Ayoko maging masyadong clingy natatakot ako baka mag sawa ka agad, maumay sa mga pinag gagagawa ko. Gusto ko yung hinahanap hanap mo yung pag ka clingy ko, yung hahanap hanapin mo yung pakiramdam ng pag mamahal ko sayo. Nag uumpisa palang tayo at ayokong maumay ka agad.
Pero isa lang ang maisusugurado ko sayo na ikaw lang at wala ng iba. Alam mo yan, mahal na mahal kita. Alam natin na seryoso tayo sa isa’t isa at Siya na ang bahala sa ating dalawa. 


I think I’ve never been better. It’s been about a month and a half since the 1st year of college ended and I’m just so happy. Good grades, (could be better, but they always can, can’t they?) at least way better than I expected. Tried different things. Had amazing nights, drinking, laughing, making friends. Didn’t fail at any subject, my worst grade was a 13 out of 20. Learned some boring stuff yeah, but I absolutely love it. I love learning. I have great friends, the best friends someone could have. And an amazing girl. Oh man… A girl my friends absolutely love. SO GORGEOUS, smart, artsy and shit. Plays all this instruments and studies design at a college so much better than mine… Never thought Matosinhos would bring me such happiness after what happened… But anyway, fabulous taste when it comes to a football team ( she is S. L. Benfica since 1996). I mean… what else can you want? Paradise on earth that kid. Never thought I’d love like this.
And this fantastic fucking friends I’ve made. So awesome and good drinkers… so the funniest people to hang out with honestly xD I can’t complain alot about anyone in my class but ofc I have my favs. Although I know people seem to like me alot in general.
I keep loving films and tv shows and shit as much as I did. Trying to keep up with it.♥
The not eating meat thing is going well, not missing it at all, not even the goddamn milk! And I used to drink lots of it. I’m doing it and it’s not as hard as I thought.
Just at the the peak of my happiness. It’s heaven here, on Porto. AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU MY TUMBLR NATION ARE OKAY!!!!! WATCH MOVIES PLS!

lordtien asked:

For the character thing, an oldie but goodie, Spades Slick.

Sexuality Headcanon: Slick is bi af but he will not admit it you can catch him with a dick actively in his ass and he will still deny it he WON’T EVEN STOP HE’LL CONTINUE AND FLAT OUT DENY IT’S EVEN HAPPENING AS IT’S HAPPENING
Gender Headcanon: I always wrote him as just a cis dude but i have a profound love for trans man Slick headcanons also
A ship I have with said character: HESSIE. OTP. FUCK YOU ALL, YOU CAN’T KICK ME OUT OF THE FANDOM BECAUSE I ALREADY QUIT THE FANDOM. Also: Sleuth, Droog, and/or Paint. Maybe all at once. Who knows. Slickers might be a little polyamorous, insofar as he is able to express love. (He’ll never admit to that either when it comes to male partners.) But like, come on, Sleuth/Paint/Slick would make a super cute poly relationship, don’t deny it.
A BROTP I have with said character: Droog 100% best worst moirails
A NOTP I have with said character: Scratch. Ugh.
A random headcanon: Not really random but my favorite thing about good ol’ Slick from my RP days was that when interacting with the trolls/kids and with Karkat especially his maturity, already p abysmal, would just fucking plummet and he’d start acting like an overgrown bratty child, mostly mimicking people and pushing buttons for kicks (and nakking at Karkat and making fun of his nubby horns). But, like, once dangerous scenes happened he snapped right back to being Super Serious Mob Boss/Dad.
General Opinion over said character: He’s such a little asshole but he’s my little asshole and I’ll always love him.



Get three CFDA {FASHION INCUBATOR} members together for #SWIMMIAMI and you never know quite what will happen. Or, so we discovered when ISA TAPIA, MISHA NONOO and DEZSO by Sara Beltran collaborated on a capsule collection to present at W SOUTH BEACH’S beachside WET Deck.

Each of the designers showed their most recent collections, from Isa Tapia’s surrealist shoes (inspired by her #WCFDA inspiration trip to W BARCELONA, of course), to Misha Nonoo’s resort ready-to-wear collection and Dezso’s gold jewelry accented by shells, shark teeth and diamonds. And after the chaos backstage (interrupted by many a selfie and Snapchat session), it all came together seamlessly on the over-the-pool runway built specially for the occasion.

