac Lahey

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Request// Would you mind doing an imagine with Isaac or Liam (from Teen Wolf) and them having a crush on the book nerd and such. Like the girl is obsessed with books and fandoms like we are. - @omaha-wolf

*So pumped for another request! This is a super busy week, but writing definitely helps the stress. xoxox*

“You know if Y/N ever lifts her head from that book, she’s gonna think you’re a total creep.” Isaac fell from his ignorant bliss of staring at you from across the library and glared at the less appealing Stiles.

“Remind me again, why I’m here with you,” Isaac grumbled out.

“Dude!” Stiles retorted louder than expected. The shout gained attention from most visitors and a shush from the librarian. You glanced over quickly before going back to you reading. After regaining his calm, Stiles continued. “You’re supposed to be here helping me with Chemistry. Not drooling over some hot girl.”

“She really is gorgeous, isn’t she?” Stiles sighed out in frustration as Isaac fell in his daydream of being with you, but in all honesty, he couldn’t say for sure if you even knew he existed. He had liked you since the 7th grade, and even then, you always were reading. The two of you had English together once or twice since then and whenever you opened your mouth to speak, it was like pure poetry to his ears.

The problem was that Isaac had never been brave enough to talk to you, much less ask you out. Even after being turned and evolving into almost a completely different guy, that scared quiet part of him had yet to fade when it came to you.

“Look Isaac, I don’t get why you don’t just go up to her,” Stiles stated. “I mean you’re good at lacrosse, you’re tall… I guess you’re not terribly bad looking.”

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Isaac Lahey smiling when you tell him you’re moving to France with him.

“Are you serious?” Isaac’s smile was wide across his face, and his eyes were bright. You couldn’t help your fast beating heart.

“I am 100% serious.” Isaac shouted with excitement and grabbed you into a hug.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. We are going to explore France together.” You smiled back at him then kissed him on the nose.

“I love you too, Isaac, you goof.”

author’s note: I really wanted to write an extra imagine today.

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gif came from: 2x11 ~ Teen Wolf

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Teen Wolf Preference; SPACE

*Scott Isaac Lydia and Stiles

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Isaac, can you hear me?

How 5x12 should've ended

Kira, who’s off trying to tame her evil fox spirit.

Malia, who isn’t talking to either of us.

Lydia, who’s stuck in Eichen.

Liam, who tried to kill you.

And Isaac Lahey, who needs to return from France, please.

*In walks Isaac Lahey*

Isaac: “You called?”


Anonymous said:Can you make another Rosalie Hale where she asks her mate about her past but her mate was abused by her adopted guy and what she experienced was so horrible it’s like Isaac Lahey from teen wolf but worser and Rosalie had tears in her eyes please

A/N: Yes of course, sweetie. I usually stray from these types of imagines, but I’ll do something different for a change. Thank you for requesting and I hope this is what you were looking for, anon. Please enjoy! By the way, it’s really really long!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Rosalie asking you, - her mate-, about your past and when you tell her, it chokes her up.


Rosalie’s gorgeous golden ochre eyes glued themselves to you. “So tell me something, sweetie,” she begins, causing you to look up at her, your own gorgeous yellow ochre eyes meeting hers. “What was your past like? You’ve never spoken about it for the whole time in our immortal lives. It’s been so long. Surely you are dying to tell someone.” Rosalie prods a little nosily and you knew that this was going to come up some time soon since Rosalie always asked you about it.

“There’s nothing to know. It was a life almost like yours but maybe worse.” you shrug, getting up and turning your back to Rosalie.

“Well then, why won’t you tell me?” her irate tone doesn’t surprise you any more. You’d grown so used to her mood swings it no longer effected you.

“Because,” you says slowly, turning around to face her. “My life was hell and Carlisle turned me for another reason. We lived in the same time period but on different corners of the world. Can’t you just leave it at that, Rosalie?” you beg her.

“I’ll just ask Carlisle, then.” she lifts her nose up like she had smelt something disgusting as her eyes icily settled on yours.

“You know what? Fine. Take a seat. You’ll be here for a long time and grab a box of tissues because it’s a big old sob story.” you snap.

“Don’t humour me with tissues. I won’t cry, and besides you know we don’t have tears.” Rosalie sits on the edge of the bed the two of you shared, ironically. “I know you don’t like getting emotional but maybe it will help us connect further.” she carries on.

“Like we need to get any closer, Rosalie.” you sigh, leaning against the wall on the other end of the room. “I don’t talk about this simply because it makes me go bitter.” you start.

“You already are bitter in a sarcastic manner.” Rosalie smiles wryly at you. You roll your eyes.

“If you want to hear it then quit with the commentating, tuts.” you warn her and she smirks, glad that she’s having her way.


You take a deep breath before you speak, facing the large window. You didn’t want Rosalie to see you weaken before her. “I lived in a foster home most of my life and we all know what foster homes were like back in those times. I was there until I was about seven, simply because my biological parents died in a house fire.” you breathe out. “I don’t want to tell you what happened in the foster home, though you could guess. All the children were treated the same.” you shudder from the memories flooding into your brain right that moment. “When I was seven this rich couple adopted me and I thought I was saved.” you turn around, making jazz hands.

