my best friend just called me to ask what color he should wear to prom and I was like “um?? idk??” and he goes “well we have to match, so like what color is ur dress??” but he never asked me to go so I was kinda confused so I told him “hey, yeah since when are we going to prom?” and the line goes silent for a bit and he very quietly whispers “shit. I forgot to ask u”

for those of you who are blind, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will release Jan. 3rd 2017 on steam! ( console release date Spring 2017)

The expansion will be: $9.99. 

but for the first week of release people who own afterbirth will get afterbirth+ for a mere $6.66! 


- full access to mod tools ( so you can design, edit and play and endless number of mods, features and whole new games that the community will no doubt eventually design.. )

- 67 new items, 27 new trinkets and 10+ new pickups! (hows that for specific huh!?)

- a new final chapter! (yes i said chapter)

- a new final boss!

- a new playable character!

- a new “greedier” greed mode!

- a shit ton of new achievements! (62 to be exact) 

- 5 achievement “challenges”!

- 100s of new rooms! ( tons of new ultra rare rooms )

- new victory lap feature! (allows the game to continue when finished)

- bestiary! (enemy collection page that keeps track of everything you kill in game) 

- 5 new challenges!

- 2 new transformations!

- small monthly content updates! ( every month after release we will be updating the game with our favorite fan made designs, monsters, items maybe even challenges? who knows… i may also toss a few of my own modded designs in if you are good!)

- 4+ new bosses and a new alt forms for existing bosses!

- a handful of new enemies, features and new champion forms!

- new cut scenes and music tracks!

- other stuff im forgetting because i cant keep track of anything in this game at this point.

so basically what you are looking at is a slightly smaller afterbirth expansion but with mod tools that potentially make it 20 times larger! im honestly quite excited about what the community will end up making and even more excited to make some of it totally official in Isaac!

more news to come… stay tuned!

a threesome? no thanks, if i want to disappoint two people at once i’ll talk to my parents