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Preference #8 - Father’s/Mother’s Day

So, I thought about doing a Father’s Day preference today, and then I realized that I never did a Mother’s Day preference, so I decided to do both of them in one preference. Half will be Mother’s Day, and the other half will be Father’s Day. I also just used the kids from the pregnancy/labor preferences that I did. I figured that would be easiest, although, their ages are kind of all over the place. :)

Scott - Being a mom was a lot harder than you ever thought it would be. But, being Ally’s mom was also the most rewarding thing you’d ever done in your life. Your daughter meant more to you than anyone else in the world, and you loved her more than you ever imagined possible. She was your everything.

Scott, your boyfriend, was a very close second. Ally was now ten months old, and Scott had been a God-send ever since the baby girl was born. He was the most hands-on dad you’d ever met. You could tell that Ally meant just as much to him as she meant to you.

As you get up, preparing for another day of blissful motherhood, you’re surprised to see Scott walking into the bedroom you share with Ally strapped onto his back in his carrier while he carries a tray of food in front. “What’s all this?” You ask him, a smile spreading on your face.

“Ally wanted to make sure you had the best Mother’s Day ever.” Scott grins down at you before setting the tray in front of you.

“Mother’s Day?” You reach up and move some of your hair out of your forehead. You hadn’t even thought about the fact that you had a whole new reason to celebrate today – that you would in fact be celebrated today seeing as it was your first Mother’s Day ever.

“Yeah, Happy Mother’s Day, Babe.” Scott leans forward and kisses your lips.

You start laughing. “Are you going to actually let me see my baby today?” You ask, realizing that Scott has forgotten that Ally is still in her carrier on his back.

“Oh yeah!” Scott turns around so you can unbuckle Ally, which you quickly do. The little girl, with dark curly hair and Scott’s coffee-colored eyes starts giggling immediately when she sees you.

“Hi Baby Girl.” You coo at your boyfriend’s mini-me.

Scott sits down on the bed next to you, careful not to tip over your tray of breakfast. “So, what else do you want to do on your very first Mother’s Day?” Scott asks.

As you reach forward and tear off a very tiny piece of one of your pancakes and feed it to your daughter, you smile up at Scott. “I don’t care.” You shake your head. “I just want to spend it with you and Ally.” When Scott leans forward, he quickly kisses your lips. Then, he reaches forward and pokes your daughter’s stomach, tickling her, and making Ally squeal out in laughter. This was all you needed. In the whole world, Scott and Ally were all that you would ever need.

Stiles – Every year, Stiles made sure to spoil you for Mother’s Day. The first year, Cooper had only been a few months old, but Stiles still made sure to go all out. When you had asked him why, he’d told you that one, you really deserved it seeing as you were the best mother in the world. And, second, he told you that it was the first time, in a very long time, that he’d gotten to celebrate the holiday. After Claudia had passed away, this day had been hard for him, but now, Stiles liked to focus on you instead of dwelling on the fact that she wasn’t here anymore.

This year though, things were a little different.

“Stiles!” You yell as you try to change your newborn daughter’s diaper as quick as you can. She was a fussy baby, and if she wasn’t being held, she was screaming her lungs out.

Right as you get done and pick your baby girl up, Stiles carries a crying Cooper, now almost three years old, into your daughter’s nursery. “He fell outside and scraped his knee up.” Stiles tells you.

“Oh, come here, Baby.” You and Stiles expertly trade kids, you now holding Cooper as Stiles is holding your daughter. You walk over and set Coop down on the rocking chair in the corner. “Let Mama see?” You ask your son.

Cooper pouts, wiping some of his tears away as he straightens his leg out to show you his scrape. “I got a boo-boo!” He tells you, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his shirt.

You reach down and look at the scrape. Right then, Stiles returns with the first aid kit in his hand. You wordlessly take it and open it up. Then, as you start cleaning up your son’s knee, you smile up at your baby boy. “It’s okay. Mama’s going to make it all better.” You tell Cooper while you work away. After a few more seconds, you put a band-aid, Star Wars themed, over the scrape. “Now, a kiss to make all the pain go away.” You lean down and gently place a kiss over Cooper’s band-aid.

Cooper sniffs while running his hand over his eyes, wiping his tears away. “Mama?” The little boy, who inherited his eyes from you, looks up at you, a pout still on his lips.

“What do you need, Coop?” You ask him while picking him up and placing him on your hip.

“Thanks.” Cooper tells you while leaning in and leaving a sloppy, slobbery kiss on your cheek.