“What happened next?” Rosalie furrows her eyebrows.

“They treated me like a mule, Rosalie. What do you think? They had children and I became their slave.” you spit out bitterly. “Do you know what it’s like to get beaten to a pulp and still expected to clean a mansion from top to bottom?” you laugh out, but you’re crying with no tears. “One day, the day that Carlisle found me,which was my nineteenth birthday,” you break because you hated feeling vulnerable and Rosalie could see that. “My adopted father drank too much that night and I think you can guess what happened next, Rose.” your tone is like poison pelting her chest.

“I want to hear you say what happened. To let it out.” she encourages you with a ginger smile.

“I was working too slow for his taste, apparently. And with a broken arm it’s hard to clean silver fast without not doing it properly.” you laugh nervously. “the adopted mother wasn’t so bad, had a soft spot for me but she never stopped him. That beating left me worse than a pulp you know? He just threw me in the back yard with the dogs, leaving me to bleed out for hours.” you clench your jaw, swallowing thickly. “When it got dark and the lights were out, Carlisle found me because of my blood, the dogs were huddled around me to keep me warm. I miss those dogs.” your lower lips quivers as your body starts shaking. Rosalie’s expression saddens, imagining what you went through. “He turned me and I took the longest out of everyone to change. Carlisle thought that maybe it was because of all the injuries I’d endured, but I made it.” you grin, holding out your hands and twirling.

Before Rosalie could utter a word you continued. “Carlisle begged me not to go back, but I did. I scared them until they were begging for me to leave them alive. But what good did that do?” you slam your back on the wall, slightly indenting it as you slide down it, knowing everyone in the home could hear your story. “I killed them. Even the younger children.” you shake your head. “I became a monster over night. I-I became what I was scared to become. Him.” and now you’re blubbering up a storm, curled. “The children weren’t innocent either you know? They did mean things to me, horrible things. No one ever stood up for me or liked me there apart from my adopted mother. she wasn’t so bad…” you shake your head. “I left the dogs alone, though, made sure they were okay.” you were getting off track from the trauma.

“She begged me to leave him alive, but I grew impatient and impulsive. I snapped her neck like a twig…” you shake your head. “She didn’t even deserve it. But then I saw him, him crying and begging and pleading like I used to and I had power and I bit into him, slaughtered him like a pig, Rose.” you tug on yourhair. “I never got over that so I ran away from Carlisle but he followed me with Esme.” you shake your head. “I was a ripper and I preyed on innocent people and that made me bitter. That’s why I am the way that I am, why I’m bitter and sarcastic and can’t take things seriously. If we ever die and there’s a chance we get to Heaven, Rose. God won’t forgive me for all the killing I did. Hell’s my home.” you shrug, laughing a little.

That’s when you looked up to see what Rosalie’s expression was like. It was torn and agonisingly hurt. Her ochre eyes did not meet yours whatsoever as she sniffled, swallowing thickly. “And now I’ve made you cry.” you throw your hands up.

“No,” she shakes her head. “Not you. Them. How could they have done something like that to you or all people?” Rosalie inquires. “When I met yo, you were so cheery and I adored you from the moment I saw you. I noticed your bitterness and I related, because I get bitter like that…” she shakes her head. “We’re so alike it’s frightening. But I’ve always loved you as you are, with all your flaws and all of your perfections. Your past changes nothing of the love that I feel and have for you, (Y/N). It’s only deepened it. I have hope for you, you know? You’re going to change this world with your amazing gift of helping others in situations like your own. You’re a miracle.” she grins at you and you imagined tears running down her face. She would be beautiful even if she cried.

You never said anything as she crouched before you, pulling you forward and caressing you into her arms. “I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Rosalie.” you breathe in her scent from her golden blonde wavy hair.

“And I promise that you’ll never have to go through such a situation as that ever again.” she promises you and you hoped that she’s right.

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queerschtein  asked:

isaac wakes up one morning unexpectedly naked and hungover in bed with an equally naked chris argent and a fractured recollection of the previous night. stiles, who has come to accept the situation, is making chocolate chip pancakes downstairs.

About three things Isaac is absolutely positive.

First, Chris Argent is naked.

Second, there is a part of him—and Isaac isn’t sure which part that is—that was definitely inside Isaac last night.

And third, Isaac is also unconditionally and irrevocably naked right now.

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Just a thought:

What if Argent didn’t actually just leave a 16 year old boy alone in France. What If Isaac came back to Beacon Hills with him, but then was erased from reality, which is why no one asked any questions and we haven’t heard from him since.

  • Theo: I came for the Werecoyote
  • Theo: I came for the Banshee
  • Theo: The dark kitsune
  • Theo: The Beta with anger issues
  • Theo: That's the pack I want
  • Theo: ... and what did I get?
  • Theo: I get a werecoyote who can't even drive to save her life, The banshee who knows more about fashion than being a banshee, the Dark Kitsune who turned out to be a bunch of flowers, a Baby!Wolf and a boy too obsessed with his jeep!
  • Theo: And who the hell is that?
  • Isaac: Hello! I'm back from France with my scarfs!