Isa and Lea were kind of poor kids so they didn’t see a lot of technologies. But then Isa is adopted and his new family has a Roomba and the two of them fLIP THE FUCK OUT OVER IT LIKE HOLY SHIT IT’S A ROBOT

and then they proceed to chase it around the house having the time of their lives. Isa’s parents are very confused because they only adopted one child where did the second one come from

Part 18

Isa jumped out of her car and ran as fast as she could into the large building. Finn and Amelia followed behind just as fast, and they both came up to take one of Isa’s hands.
“Why are we here?” Finn asked.
“Your sister just got hurt,” Isa simply replied, not really in the mood to answer any questions. She was confused and scared, she had no idea what was happening. The trio walked in and abruptly stopped.

Isa had never been in this kind of scenario, so she really didn’t know how to deal with it. Never had she been in the intensive care unit of a hospital, and never did she expect she would have been in it. Especially then when she knew someone she loved so dearly was the one who was hurt.

She stared at the people sitting in the waiting area, and she recognized none of them, she turned around and walked to the hallway, and she saw Florence at the end leaning against the hallway. Finn tried to run to Florence with excitement, bur Isa pulled him back. She turned to the twins and tried to stay as calm as possible. Isa sat them down in a few chairs at the beginning of the hall.
“Be very quiet, behave and I’ll be right back.”
They nodded, and watched as their mother turned around to walk away. She sped up her pace, and Flo looked up once she heard the clanking of heels. She became terribly worried when she saw the despair and distress in her eyes. Her lips were pursed, and she could still see the faded streaks of makeup that marked her cheeks. She stopped directly in front of Florence, who was a complete rock. She didn’t move, and didn’t even acknowledge Isa’s presence. She was too shocked, to devastated.
“Florence, What happened?” Isa asked, as she tried to find Flo’s stare. And she finally looked down at Isabella, and she could barely find words, she was on the verge of tears once more.
“She was in an accident, and they called the house, and she is hurt….really bad,” Florence frantically spoke. And her hand came up to shield her face once more.
“Where is she?” she questioned.
“In there,” Flo answered as she pointed to the door. Isa looked that way, and just stared at the door. The only way she could get to Sophia was if she walked in there, and she urged herself to do so. But something inside herself told her that she wouldn’t have been able to handle it. That she truly was emotionally incapable of such task.

On the other hand, Florence was utterly traumatized. She had arrived at the worst possible moment, and she watched her daughter struggle for her life. Watched her as she gasped for air, and cried out for Isa. And there was no way Flo was ever going to part with the nightmarish memory. And it was so profound that it completely took over Florence.

Isa looked back at Florence, and just seeing the look on her face she knew that it must have been bad. But she yearned for her daughter, and she wanted to see her. So she walked in, and immediately her heart sunk once she saw her daughter, and she let out a whimper in angst and shock. She had never seen her daughter in such form, and she knew that is was absolutely the last thing she wished for. Florence refused to walk in, she just couldn’t bear it. And she saw looked down the hall to see Finn and Amelia, so she made her way to them and sat across from them, and she lost her emotional stability. She broke down in front of the twins and the both of them hurried over to their mother, cuddling themselves into her, desperately trying to make her feel better as they always did.

Isa sat beside the hospital bed and stared at her daughter. Her hand covered her mouth, she tried so hard not to cry or make a sound. Sophia was laying there, bruised terribly, scratches marking her, with bandages covering her head. She had numerous IVs in her arms, and a breathing tube in her nose, and down her throat. Isa leaned forward and took Sophia’s frail hand into her own, and it was a shocking feeling when Sophia’s didn’t squeeze back. It was something Isa had never felt before. She was in a deep coma, and was only hanging by a thread. And the thought of even losing Sophia created a pit of devastation in her body. A feeling that just made her body ache. She found it almost impossible to imagine life without Sophia in it, and she knew that she’d risk anything to help her. She held her daughter’s hand tighter with both of her own.
“Oh baby,” she cried, and she felt completely helpless. “Please just hold on, sweetheart. Oh goodness I couldn’t live without you.” And there was no reply, not even a movement. Just utter, deafening silence. And it was an atrocious feeling, having to watch her own child suffer.

