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deadpeopledontcry  asked:

Do you have any recommended vegan cook books for an intermediate culinarian?

So, I don’t really use cookbooks (they’re a waste of space I don’t have rn tbh) so I’ll just link you some food blogs if that’s ok with you! Almost all of these bloggers are published cookbook authors, and I would recommend looking into their books if you’re more interested in a physical copy of something!

Minimalist Baker -  My favorite blog for quick and delicious meal ideas, Dana is very charming and her food is always gorgeous and easy. All recipes require 30 minutes or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 10 ingredients or less to prepare. I’ve never been disappointed with a recipe of hers! Plus her food photography is so good. My go-to recipes of hers is this southwest tofu scramble (seriously, it is SO good.) She’s also about to release her first full cookbook, and I’m super fuckin stoked about it.

Vegan Sandra - Sandra is a friend of mine and her food always looks sooo good, and she makes some interesting flavor combinations (like this really good looking creamy plum and onion soup.) She’s got so many good looking recipes up on her page, and I’m excited to try out more of her creations. She also has some cooking videos up if you’re interested in that! Her tumblr is @vegansandra

The Cashew Chronicle - Maggie is such a delight and her food is well thought out, cheap, and always looks incredibly delicious. Cheap food’s never looked so fancy! I’m a big fan of her chickpea noodle soup, and can’t wait to try out more of her recipes. Her tumblr is @thecashewchronicle

Post Punk Kitchen - Isa Chandra is the vegan queen. She hosted one of the first vegan cooking shows and is a total superstar in the vegan community. With 8 bestselling vegan cookbooks (including Veganomicon, which is hailed as the vegan bible by some) and a super popular restaurant, Isa is without a doubt one of the most well-known vegan chefs out there. She’s a Jewish woman from Brooklyn, and creates the most incredible looking traditional Jewish food that makes me homesick as hell.

Louise Hagler - Okay, I said I’d just include blogs, but! If Isa Chandra is the vegan queen, then Louise Hagler is the vegan matriarch. She’s been making vegan food for 40 years, and has written several cookbooks that have become staples in the vegan community (she actually inspired Isa to start writing recipes.) Louise was a part of a vegan commune in the 1970s called The Farm Community, and while living in converted buses and making tofu from scratch in the middle of Tennessee, together they wrote the iconic New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook (it is fully vegan) and it inspired a generation. It is number one on the list of cookbooks to buy once we move home. (Special thanks to @sheislegend​ for letting me know about it!!)

Vegan Richa - Richa is a fellow Seattleite that makes really amazing food! She has a bunch of easy to make Indian food as well (that is, if you go to an asian grocery and grab the maybe 3 or 4 spices that are unique to the cuisine- worth it imo since indian food from restaurants is so expensive for basically lentils.)

The Vegan Stoner - This is such a great website for beginning vegans. Every recipe is charmingly illustrated and the recipes that they publish are quick, cheap, and look super delicious. While their website isn’t the most intuitive (come on, I need a recipe list at least) their food is consistently yummy looking and very easy to prepare.

Vegan in the Freezer - This website is super great for simple and easily kept food, there are tons of recipes that you can double and eat throughout the week. I usually do that! I make a large batch of soup, chili, curry, etc over the weekend and eat it for the rest of the week in different ways! Makes life infinitely easier, and is great for work lunches. Also, obviously, great for freezing ahead of time!

Robin Robertson - Robin is very popular in the vegan community. With over 20 cookbooks that are consistently well-recieved, this lady is a recipe machine. I actually bought my husband one of her books, One-Dish Vegan, before we lived together so he could prepare some quick meals. I was impressed with the recipes and have made a couple of the dishes included and enjoyed them!

Olives for Dinner - I really love Erin’s blog. Everything is so beautifully created and shot. While her food is more intricate and ~upscale~, I thought I’d include her in this list. She is really revolutionizing the vegan cooking scene and still manages to keep it accessible to the average chef (with time on their hands). She’s the brain behind carrot lox (oh my god I need to make it so bad) and was the first person I saw making marshmallow out of chickpea water (aquafaba) and perfecting it. With recipes like vegan dynamite sushi rolls and beet tartare with mango yolk her work is truly art. But, she also has more accessible recipes such as her simple chickpea salad.