Isa McNamara (Fae)
Parents: Kristy McNamara, Ramen Vanglorious
Disciplined, Genius, Grumpy

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Parents: Cecilia Finwick, Emilio Nakamura

Emir Finwick (Djinni - Spellcasting)
Can’t Stand Art, Light Sleeper, Slob

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Lillian Finwick (Djinni)
Brave, Loves the Outdoor, Hot-Headed

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I just want you to know that one day

you might find us losing each other.

The fire we ignited could die out,

the light in my eyes may not shine as bright.

You’ll slowly slip through my fingers,

I’ll try my best not to panic.

You’ll try to hold on to the last strings,

the remains of what we once had.

But if this ever happens,

if you think everything’s been

said and done,

you can let me go.

I promise I’ll be okay.

—  isa-ampersand,  a note to my future lover


Eye contact, slight waves.
Small talk, playful banter.
First date, deeper conversations.
Laughter heard, smiles seen.
More dates, more shared.
Secrets divulged, dreams revealed.
Inside jokes, stolen kisses.
Wounded cries, painful struggles.
Open arms, life support.
Comfortable silence, starry nights.
Loving embraces, warm peace.

One day, wake up.

Uneasy feelings, disturbing quiet.
Hopelessly lost, pulling away.
Unrevealed moments, multiplying lies.
Emotionally numb, growing apart.
False accusations, pointless fights.
Jealousy heightens, piercing screams.
Sleep deprived, tears dried.
Angrily drained, unhappily exhausted.
Final straw, boxes packed.
Last words, turn around.
Part ways, eyes down.