“Awe.” You look at Cooper, tears in your eyes, a giant smile on your face. “You’re welcome.” You tell him, thinking you must have the sweetest son on the planet.

Cooper leans in close to your ear and whispers, not so quietly as children often do, in your ear. “I love you.”

You heart melts at your son’s words. “I love you, too.” You whisper back to Cooper.

A few minutes later, after letting Cooper down and he’s run towards the living room, where his Grandpa Stilinski is, Stiles looks over at you. “I’m sorry I didn’t plan a nice Mother’s Day for you this year.” Stiles looks down at the newest member of your family, finally peacefully sleeping in her father’s arms. “It’s just been so hectic since Baby Claudia was born.” He looks back up at you, and you can see how guilty he feels.

“Stiles, it’s fine.” You step closer to your husband, whom you’d been married to for just over a year now. “I don’t need the royal treatment. You’ve already given me the two best presents in the world.” You reach down and smooth over the unruly hair on top of your daughter’s head.

“More like you gave them to me.” Stiles leans over and kisses your lips quickly. “You work so hard, everyday, taking care of them. I just…” Stiles lets out a sigh. “I want you to know how much we appreciate you and everything you do for all of us.”

You start smiling again. “Stiles, I know. You tell me, and you show me every single day.” You stand on your tip toes and kiss your husband’s lips, careful not to jostle the baby. “I don’t need to be spoiled to have the perfect Mother’s Day. The fact that I am a mom makes it perfect.” You tell Stiles before hearing Cooper calling out for you.

“MAMA!” Cooper shouts.

Your smile widens. “Best. Present. Ever.” You wink at Stiles, referring to Cooper shouting your name, before walking off to go see what your son needs.

Derek – You had been right. Of course you had! Derek Hale, your husband over just over six years, really was the best father. At first, when you brought Holden, your oldest son, home from the hospital, Derek had been worried that he was hold the boy too tight or squeeze him when he picked him up, but he’d soon grown out of that.

Now, Derek spent as much time as he could with Holden, who was not just over seven years old. Derek liked this age. He knew Holden was tough. Now, Derek could play around with the little boy, play-wrestling and rough-housing, and not be afraid that he was going to hurt the little boy. In fact, Derek had loved parenthood so much the first time around that he’d convinced you to add more littles to the family. First, the family expanded when Holden was two years old when you and Derek had welcomed your twins, Noah and Vera, to the world. Now, you were welcoming one last baby to the family. When you and Derek had talked about trying to get pregnant again, you told him that four was your limit. You two already had a hectic home life with the three littles that you already had.

At seven months pregnant though, watching as your three children clamored for their father’s attention on his special day, you were beginning to question that choice. There was nothing like watching your husband with the littles.

“Daddy, open mine!” Vera shouts at Derek, looking just her Aunt Cora, who your kids loved.

Derek lifts five-year-old Vera up and sits her down on his lap before taking the present out of her hands and slowly unwrapping it. You watch as Derek, who is less than surprised to see another macaroni art project, smiles down at your only daughter, at least so far. “Oh V, it’s beautiful!” Derek makes a big deal out of the craft.

“Thanks Daddy!” Vera smiles, her eyes shining bright. She was such a daddy’s girl.

As Derek finishes opening all of the gifts your children had made and bought for him, you drift off to the kitchen to give your man some alone time with the littles. You knew that’s what they wanted most. Derek still spent a lot of time out dealing with werewolf business, which kept him away from time to time. He spent as much time as he could with the kids, but he also wanted to ensure that Beacon Hills was a safe place for his kids to grow up in.

A while later, you aren’t even sure how much time has passed, Derek walks into the kitchen, and wraps his arms around your waist from behind, resting his hands on your pregnant stomach. “Where’s your fan club?” You tease Derek.

Derek lets out a chuckle under his breath. “In the backyard. I figured I’d spend some quality time with the youngest for a few minutes.” Derek rubs small circles on your stomach while you glance out the kitchen window to see your kids running after one another outside. Not long after finding out that you were pregnant with the twins, you and Derek had moved out of the loft and into a nice house in a nice neighborhood. You had a bit of land though so you didn’t have nosey neighbors breathing down your necks at all times of the day.

“Happy Father’s Day, Babe.” You tell Derek while turning around in his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck in the process.

Isaac – “Daddy! Daddy!” You laugh as your only daughter, Haven Grace Lahey, runs towards Isaac as soon as he walks through the doorway.

“Haven! Haven!” Isaac teases the little girl, who looked just like him, playfully.

