The Masked Balls Of Decadence

1. The Ball by Victor Gabriel Gilbert 

2. At the Ball Ettore Simonetti

3. Vienna Municipal Ball by William Gause

4. The Masked Ball by Johann Franz Rouseeau

5. At the Ball Gaston La Touche

6. The Fancy Ball at the Buckingham Palace by Louis Haghe 

7. At the Ball Charles Constantine Hoffbauer

8. The Masked Ball Jules Alexandre Grun


              The Apogee Of English Classicism (Sir Frederic Leighton)

“Lord Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), was one of the most famous British artists of the nineteenth century. The recipient of many national and international awards and honours, he was well acquainted with members of the royal family and with most of the great artists, writers and politicians of the late Victorian era.He was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire to a medical family. His father was a doctor, and his grandfather had been the primary physician to the Russian royal family in St. Petersburg, where he amassed a large fortune. Leighton’s career was always cushioned by this family wealth, his father paying him an allowance throughout his life. Leighton’s parents were worried about his choice of career as he wrote in a letter of 1879, “My parents surrounded me with every facility to learn drawing, but, strongly discountenanced the idea of my being an artist unless I could be eminent in art”.

Selected Works:

1. An Elegy

2. “Biondina”

3. Corrina Of Tannagra

4. Maid With A Golden Hair

5. Captive Andromache

6. Greek Girls Picking Up Pebbles

7. Dante In Exile

8. The Daphnephoria


“Star Trek’s been with us for 50 years, and it’s our responsibility to keep it exciting.”

New video: A really cool behind the scenes look at the gorgeous sets and the hard working people who are making this show happen.