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All About You | Theo Raeken Imagine

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request: Could you do a Theo dmut where he kidnapps you because he wants you in his pack and all’s you into being in his pack and after that you 2 have passionate sex because he is in love with you and you r in love with him thanks. - luv ya

word count: 1233

warnings: smut, oral sex, swearing

A/N: I am so sorry guys.. I know I didn’t write anything for such a long time but I didn’t really have time but now it’s time for another Teen Wolf smut and I hope y’all going to enjoy it ❤️

Everything around you turned black. You hold your breath trying to stay focused, trying to get a noise or something but there was nothing except another heartbeat. You felt someone grab you when you lost consciousness.

With an aching pain in your chest, you opened your eyes to find yourself in some dark basement. “Ah you are finally awake”, you heard a raspy voice from the other side of the room. You looked around trying to see anything but it was too dark. Suddenly you heard footsteps heading in your direction but you still couldn’t make out anything.

Someone switched on the light. “You can leave now, Cory”, the voice said demanding. You felt a hand on your cheek and you looked right into Theo’s hazel eyes. “Hello darling”, he said cocky. “What do you want Theo”, you hissed. “You know what I want, Y/N”, he smirked. You rolled your eyes at him. Since the day Theo walked into Beacon Hills again, he was trying to get you into his pack but with Scott being your best friend and knowing all the bad things Theo had done, it wasn’t that easy to change sides. “Look darling, you will have everything you want, I’ll give you all you need”, Theo added. “But why me, Theo?”, you asked raising one eyebrow. You tried to move but your hands were taped to the bed you were laying in.

“Well Y/N, where should I start?”, Theo whispered. He started caressing your face. You looked at him, not really knowing what he was planning to do. But you felt a small fire building up in your body when Theo’s hand slid down your neck. “You are gorgeous, Y/N and you’re clever as well”, he whispered and smiled slightly. You looked at him in disbelief, as long as you knew Theo you never saw him smile except for his cocky smirk. Theo lowered his face down to yours and focused on your eyes. “What is there not to like about you, baby”, he whispered and sent chills down your spine. You held your breath not knowing what was going to happen next.

Theo smirked and crashed his lips into yours starting a fire inside your body. With a swift move Theo shoved himself into you, your body vibrating against him. He didn’t pull his lips away for a second but still managed to free your hands, allowing you to touch him. Theo’s lips started exploring your exposed neck while his hands slid under your t-shirt making you shiver. You couldn’t help yourself but start moaning when one of his hands made its way under your bra and started massaging your nipple. “You like that, baby girl?”, Theo whispered. You nodded desperately, wanting to feel his naked body against yours.

Your hands moved under Theo’s shirt, pulling it off of his chest harshly. You let your fingertips dance across his defined abs. Theo placed sloppy kisses across your body until he reached your clothed heat. Your heart started pounding in your chest when Theo let his tongue slide over the thin fabric of your leggings. “Theo”, you let out in pleasure. He looked up at you, his eyes filled with lust and desire. Theo gently pulled down your leggings. Suddenly he stopped, staring at your slip. “Baby, you’re dripping”, he growled. You smirked at him as he started nibbling on the skin of your inner thighs.

With your right hand you pulled his hair guiding him in the direction of your pussy and you could feel his arousal. He looked at you, his eyes turning darker and tore your slip apart. You closed your eyes, enjoying his eagerness to please you. Theo held your hips in place, slowly tugging his claws into your hips while he slid his tongue through your wet folds making you shake. “Fuck Theo”, you groaned. He started sucking on your clit, knowing damn well what he was doing. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning loudly anymore, while Theo started tongue-fucking you. You felt your orgasm build up inside you, the known warm feeling spreading in your stomach. Theo noticed and he stopped.

You whimpered at the lose of contact. “Well princess, I am sure you want to be fucked, huh?”, Theo’s voice was dark which made your pussy even more wet. Theo got up, his erection very visible inside his pants. You could feel how red your cheeks were. “Theo let me ride you”, you said with a raspy voice. Theo’s eyes got big but then he smirked. “Whatever you want, Y/N” You straddled him onto the bed. You took your time to admire his strong chest and started sucking on his neck. You knew that you would leave marks but with them disappearing in next to no time, you risked it. Theo closed his eyes, obviously enjoying your move. While pressing your lips onto Theo’s again, tasting his sweetness again, you pulled off you shirt as well as your bra, presenting your naked body to Theo.

Theo’s eyes sparkled at the sight of your body and he pressed his erection against your core. You started unbuckling Theo’s belt, freeing his hard member. Licking your lips at the sight of his hard you pulled down his boxers and caressed his cock. Theo let out a small moan, turning you on way more than he should have. You started taking him inside of you slowly. It hurt a bit because of its size but you slowly went on until he was inside you completely.

You started to ride his cock at a painful slow pace, trying to tease Theo and it worked. His eyes turned yellow and his claws rugged into your hips. “Y/N”, he moaned. You smirked knowing he was about to beg if you didn’t stop which turned you on. You looked at him with your big, innocent eyes. “What do you want, Theo?”, you whispered seductively. He glanced at you in disbelief but then opened his mouth: “I want you to ride me” You smirked at him, starting to go faster. Smashing your hips onto his cock. Theo started moaning just as you did. He watched your boobs go up and down because of the pace you were riding him, making him groan even louder. “Y-Y/N”, he moaned.

Theo gripped your hips and turned you around, so that you were the one laying under him. He pressed his lips onto yours, kissing you harshly while lining up at your entrance. “Fuck me, Theo”, you moaned and he began slamming his cock into you. “Theo”, you cried out. You were close and he knew that, so he started going even harder. You cried out his name while your walls clenched around him, your stomach in a knot. After a few more thrusts Theo finished inside of you with a loud growl.

His wet body was falling down next to yours. He looked at you with that cocky smirk while you were panting. “So I guess you’re part of the pack now”, he said. You rolled your eyes at him. “Well, that didn’t quite convince me, Raeken”, you answered grinning. Theo raised one eyebrow. “I bet nobody ever fucked you that way”, he uttered confidently. You just laughed at him. “We’ll see about the pack thing”, you just said. Theo smirked and kissed you gently.

                           𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚄𝚂𝙴 𝚈𝙾𝚄