Once Isaac is right in front of your five year old daughter, he squats down to her eye level, blue eyes on blue eyes. “Happy Daddy Day, Daddy!” Haven announces before launching herself towards Isaac, who easily catches her.

“Thanks Sweets.” Isaac smiles, using his nickname for Haven, and taps the little girl’s nose while standing up and walking over towards you. He leans down and kisses the top of your head. “So, what do you have planned for me today?” Isaac looks down at your daughter.

“No pressure or anything…” You tease your daughter. You knew, as well as Haven, that Isaac would love anything the little girl planned or gave him, simply because it was coming from her.

Haven had become the center of Isaac Lahey’s universe from the very second that he first laid eyes on the girl as a newborn baby. Haven had her daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny finger, and everybody knew it.

“We’re having a picnic!” The little girl squeals out in excitement.

“Oh!” Isaac perks up, playing up his excitement for the little girl who was still currently wrapped up in his arms. “That sounds amazing!” Isaac dramatically tells Haven.

Less than a half hour later, you are sitting in a local park, on the Frozen blanket Haven had chosen to bring along, as she reaches in the picnic basket and starts passing out the food. “I made it all, Daddy!” Haven tells Isaac, feeling very proud of herself.

“I can tell.” Isaac does his best not to laugh as he looks at the utter mess in his hands, which he thinks is supposed to be a peanut butter and jelly. You had let Haven make the sandwiches, using a spoon instead of a knife to spread the peanut butter and the jelly. “It looks delicious.” Isaac tells Haven when she gives him a funny look, suspicious of her father.

“Hey Haven, come here.” You whisper to your daughter while wiggling your finger at her. Haven stands on her pudgy, little legs and walks over to you. You reach into the picnic basket then and grab a small gift bag out. Then, you hand that bag to Haven. “Want to give this to your daddy now?” You ask her.

Haven’s eyes go wide as she grabs the bag. “This is yours, Daddy.” Haven tells Isaac while walking over and presenting the bag to him.

“Oh, presents! This is a good day.” He tells Haven while pulling her to sit down on his lap. “Are you gonna help me open this?” He asks the little girl, knowing she loved opening presents. They didn’t even have to be for her, she just liked presents. You guessed that it had to do with the fact that she liked to know everything, and not knowing what was wrapped up drove her crazy.

Haven reaches into the bag, throwing the tissue paper off to the side before grabbing the card, which she’d made all by herself, and handing it to Isaac. You watch as Isaac looks at the card, taking in every scribble and every little detail of the card. “I love this, Sweets. Thank you.” Isaac quietly tells your daughter while leaning down and kisses the side of her head.

“What else is in there?” Haven looks over the top of the bag, trying to get a peak inside.

“Let’s find out.” Isaac tells her before reaching inside and grabbing out a thin book. On the cover, it says “All About Daddy.” As Isaac begins flipping through the book, you again start watching him. On each page, there’s a prompt, like “things Daddy always says,” or “If Daddy was a superhero, he’d be…” and so on. Haven had answered each question, and Isaac couldn’t help but get tears building up in his eyes as he turned each page. “You’re pretty special, you know that.” Isaac looks down at Haven, poking her in the stomach quickly.

“You’re special too, Daddy.” Haven looks up at him and tells him seriously, looking serious and too cute for words to even convey.

You wait, anxiously, as Isaac slowly makes it to the end of the book, where his real surprise was waiting. I can’t wait to be a big sister and share my daddy with my little sibling! Below that caption was a picture of Haven holding a sonogram picture.

“Seriously?” Isaac looks up at you, his eyes wide with surprise.

You nod your head. “It’s really happening, Babe.” You tell him, happy tears in your eyes. For so long after Haven had been born, you and Isaac had tried for a second child. But, it just never happened. When she turned four, you two had just accepted that Haven was the only child you’d ever have. It was a little sad, but you were also completely okay with just Haven. She was everything you ever could have wanted and more.

But, a few weeks ago, you’d discovered that you were pregnant again. You wanted to tell Isaac immediately, but you figured that this would be the perfect way to tell him.

“I love you.” Isaac reaches forward and grabs the back of your neck, pulling you into an intense kiss.

When you pull away, both you and Isaac have happy tears in your eyes. “I love you, too.” You reach up and wipe some of Isaac’s tears away. “Happy Father’s Day, Babe.” You smile over at him.

Brett – As Wesley got older, he became more and more like his father. Everything that Brett did, Wesley had to do, too. So, when Brett took Wesley camping for the first time, just the two of them, Wesley thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world.