Isa just hopelessly stared at her as she ran her thumb up and down the top of Sophia’s hand. Occasionally she would bring it up and set a kiss to it. And she just muttered softly how much she loved her. And she hadn’t even realized how much she had been crying, she was too numb, too petrified to feel anything other than that. Hours had passed, and Isa didn’t dare budge. She didn’t want to miss anything, she didn’t want to miss her opening her eyes for a split second. She had to be there.

Florence had fallen asleep in the chair with the twins huddled into her, and they also slept. She felt a tap on her shoulder, and she jumped from her sleep. She tiredly met eyes with the male nurse.
“Visiting hours are over, please clear out the room,” he kindly said, and Florence simply nodded. And he walked away. She nudged the kids and they woke up slowly.
“Up, please.” And they both slid off the chair and stood in front of their mother. Flo stood up and made her way down the hall, and they followed. She turned around and halted the twins.
“Stay put,” she told them and they nodded in unison. Florence walked into room. And Isa was in the exact same position. She gripped her wife’s shoulder, and Isa looked up at her.
“We have to go home, Isa,” Florence whispered. And Isabella shook her head, redirecting her concentration to Sophia.
“We can come back in the morning, we need to take the twins home,” Florence explained.
“You can,” Isa shakily answered, following it with a sniffle.
“Visiting hours are over Isa…you just can’t stay,” said Flo. Isa peered up at Florence.
“I’m not leaving,” Isa sharply said. “I’m not leaving her, Florence!”
“Isa please!” she begged. “You are making this harder than it has to be!”
“I am scared to leave her,” Isa cried. And Florence stopped her begging.
“Everything will be okay, just come with me. Please?”
Isa nodded hesitantly and got up. She walked over to Sophia and softly kissed her on the forehead, and pressed her cheek to her daughter’s.
“I love you,” she mustered into her ear. “My heart, I love you so.” She gave her another kiss and stroked her hair. And Florence took Isa’s hand, then lead her out. Isa couldn’t seem to peel her eyes of her daughter, but soon they were out. And Isa’s eyes slowly dragged themselves to face Florence. Isabella’s chin began to tremble.
“My baby,” she wept as she fell into Florence’s chest, and sobbed. Flo held her close, and rubbed her back, and she placed multiple reassuring kisses to her temple.
“Oh god, Florence,” she sobbed out, and then struggled to find air between her tears.
“She is going to be okay,” Flo murmured. Only Amelia watched on with concern, Finn was fast asleep. Amelia was the smartest, and understood what was happening. And she began to softly cry. Sophia and Amelia were very close, and the youngest child looked up to her oldest sister. She was her role model, and her hero. And she knew that something had happened to Sophia, and she too was ridden with fear. Isa and Florence both looked down the hall at their smallest daughter once they heard her soft whimpers. Florence parted from Isa’s arms and hurried over to Amelia, and picked her up, holding her close. And the little girl was shaking and she began to cry.
“Everything is going to be okay,” Flo repeated in her ear. And Isa picked up the sound asleep Finn, and she carried him out of the hospital. And the rest of the family followed.
“Where is Sophia?” he groggily asked once he realized she was absent.
“She is too sick to come home,” Isa softly said.
“Did she get medicine?”
Isa fell back into her crying, and she nodded.
“Yeah,” she croaked, and her hand came up to comb through his hair.
“Good, because medicine always makes me feel better.” Then Finn fell back to sleep against Isa’s shoulder.
They all drove home in utter silence, and once they got home Isa locked herself away in the loft, and she cried herself to sleep. Florence slept on the couch right outside the loft, just so she could be close to Isa.

Isa only slept for a short while, but soon she woke up, and she didn’t sleep from then on, she wouldn’t dare. And there was only one reason why, and that was because she was awaiting for a call. And the call she had expected. She answered her phone, and she received the news. Isabella’s heart stopped, and she felt a numbness rip through her body. Her phone fell from her hand and she let out the loudest, and most pained wail. Her heart was broken.