For weeks now, the six-year-old had been begging you to let him go camping, just him and his dad, for Father’s Day. He had a whole thing planned out, including taking his dad fishing, which you thought was adorable. You had talked with Brett, and he seemed to like the idea, although at first, he had insisted that you come, too. You had talked about it, but then the two of you had decided that Father’s Day was about fathers and their children. You thought that giving your son and his father some alone time was the best present you could give both of them.

Of course, you had already planned different ways to spoil Brett for the entire week after Father’s Day, just to make him feel extra special and to thank him for being the best dad you ever could have imagined for your son.

“Are you ready to go, Buddy?” You walk into your son’s bedroom to see him trying to roll up his sleeping bag.

“I can’t wait!” Wesley tells you, so excited to spend time with just his dad, who really was Wesley’s best friend.

“I’m pretty sure that your dad is just as excited.” You squat down and help Wesley with his sleeping bag. When you have it all rolled up and tied, you just look over at Wesley, a small smile on your face. “Now, let’s go through your checklist. I want to make sure you’ve got everything.” You tell him.

“Okay.” Wesley stands up straight and gives you his full attention.

“Flashlight?” Wesley just nods his head. “Bug Spray?” Your son nods his head, and this is how the entire process goes. You’d ask, and Wesley would just nod his head or say check for each thing.

“I’d say you’re all set then.” You ruffle Wesley’s hair while standing up and turning to walk out of the room. You walk over to your own bedroom where Brett is zipping up his overnight bag. “Are you excited?” You ask Brett while walking over and sitting down on the bed.

“Wes is. That’s all that really matters.” Brett smiles down at you.

“He sure is.” You nod your head in agreement. “I packed you guys a cooler full of food, including snacks and drinks for Wes.” You take a deep breath. “I also caved and included supplies for smores, although it’s a little unfair that I won’t get any.” You joke with Brett.

Brett lets out a chuckle underneath his breath. “Well, you got a gold locket for Mother’s Day. I get camping.” He smiles down at you.

“Okay.” You shrug your shoulders while reaching your hand up and fingering the locket around your neck. “That’s fair.” You laugh out while standing up. “Happy Father’s Day, Honey.” You tell Brett while wrapping your arms around his neck. “Thanks for being the best dad to our little boy.” You say while leaning in and slowly kissing Brett’s lips.

When the two of you pull away a few seconds later, Brett just rests his forehead against yours. “He makes it easy.” He then looks over into your eyes. “He also means pretty much everything to me… You know, besides his amazing mom.”

You smile while leaning in and kissing Brett’s lips again, quickly this time. “Just please don’t tell him any scary stories. He had nightmares for weeks last time.” You groan out.

Brett just starts laughing, remembering that little misstep of his. “I promise.” You declares.

“Thank you.” You step away from Brett. “And, enjoy your trip with the boy.” You wink at Brett before walking away to go downstairs and double check the coolers, making sure you hadn’t forgotten anything.

Parrish – Having two daughters, a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old, kept things in your house very interesting. Jordan spent a crazy amount of hours at work. He was constantly trying to get home early or take a day off, but he was now the sheriff, after Sheriff Stilinski had retired a few years ago. When duty called, he had to go. There wasn’t another option.

As Ella and Honor, your lovely girls who used to be such sweet babies, keep shouting at one another, you let out a groan. “Girls, please! Give it a rest.” You look over at them pointedly, looking down at your watch.

Jordan was supposed to be home over a half hour ago. The four of you were going to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day, but he was late. You didn’t blame him, but your daughters, while lovely, intelligent, charming, and funny, were not patient. It just wasn’t one of their virtues.

“Tell Honor to quit bugging me!” Ella complains. “She keeps trying to read my text messages.”

You roll your eyes. Ella was in that phase that she preferred to be around anyone but her little sister, while Honor still idolized her big sister and wanted to be just like her.

“Honor, please, give Ella some space.” You give your youngest daughter a small smile, knowing it was hard for her. She just wanted to feel close to her sister.

Honor stands up and walks over to you. “When is Dad coming home? I’m hungry.” She looks at you, her big green eyes, which she’d inherited from her father, looking up at you.

You take a deep breath, not really knowing how to answer Honor. “Hopefully he’ll be here soon.” You tell her while reaching out softly caressing her cheek, in that way that only a mother can.

Then, Honor bites her lip. “Can I give you your present now?” She asks you.

“Do you want to?” You ask Honor, who just nods her head. “Of course you can then.” You smile at her, hoping Jordan won’t mind.

Honor walks away and grabs one of the gift boxes that had been sitting on the kitchen table. Then, she brings it back to you. As you tear the paper off and lift the top of the box off, your breath catches in the back of your throat as you catch sight of the homemade photo album sitting in the box. Honor had titled it “Best Mom Ever.”

“Awe.” You gush out, your hand flying to your heart. “This is so sweet.” You tell Honor, glancing up at her, before you open the photo album and start looking at the pictures. In every picture, you’re with either Honor or Ella, both daughters in some. Some pictures were from birthday parties or other big moments in their life, but some of the pictures are just random pictures that someone had snapped at just the right moment.

When you look back up at Honor, you see Ella watching the two of you. She slowly stands up and walks over to get her Mother’s Day present to you. She walks back into the room and hands it to you without a word. Ella’s box was bigger, but that didn’t matter. As you unwrap the presents and open the box, you’re struck with a strange sense of familiarity. As you lift the blanket inside, you realize why it seems so familiar. It was a quilt made out of blankets and clothes that both of your daughters had worn and used throughout their lifetime, mostly their baby things though. “Ella!” You gush, happy tears brought to your eyes by both of your daughters.

“I found them all a few weeks ago when I was looking for something in the attic.” Ella shrugs her shoulders, acting as if what she’d done was nothing special. “Dad said it was okay.” You knew that Ella had made this herself. Even though she was only 14, she was already an excellent seamstress and sewer. She had a knack for clothes and fashion, and she could already make her own clothes when she wanted to.

“It’s perfect.” You tell Ella. “Both of these are perfect.” You look between your daughters.

Just then, the front door opens. “Hey, sorry I’m late!” Jordan exclaims, taking his jacket off, before he lifts his eyes and sees you and your daughters. “Oh, I missed it!” He sighs out, partly sad.

“How’d we get so lucky?” You ask him, and he knows you’re talking about your two amazing daughters.

Jordan shrugs his shoulders, that charming smile you love so much present on his face. “I ask myself how I got so lucky every single day.” He tells you before walking over, bending down, and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “Happy Mother’s Day, Baby.”

“Thank you.” You tell Jordan, and you both know that you’re thanking him for so much more than just what’d he said. You’re thanking him for your life and for all the good things he’d ever done for you, all the amazing things you had because of this amazing man standing in front of you. When you look into his eyes, you can see that Jordan is silently thanking you for all of the same things.

Truth or Dare - Stiles Prompt

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Stiles Imagine where the girl and Stiles both like each other and they’re really good friends but they’ve never told each other. But one of them just does it out of the blue mid-conversation and it gets fluffy.:)

The entire room was quiet and intense. No one had moved a muscle as everyone’s eyes were set on Y/N. It’s been nearly 5 minutes and she was stuck. Her arm was starting to hurt. She needed to move it, but she couldn’t just yank it out. If she did she would lose and she wasn’t ready to lose just yet. Y/N swallowed back the tightness in her throat and started slowly moving her arm back towards her. After what seemed like hours, she was finally able to achieve her mission. She let out a sigh of relief as she was finally able to pull out the small black wooden block without knocking down any of the other Jenga pieces. 

Just like every Thursday night, it was game night at Scott’s house. The entire pack was in the middle of an intense game of Jenga, Truth or Dare edition. The game has been going on for over an hour. No one has knocked down the tower of multicolored wooden blocks, but have admitted their truths, and completed their dares. Scott had explained his worse moment at a party. Isaac and Lydia swapped clothing items, which had everyone on the floor laughing as Isaac returned to the room in Lydia’s dress with the zipper unzipped. Allison shared her deepest fear, and blew a raspberry on Jackson’s tummy. Jackson sat on Stiles’ lap, rubbed his nose with Scott, and kissed Lydia.

It was Y/N turn again. All night she had picked dares to avoid telling the truth. She rather do something fun and stupid, then be vulnerable in front of her friends. They are all great friends but she was closest to her best friend, Stiles. He’s the only one that knows every part of her, well almost every part. He knows all her favorites. She’s not afraid to share her dreams and secrets with him, but there’s one secret he doesn’t know, her love for him. She’s not ready to tell him. She’s not ready to possibly ruin a good friendship. Which is why she kept picking dares all night to avoid truth questions regarding her feelings towards Stiles. She could lie, but she knew Scott, Isaac, and Jackson would notice. Except, everyone kept teasing her about always picking dare, so she finally changed her mind. Not because they teased her but because all the dare blocks were in complicated places. If she had picked any of the dare blocks the Jenga blocks would fall and she would lose.

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